Jeff McBride


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Litchfield county


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40.00 to 150.00

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860 4830096


Jeff is an Internationally known and tested reader with over fifty years of connecting. A born Psychic Medium, the author of "Living in 2 Worlds", a Certified Reiki Master, and  a former police officer. Being a natural born Psychic Medium there are no tools required to obtain your information. He connects quickly to those who have past and provides evidence of whom it is being contacted. All energies are available, relationships, business, lost items, pets and much more. Distant viewing, energy healing and life coaching are all part of what is offered in your reading. Great readings for a reasonable fee.

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Certified Reiki Master.
Former Police Officer.
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Listed since: Oct 21, 2011


I just want to make a quick rectification of my last review for Jeff McBride. I meant to say why go to anyone other than the best. Jeff is the best !!!!!
I have been reading with Jeff for years primarily why not go to less than the best. We are selling our house and in a blink Jeff said " I see delays delays delays" well there you have it its been nothing but delays and without an hesitation I recommend Jeff for Mediumship Intuitive readings, and especially his healing this man is one in a million I really dont know what I'd do without him J
There are very few intuitives that are in the calibre as Jeff McBride I have been reading with him for years and he frequently asks you sure there is nothing wrong with your mothers heart. My response was a slightly clogged artery but its being watched every 6 months. To my chagrin but to Jeff's incredible ability my mother is in the hospital as I write with AFib and needs a valve replacement to her heart. This was just tested in June. Jeff is in a league of his own I don't know what else to say
Jeff McBride is the real deal! He was able to connect with several members of my family and was able to help provide some answers regarding their passing. I couldn't believe how fast the time went by and how much information we were able to discuss and how accurate the reading was. If you are looking to connect with a loved one who has passed, I would highly recommend Jeff. I will definitely be booking an appointment again when the time is right. Thank you Jeff, you are truly gifted!
I have been reading with Jeff for a while now and he has yet to fail me. He is soothing (and I'm Military) so that speaks volumes he is so targeted with details and always goes the extra mile. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. He has answered a gambit of questions with expertise and accuracy. JMAllen
I had a reading with Jeff today and omg ! He picked up on things that were specific and so pertinent to me , that he couldn’t have possibly known . He also helped me with some ongoing health issues I’ve been having , I shall definitely be back
I am so pleased that I chose Jeff for a reading. I hadn't had a reading in years and was a little nervous at first, but he put me at ease to the point that I almost felt we had known each other for years. His reading was right on with the loved ones he connected with and I came away feeling at peace. I will definitely contact him for additional readings.
I recently had a reading with Jeff, it wasn't the first nor will it be the last. I was extremely concerned about a trip I'm about to make and what I was going to see on the other side of it. Jeff was not only accurate to a tee but gave me some additional information that gave me a Major heads up so when I got there it was no surprise. He is remarkable and very very gifted I recommend him highly and will call on him again and again .... Much appreciation John
Wow! What a great experience. Jeff was amazing. He got my main question answered and then I got other questions answered before I asked them. It was a great experience and eased my mind greatly. Jeff was very clear & direct about things. I’m so glad I talked to Jeff.
I must say of all the reviews I have written for Jeff and for all the times this man has helped me this is the most significant. I was having serious trouble breathing. My husband contacted him for me. He helped me breath and did tell my husband make her speak to the doctor he said he felt it was my stomach . I was well ya know that too but most importantly he said NO COVID. Thank God no Covid and Thank God for Jeff
I write this today with no exaggeration. There are intuitives there are healers there are Mediums and then there is Jeff McBride. In these crazy times of uncertainty fear and doubt I called Jeff 2x in the last couple of weeks and immediately before I could open my mouth he said you're fine stop with the Pine-Sol and other chemicals he could feel my shortness of breath he said just rest. He was right. I can only say this man is in a League of his own With much appreciation Joanne Salem
Jeff McBride, wow, what an incredibly gifted man. His ability to see clearly into situations, and to hear, feel and know Truth is unlike anything I have ever experienced. A very kind, compassionate heart, incredible wisdom, a very healing voice and energy, and a man that is so easy to talk with describe Jeff. Let him be your go to person for help with any of life's challenges or with questions you might have. He is truly remarkable, and I was so blessed to have found him.
Jeff was amazing he helped me connect with my father.There wasn’t anything particular I wanted to hear just to know that he was ok and was with us still.There was a special name he called my daughter and with in minutes Jeff made reference to that name feel so at peace and greatfull for Jeff and his special gift !!!Thank you I just wish I would of recorded it to listen to again after my nerves calmed down !!
Recently I had a mediumship reading with Jeff he nailed the individual to a tee so I knew he really got her. Additionally I had a psychic reading with him regarding a health issue. he nailed it better than the Nurse Practitioner I saw she was wrong and Jeff was right and actually described where my pain was coming from and why better than the clinicianer a MUST CALL
Jeff you have become like a brother to me - you continuously set my mind at ease -you are an amazing psychic and boy you hit it out of the ball park EVERY TIME it blows my mind how you do what you do !! thank you for everything you do for me
What a powerful reading He knew who I wanted to speak to, my parents were waiting there. He nailed everyone I inquired about. Gave me some comfort for the things I asked and gave me a few things to think about. I enjoyed this reading and will call again for follow ups.
Initially skeptical of mediums, I reached out to Jeff to connect with loved ones who had passed. Being that this was my first reading, I wasn't sure what to expect. Jeff was professional, remarkably accurate, and had a great sense of humor which made the experience that much more enjoyable. I cannot emphasize how incredibly amazing this experience was, Jeff was able to relay messages from loved ones that only I would know and was even able to mimic their body language. Grateful for his gift.
Awesome experience having a reading with Jeff McBride. It was my first time. He made me feel comfortable and guided me through the process.It was exhilarating, exciting and rewarding. Will definitely use him again.
Jeff never ever fails me, whether its his incredible medium abilities or his unreal healing gift but yesterday I was in a real crisis and we talked briefly he hit the nail on the head as they say it with the situation and what the person we were talking about was thinking but he said something to me that I have said to others all my life. It hit me between the eyes... "you allow it" I can't thank this man for always being there for me for always being targeted straight up and just being Jeff
Thank you Jeff for giving me some peace about my brother Bobs passing. I feel more at peace now that I know he is okay on the other side. You are a great medium. You are right I do talk to my father while walking through my home.
With Fathers Day approaching I felt a strong need to connect with my dad. Jeff jumped right in without any hints or even my saying who I wanted to talk to he said things about my dad without knowing anything he is totally amazing it gave me such a sense of peace to not just get messages from my father at this time of my life but knowing that Jeff is for real there are so many fakes out there. This Man truly lives between two worlds God Bless A MUST CALL YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED
I just had a great session with Jeff. He is honest and wants you to get the best experience with him so you can do well in life. I have struggled with trying to find people who truly understand how I feel, but he knows who I am and what I was feeling/going through. It moved me when he connected with some of my family too. Overall, a wonderful experience.
Jeff is a ROCKSTAR! He picks up the most minute details. Whether it's names, numbers, timeframes or physical descriptions of a person. Jeff told me that a lady with a short bob haircut at my new job, will be pulling on my wrist, gesturing to, "come on, let's get going". Or even when he "saw" me getting my keys off something beige, my keys hang off a beige colored wall. Everything Jeff predicted, occurred EXACTLY the same way he stated. I freak out in amazement when his predictions come true!
I don't even know if I can find the words for this man. He has taken me to places that doctors could not figure out. I owe him my life. He is not just a stellar Medium/Psychic However this go round I have been suffering for months with certain medical issues. Jeff was able to accurately tell me what was going on with my health issues and what to do to rectify an unbearable medical situation . He was able to tell me exactly what was wrong and what to do to get healthy Joanne Salem
He never fails me. I could save money if he could write prescriptions. Jeff's ability to go and see into my body and nail what is wrong not only puts me at ease almost daily but he leads me in the right direction emotionally and physically. He is truly an amazing healer and advisor I don't know what I'd do without him A must call
Jeff is amazing! After over 20 years searching for answers, which no one else could give me (One is even t.v. famous!) Jeff gave me all and more info.! 20 years of worry, a broken heart unbelievable grief..GONE.There was 6 trying to talk.Jeff was focused,calm,kind comforting and even brought fun and laughter. He answered two questions I didn't ask!! He spoke like them even walked like them and let me ask questions. He EXPLAINED others' feelings and verified, I'm not nuts! I will do it again!
Jeff is an excellent medium! Quickly accurate, stays on point while translating thoroughly as much detail as he sees or hears. Loved how he accomodated my need to talk directly to my friend as he let me know her replies and gestures as the the conversation evolved- much like a translator would on a three way phone call. I also appreciated his warmth with an old pro -modesty that helped me feel ease with the unknown and experience a genuinely familiar connection with my loved. Thank U Jeff!
I called Jeff and was very please what he told me. He was everything that I heard about him how accurate he is. Will contact him again when I have the need. Thank you Jeff for your help and many blessings.
I almost running out of words to praise this man. Not only is his mediumship and psychic abilities above reproach but this man, when ever I need him is healing me. I was suffering all day with a migraine and other assorted ailments Jeff inbetween his busy schedule was able to rid me of my migraine and all else that was very very painful This man is truly beyond gifted and comforting he is a very very unique and special man. If you don't call him you are missing out of a reading of a lifetime
Once again Jeff McBride has been above accurate he should be a doctor. There are "healers" and then there is Jeff. I just had a b/p issue Jeff was able to help me through the whole ordeal hospital stay and all... He is one of a kind.... God Bless him A must call


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