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Susan Hill

Susan Hill
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$50 for 20 mins/cards $25

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As seen on Dog Whisperer TV Show. I've been an Animal communicator professionally since 2006. I am an instrument for animals to speak to you. Are they sick? Are they happy? Why are they doing bad behaviors? Often their true communication will surprise you. This is because animals are often times misunderstood...even by their pet parents.

I am also a Certified Angel Tarot Reader with Radleigh Valentine. I can help you gain insight in areas such as romance, health and career. Let's face it: life can be difficult at times to know which path to take. Angel tarot readings are gentle, loving and also give great clarity about the best possible direction to take when facing challenging circumstances.

For Animal communication sessions: Animals have a different way of looking at the world. Their bodies are a different shape than ours. They also have a different psychology and are ruled by instinct.

**I do NOT help find lost pets. These cases are difficult as the animal may not want to come back or has left his body or I cannot make a good connection with her to help her come home.

I can help you understand your animal friend so that you can have a better relationship with him or her. Animals that are misunderstood live a life of frustration and often will act out causing destruction.

Perhaps your animal is acting strange and the veterinarian cannot find what is wrong. You know your furry friend and know that something is off but what? I communicate telepathically with him to find out how he's feeling. I can tell you when your animal friend is ready to transition to the other side which is always a heart wrenching decision to make. This is your decision alone however.

For those who have already made their way to the other dimension I am a portal for their voices to speak with you. I'll deliver you something personal for you to recognize that only you would know.

Animal communication is real. I am here for you to help you and your animal pal. My sessions are generally done on the phone or skype. I'll ask you to compile a list of questions to ask during the session beforehand, such as, "How are you feeling in your body? Do you experience pain? Is there something wrong with the litter box?"

Usually 20 minutes is sufficient to handle most any case with the exception of two animals that live in the same home that are fighting. This is a more difficult case and requires more of a family counseling approach. The number one issue between two animals is jealousy over their human for affection.

I can also speak to those that have crossed over to the other side. What are they trying to tell you? I am always amazed at what comes through from the spirit realm. In my experience animals and people have a certain level of consciousness when in the body which goes with them when they transition. So when they communicate as spirit they are basically the same with all their quirks.

My readings are uplifting and positive. I help you to see how your life directly impacts your animals'. I focus on a spiritual minded message and remind you that your animals all have their own spiritual path. We love them and when it is their time we must let them go. Not an easy thing to digest. I assist you in the most loving manner to know that you have done your very best as a pet parent and in my no non-sense approach I'll let you know what you need to work on to grow.

I love working with people and animals. I enjoy so much to see it when the human begins to comprehend how they've been contributing to a bad behavior by humanizing their dog for instance. Nothing makes me happier to help transform lives.

I also have a gift as a spiritual practitioner to help you through difficult times such as a death, divorce, loss of job or traumatic event. Change is not easy and we all need as much help as we can muster! I listen to you and help you to see that what you are going through although it is very hard is an opportunity to grow and expand. I will get you to see that you are not a victim. You are a powerful being with unlimited potential. That is my job.

Additional Information: 

First time sessions are 20 minutes for $50 for animal communication. After the first time my rates are as below:

Animal communication session-20 minutes by Phone/skype. $65
This is a good session if you have only one animal.

Animal Communication Session-30 Minutes by Phone/skype

Animal Communication Session 45 Minutes by Phone or Skype

Animal Communication Session 60 mins

Angel Tarot Readings last up to 40 minutes but typically 20 minutes and are $25.

Listed since: May 13, 2012


I have known Susan for many years and this time asked for her help around my dog Trudy, a rescue who is a bit difficult to read. Her info was spot on re. Trudy's past, and what she told me explained why she doesn't like the heat, needs to cool more than others. She's currently reading another of my pups...looking forward to the results! Thanks Susan for living your Truth!
Susan and I have a mutual friend on Facebook, but had never communicated in anyway before. I noticed one day that she posted that she was not only an animal communicator but also could speak with animals who had passed on. I messaged her with a question regarding a very special dog of mine who died years ago. I was, and still am, completely blown away with what Susan told me. She was absolutely spot on, very specific, with things she could have had no knowlege of. She's the real deal.

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