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I am a psychic-intuitive medium, visual intuitive artist and author and I have highly cinematic psychic visions. Mediumship is a deeply important part of this work for me. My purpose as an intuitive/psychic reader is to empower you and your own connection to your intuition by describing what I see for you in terms of past influences, present circumstances and creating a future you'd like to experience. I use a specific method I developed called intuitive stream drawing (see more in MAKING MARKS: Discover the Art of Intuitive Drawing/Simon and Schuster) and THE WAY OF THE EMPATH/Hampton Roads. I also focus on how the chakras or energy centers of your body speak to you to help influence your choices. My readings are to give you affirmation to access your own intuitive intelligence through guides and angels, your life experiences and your ideals. My intent is to strengthen each client, and their connection to innate quiet knowing. We are experiencing life to create and to learn through situations and to choose what we’d most like to experience. I am a spiritual, figurative artist using art and visions to reach illumination. I am an author and artist of books in intuition and my readings will help you develop your intuition, including award winning THE WAY of the EMPATH, A LITTLE BIT of ANGELS, A LITTLE BIT of FAIRIES (Sterling 2018) and my book MAKING MARKS:Discover the Art of Intuitive Drawing (Simon and Schuster/Beyond Words 2014). My book ILLUMINARA INTUITIVE JOURNAL WITH CARDS and TREE of LIFE ORACLE also were published to help others develop their intuitive intelligence through visual imagery. I have practiced in-person intuitive readings and Reiki at wellness centers in NYC on 5th Ave, in my studio in Westport, CT and now also in Atlanta, GA. Contact me at elaineclaytonreadings@gmail.com or through my website, www.elaineclayton.com

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I am a published author and illustrator of books in the mind-body-spirit genre including award winning THE WAY of the EMPATH, MAKING MARKS: Discover the Art of Intuitive Drawing (Simon and Schuster), A LITTLE BIT of ANGELS, A LITTLE BIT of FAIRIES (Sterling) and ILLUMINARA INTUITIVE JOURNAL WITH CARDS (recently featured on Hay House Radio Show Provocative Enlightenment with Eldon Taylor). I am also a long time author/illustrator of books for children. I have done intuitive readings and dream journaling for over 30 years. I have become more dedicated to the healing arts and create art for the purpose of illuminating and strengthening myself and others. I am a Reiki Master and former teacher. I have practiced Reiki and readings at wellness centers in NYC on 5th Ave, at my studio in CT and now at Indigo Wellness in Atlanta, GA. My website is www.elaineclayton.com

Listed since: Jun 12, 2012


Being in the arts, I can strongly relate to Ms. Clayton's approach with visual art. Her reading from her intuitive drawing was very relevant to my life situation, and as poetic as a tarot or I Ching reading. Near the end of the reading, there was a nice validation from someone on the others side, through a convincing combination of two unusual, quirky traits.
Elaine has a beautiful way of captivating and expressing the information she receives. I have benefited tremendously from her stream drawings and used the guidance to grow and take action in my life! Her readings are empowering and accurate! I will call on her again in the future when I am guided to! Thank you Elaine for using your gifts with the highes intent!
Elaine’s gift of intuitively knowing what I need to discuss, not what I think I need, astounds me each time. Her meditation and stream drawing prior to our conversations knock my socks off. She brings to light issues that I have not expressed out loud to anyone, barely even to myself. She gives me so many ah ha moments during the reading, tangible ideas that I can put into action to help my career, love life and even health issues. She is a remarkable woman.
My reading with Elaine was an incredible and unique experience. There is enormous creativity and artistry in the way the information comes in to her and the way in which she delivers it. There were many things she discerned with specificity that no one could have unless they were me! To boot, she also picked up with great precision on archetypes and symbols that show up with great frequency in my dreams (I journal my dreams regularly). She really is the "real deal"!
Elaine is highly intuitive and her insights are both accurate and enlightening. She works with you in a very interactive way, offering perspective and confirmation, accessing the inner wisdom we all carry inside. Her artwork is deeply inspiring and touching, enhancing and giving another dimension/way of 'seeing'!
Elaine is such a gifted spirit combined with the ability to articulate the messages received with clear and descriptive detail. Elaine revealed such detail of areas of my life that others have no knowledge. She also received messages that also helped me to understand while answering a life long question I have had. Elaine is accurate, incredible and with her mediations and intuitive drawings prior to the call, she is totally tuned into spirit. Elaine is highly recommended! What a Blessing!
Spotting a small ad on Facebook about Elaine, something told me to have a Reading. I booked an appointment for both my daughter and myself. Once we arrived, we were stunned to find she had meditated already and had her findings in her sketchbook. When I came out of the reading, my daughter said I was glowing and looking so youthful! I felt it, too! She gave us information about ourselves that resounded such truth! She changed our lives for the better. Highly, highly recommend.
A friend of mine gave me a reading for Christmas with Elaine, and she was WONDERFUL. She's so kind and loving. I didn't say a word, and she was spot on (even though what she was saying didn't make sense to her!). It was truly an amazing and life changing experience. I had been trying to get pregnant, and she told me some things to do and to change. I did those things, and a month later I'm pregnant. :-) Seriously. She's the real deal, and I highly recommend her.
My experience is with both the reading and the intuitive program. All tailored, and too meaningful and marvelous for words. Elaine is extraordinary, supportive, nurturing, playful, responsive... phenomenal. Through her insights and guidance, I was able to finally stare down and mend an old battle wound. The world looks less scary. More magical and expansive. I am truly grateful she is in this world!
Wow What do you say about a person who can tell you so much about yourself and your journey in life through their amazing insights and ability translate them to you She is truly an amazing intuitive and gets to the heart and soul of what u need to see and do to change your life. She will blow u away with the information she receives and it will change your life!!
Very soon into the session I realized that if there are emissaries of the divine here on earth, Elaine is one of those people. Elaine and her team members on other levels, truly seek to assist others, and most definitely have information and insights to offer. The information she receives to pass on, can be very complex, but her communication style is very concrete. Before the appointment, Elaine meditates, and draws. The images become the catalyst for communication in the reading.
I can not begin to express, how impressed I am with Elaine's gift! She is a very kind and giving, with her time. I felt lightness and good heartedness, coming thru the phone. She is such the "real deal"!! Wish everyone could experience her gift! Thank you so much Elaine. The best and most accurate reading for me ever.
Elaine is the most gifted intuitive I've had the honor of working with. She not only has advanced skills that reach beyond, she eloquently expresses all that she senses and visualizes, focusing on your understanding. I was not only self assured in the guidance I was receiving, I was amazed at the level in which I was heightened. Elaine is an extraordinary artist of the intuitive arts.
I've had a situation going on for a couple of years and she knew everything without me having to tell her. She was right on the money! She gave me the last piece of the puzzle and the most important piece! Wow! So amazing! I would not hesitate to have another reading with her in the future.
Elaine has been reading me for years- and she is just great. If you listen to her questions and allow her to really read you- you will be surprised at how much she will pick up on that you never even knew about... For example, I asked her about some work issues I was having and she mentioned that one of my coworkers would be miving on- I didn't see it coming, and had no awareness of this until 3 weeks later. Really an amazing reader!!!

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