Jeff McBride

Jeff McBride
Jeff McBride


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Litchfield county


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45.00 to 160.00

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860 4830096


Jeff is an Internationally known and tested reader with over fifty years of connecting. A born Psychic Medium, the author of "Living in 2 Worlds", a Certified Reiki Master, and  a former police officer. Being a natural born Psychic Medium there are no tools required to obtain your information. He connects quickly to those who have past and provides evidence of whom it is being contacted. All energies are available, relationships, business, lost items, pets and much more. Distant viewing, energy healing and life coaching are all part of what is offered in your reading. Great readings for a reasonable fee.

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Certified Reiki Master.
Former Police Officer.
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Listed since: Oct 21, 2011


jeff is an outstanding medium/physic. he is a direct channel. i truly know that the information that jeff shared is truth. not just generic information but direct information from soul. i learned not to compare feelings about a loved one passed with s new loved one in my life. to move on in the now. i look forward to his future predictions as well cindy my greatest respect for his genuine knowing. h
Today I discovered that Jeff Mcbride is a very gifted person. He was remarkably accurate describing my mother, father and paternal grandfather. He provided much needed details regarding my brother's death. Jeff, besides being an extraordinary medium, also has the gift of relating to people with empathy, respect and has a wonderful sense of humor, which put me at ease and made me laugh. He is someone you would definitely want to call again. Thanks Jeff!
I also want to say that Jeff not only communicated with my dog Oreo during my reading but with various family that showed up during the reading. Jeff has a great sense of humor doesn't rush through and clearly cares about sharing his gift with others. If you need to speak to a beloved pet a friend or family Jeff truly has a gift and he captures the person or the animal in expressions the way they spoke movements etc so you know he is bringing forth your loved one I laughed cried & began to heal
Contacted Jeff for a reading in order to reach out to my beloved dog Oreo who sadly had to be euthanized 1/11/16 at the age of 14. Despite knowing this was the kindest choice I was struggling/needed to connect to Oreo. Jeff directly connected to Oreo he captured Oreos spirit, communicated Oreos perspective of his life with us & love and was spot on. Jeff's gift allowed me & Oreo to speak again & now I know Oreo is at peace & happy & knew how much he was loved Jeff is wonderful & I am grateful
Jeff is absolutely amazing! My mom passed away and since then he has helped me get through it. There are days when I'm sad and I need to talk to her and Jeff is always available to me when I need my mom. He is always spot on about my mom and he makes me feel like I am speaking directly to her. I highly recommend anyone who needs to speak to a loved one to contact Jeff for a reading. He has been nothing but wonderful and he offers phone or Skype sessions for me since I'm not in CT.
My reading with Jeff was one of the best experiences of my life. He brought my parents through immediately as well as my grandparents. It was like having a long conversation with them that provided me the opportunity to finally get answers to questions I was wrestling with for years. I also received encouragement for my future and peace for my past. Talking to Jeff was like talking to an old friend. He was kind, humorous, comforting and caring throughout the entire process. Thank you so much
I have had several different experiences with Jeff. My first experience was a mediumship reading, wherein he brought my dad in.He had me in tears not because I was sad but because it was so genuine it was like having my dad right here something I sorely needed. He truly lives between two worlds. The other experience I have had with Jeff was life saving I had many physical ailments and with Jeff's amazing gifts he continually got me out of pain daily.. He is a blessing totally amazing Joanne S.
I have had several readings with Jeff and he has been spot on everytime and will have more in the future. If you want a REAL psychic, contact him. He is awesome. Connie in texas
I called Jeff Mcbride for the first time to inquire about his service. He VERY ACCURATELY described a number of ailments that I was facing as well as the cause of my friends passing. I hadnt made an appointment yet and on the spot, he was already in contact with my friend who passed away few weeks ago. He doesnt require a long waiting period before contacting a loved one after their passing as other psychics. He was EXTREMELY generous, authentic, & adept. CALL HIM & you wont be disappointed! :)
Jeff is a very great psychic. He is very generous and caring. IT feels like I know him for a long time, asily in tuned. He knows how my grandmother passed. Very spot on. He has calming energy. Jeff is really a great psychic medium.
Jeff provided readings at our company picnic. Everyone absolutely loved him. The comments I kept hearing were about how accurate and helpful he was. He's very easy to work with and is definitely the real deal. I sat with him and he was specific when it came to details about my life- it was very interesting. Thanks for coming to our picnic Jeff!
Jeff is a rare gem.. Not only is he a powerful and gifted reader, he is also kind, sincere and funny! Jeff has a way of putting you at ease quickly while delivering huge amounts of accurate and relevant insight. I am grateful to have been led to him and would highly recommend him!
Jeff asked if I had any questions and I said yes about someone who died recently. Jeff told me how he died, and quoted a line from the sympathy card I sent! There were quite a few people that came through during my reading and Jeff said things about each that he would not know if he wasn’t talking to them. Jeff gave me a wonderful gift, I was overwhelmed but my heart was so full of happiness and peace knowing everyone was fine! I will call again. Talk to Jeff, you will not be disappointed!!
Very well connected. A very strong psychic who picked up quickly and read objectively. No generics. The reading help me have a peace of mind. I can't thank him enough. I can finally have closure on my situation.
I had lots of questions for Jeff and he was really patient with me and a lot fun. Jeff validated many things for me with no real information from me and with the first two confirmations, Jeff was spot on with only things I knew with regard to my grandfather. He continued and having no idea of the significance, told me numerous other things that he could not have known. Highly recommend as I have never encountered someone with Jeff's abilities who so easily connects with astounding accuracy.
Jeff was right on. He said things that only my dad would of known. I thought he was going to be fake, but he knew to much that only my dad could of told him. Jeff is the real deal. Call him, chat with him you will not be disappointed. I know I am looking forward to talking to Jeff again.
Jeff is an extremely gifted psychic medium. I speak with him on a regular basis to connect with my son who passed away nearly a year ago. Jeff continually provides me with evidence that not only my son's spirit lives on but that he watches over me. I can't tell you how knowing that his spirit is still with me has helped in my healing. Each time I talk to Jeff it's like talking to a trusted friend. I would recommend Jeff to anyone. Call him. You won't be disappointed.
Whenever I feel the need to receive more insights when it comes to my life, my purpose etc., I tend to schedule a reading. I have had multiple readings from Jeff and they were all absolutely amazing & very accurate. I still recall a reading where he told me that I would be moving abroad in April (my plan was to move in January). However, it actually happened exactly the way he described it. What I love about Jeff is that he is very down-to-earth, straightforward & very compassionate.
Thanks for the "talk" and your time today. You were good :) It's interesting that I've never had a reading from a man before so cool getting a "male" perspective. I may have to call you regularly!
Wow. Jeff is like a best friend with extreme insight and more. Not only his abilities to see into situations, but the solutions and guidance and healing he gives is amazing. I definitely recommend him and look forward to talking with him again. Thank you!!!
I met Jeff last fall. It was my first reading and I was not sure what to think. Jeff, is awesome! He blew me away when he told me he had a message from my Mom who passed in 2009. The last thing I told my Mom moments before she passed was to find my baby daughter and take care of her until I got there, Jeff told me that my Mom wanted me to know she has her and they are both fine! Jeff, told me other things that have come true. I am such a believer in him and cannot wait to see him again
I discovered Jeff McBride last year via a radio show and started working with him. He is incredibly gifted and accurate! He connected immediately with my late husband. He said he saw him surrounded by big red boxes. My husband was a mechanic and had many large red metal tool boxes. He told me last summer that my new relationship would start in October. It did! He's always available and I trust what he tells me. Jeff is a gift and I am so grateful for his ongoing help.
Jeff is one of those guys which truly is straightforward, honest in communicating his messages to you. I have been struck numb by his accuracy at multiple occasions - with people saying or doing the exact things he said they would do and within the correct time frame. (Freaky!) After having spent a lot of money trying to navigate my way through this industry to find someone who could guide me towards the truth - I can say for sure Jeff can!
Jeff McBride is an amazing psychic medium. He has done readings for me that have been very accurate. Whether you want to hear from loved ones that have past or if you have questions about your life. Jeff is the psychic medium to call. I have had him at my house for a few group readings & loved my reading & watching other guests reactions as he reads them correctly. Call Jeff & you will be happy with your readings.
It is rare indeed that a psychic will rave about another psychic, because after all, we can be the toughest critics, but I must publicly praise the expertise, accuracy and insight of Jeff's work. If you are looking for a reading that will enlighten, uplift and intrigue you, look no further. Truth be told, I occasionally refer my own clients to his additional insight.
I have had many readings from Jeff over the past five years. He is right on. He told me about things to come that I truly thought were wrong, until it happened! Call this guy, he is a great reader.
he is straight up FANTASTIC!
What a fantastic reader he is. Thank you Jeff for your insight with my problem and your compassion. CALL HIM, you will not be sorry
I have had several readings with Jeff over the years and his abilities are amazing. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone who wants an excellent reading.


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