Diane Hiller

Diane Hiller
Diane Hiller


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Litchfield, Connecticut


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Diane is noted as one of the most well researched Evidential Psychic Mediums in North America and widely recognized as among the very best in her field both in America and Internationally. As a natural born Psychic, trained BTB Feng Shui Master (tm), Licensed Psychotherapist, and Medical Intuitive she has been tested as highly accurate. She is fast and very detailed. Being directly connected to spiritual guides, Diane does not need cards or tools to tune in on your concerns. It is Diane's honor and privilege to be here to read for you and she looks forward to your call.


TOP EVIDENTIAL MEDIUM — Diane Hiller is noted as one of the most well researched Evidential Psychic Mediums in North America. And she's widely recognized as among the best in her field internationally.

NATURAL BORN PSYCHIC, TESTED AS ACCURATE, FAST & DETAILED — As a natural born Psychic and Medical Intuitive, Diane has been tested as highly accurate. Being directly connected to spiritual guides, Diane does not need cards or tools to tune in on your concerns, which helps her to be fast and detailed.

DIANE SEES, HEARS, KNOWS & FEELS — Diane is a psychic medium and empath with the gifts of Clairvoyance (to see), Clairaudiance (to hear), Claircognizance (to know) and Clairsentience (to feel).

HONORED TO SERVE YOU — It is Diane's honor and privilege to read for you. Please read the 100+ raving reviews by past clients (see below). She looks forward to your call... 860-601-1263.


HIGH HONORS, AWARDS & CERTIFICATIONS — Diane is featured in 2014 edition of "The Top 100 Psychics and Astrologers in America." She was ranked in 2014-2105 and 2015-2016 by popular vote as among the top ten in 4 categories world wide (Psychic, Medium, Life Coach, and Feng Shui Master) by The American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums.

FEATURED GUEST — Diane has also been featured on CBS New Sky Radio, interviewed with All Women's Radio Network Heart Radio, and was additionally featured in 2012 as one of 26 Top mediums word wide in the first ever "World Visionary Summit.”

CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR — Diane is a 4 time best selling contributing author on energy and spirit. More information is available at her website:


NURSING, PSYCHOLOGY & SOCIAL WORK BACKGROUND — Diane is also a graduate degreed professional with a background in Nursing, Psychology and Social Work. She graduated summa cum laude, phi beta kappa.

Her educational background offers a deep understanding and compassion for your life challenges and her psychic gifts the ability to predict their outcome.

Education & Experience:
Tested and Certified Psychic Medium
Certified BTB Feng Shui Master (tm)
Bachelor of Arts Psychology
Master's In Clinical Social Work
Licensed Psychotherapist


Diane is a psychic medium who is classically trained, licensed and certified in Clinical Social Work and Feng Shui. After working in the field of nursing as a licensed practical nurse for 13 years, Diane returned to college and received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, summa cum laude, phi beta kappa, from the University of Connecticut. She went on to obtain her Master’s from The University of Connecticut School of Social Work with a major in clinical and a minor in research. She became a LCSW by state examination in 1995.

Although Diane’s intuitive and psychic gifts were evident at age 9 through direct contact with the spirit world as well as through precognitive dreams of upcoming world events, it was not until her first spiritual opening at the age of 40 that she embarked on an intensive study of both Eastern and Western Philosophy. Her interests and studies have been ongoing and broad and have included, Vipassana meditation, yogic breath work, shamanic journey work, past life regressions, Native American traditions and rituals, Chinese Astrology, the I Ching and Feng Shui.

Feeling captured by the philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism, she pursued formal study and holds a 3-year accredited degree from the BTB Feng Shui Professional Training Program, formed at the request of His Holiness Professor Lin Yun, a distinguished philosopher and world authority on Feng Shui. She has trained under some of the most renowned teachers in this field.

Following her second and most powerful kundalini awakening, in which she was connected to her root deity, The Green Tara, she began to work more intensively under a shamanic practitioner. While undergoing her own spiritual journey, Diane opened more fully to her gifts of mediumship and was introduced to her primary guide whom she knows by name as Carolyn. In addition, Diane receives ongoing messages and guidance from a departed and very deep soul connection named Patti. She has provided thousands of readings to people from all walks of life.

Please Note: I do not provide or allow recordings of any therapy, coaching, or mediumship readings.

Additional services include:
Feng Shui Consultations (in person in your home)
Feng Shui Floor Plan Readings (over the phone)
House Cleansing and Blessing
House Cleansing and Blessing with Spirit Removal
House Parties (8 person minimum 12 person maximum)
Spirit Psychic/ Mediumship Circles (in my office in Litchfield)
Feng Shui Classes

Diane lives in Litchfield, Connecticut and is the Founder of Elemental Empowerments, LLC.


Additional Information: 

Additional services also include:
Medical Intuitive Readings
Animal Communication
Feng Shui Consultations (in person in your home)
Feng Shui Floor Plan Readings (over the phone)
House Cleansing and Blessing
House Cleansing and Blessing with Spirit Removal
House Parties (8 person minimum 12 person maximum)
Spirit Psychic/ Mediumship Circles (in my office in Litchfield)
Feng Shui Classes

Listed since: Feb 16, 2013


My reading with Diane was amazing. She was spot on for my physical issues and was very accurate with family who came through and just everything overall. I was very impressed and she was so warm and welcoming. I would love to work with her again in the future.
Dear Diane, I am so grateful for your time and the excellent reading on Sunday. What an incredible experience! I was able to connect with my loved one, and this has given me tremendous strength and solace. Thank you for the bottom of my HEART! You are the real deal!!
Diane is absolutely fantastic! I would highly highly recommend her, you won’t regret it! For me, she has been spot on about my career and job. She was able to precisely—and I mean precisely— able to predict when a love interest would be entering my life. If you are doubtful and/or non believer, Diane will surely change your mind!
She was so absolutely spot on about everything! I love the way she communicates so clearly and positively. I would absolutely recommend her if you’re looking for guidance and some insight.
Diane has been guiding me through a difficult time with great compassion and patience. She has a understanding that I have not seen before. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for reassurance and guidance. Richard
Diane’s reading was amazing! She was very caring, patient and warm when I sat with her. It’s been a month since I saw her, but so far she was incredibly accurate. I highly recommend Diane to everyone!
Diane has pinpointed medical issues, personalities, probabilities and situations in a very accurate way for me, on many occasions. I truly appreciate her style of communication and sense of humor as well. She truly has very clear communication with her guides/Spirit and I would highly recommend Diane to anyone who is seeking guidance.
Just one more glowing review in addition to all the others before me. Diane saw problems with my root chakra right away, told me what to do to heal the problems, and saw that the wealth sector of my home also needed help. I appreciate her practicality.
Excellent reading highly recommend. Was amazed at her accuracy. She is the real deal. Would recommend to my friends.
I am dealing with a serious illness & being treated conventionally by an MD. I have had 3 readings with Diane (May, July, Sept 2018) & she has been able to accurately predict my test results (MRI, CT scan, etc.) in advance every time. She has also urged me to undergo testing for certain issues she felt were wrong with me, but not noticed by the doctor. Again, once I have done the testing, it proves she is correct again! She is a very kind & genuine person. Highly recommend! Will go back to her!
There is a reason she was voted in the Top 100! She is amazing. She has been reading for me for so many years, and helped my father, mother and sisters on such a deep and profound level. She continues to be a guiding light in my life and can connect with my needs in that moment. I trust her completely and am always delighted with her guidance and advice. I just love her!
I am pleased to leave a review for Diane! She is such a blessing to talk to. Very kind and gifted. The way she delivered the messages and answers for me put me in a better path of my life. Not only she is accurate but very straightforward with her advice. I will keep in contact with her in the future as well while I wait for everything she said to unfold. She is so welcoming and caring all the time. Thank you for being there. Send you lots of love and blessings.
I went to see Diane last week for a medical intuitive reading and general guidance. She was so kind and compassionate and made my spouse and I feel at ease during the reading. After our session I feel like I am more on the right path in terms of my healing and life direction. I would highly recommend Diane to friends and family.
Diane is always a joy and pleasure to talk with. What I especially like about her is that she is very grounded and practical, and gives helpful guidance and feedback that I've found to be helpful and effective. Of course I love Diane and recommend her highly!
I had a wonderful reading with Diane. I didn't want it to end! She has a wonderful heart and made me feel so much better. I can't wait to see her in a few months. She did a very thorough job and helped me to connect with a very close friend who was my soul mate. Thanks again Diane!
Our experience with Diane was unforgettably enjoyable. We traveled about an hour and a half to meet Diane, and it was well worth it. The energy was positive throughout and she was able to bring peace, comfort and clarity to us through her gift. We were able to connect with loved ones who have passed, and learn about our present and future lives. I'm still completely amazed at her power! It was truly heartwarming meeting with Diane and I would highly recommend anyone to visit her!
Words cannot do enough to justify Diane's demeanour, accuracy and warm and friendly personality. I have spoken to Diane multiple times and she has been accurate in all aspects. She was not only able to predict the field of my job, but the timeline in which I would get it and even the SITE/LOCATION!!! That still blows my mind. She is quick, accurate and very specific. If you are stuck, need help and/or advice, I highly recommend Diane! You will not be disappointed!!
If you are looking for an honest, caring and true psychic medium then you will find your answer in Diane. I have spoken to Diane many times over the past several years. She is my go to person because she is accurate EVERY TIME. Often she sees things ahead that I’m not even aware are about to happen. She is also able to tap in to my loved ones who have passed. Just a few weeks ago she quoted my aunt regarding the specific song that I had sang to her after her death some 45 years ago!
Diane is wonderful, insightful, personable and so much more! I love speaking with her. She gets 5 Stars from me!
Diane is an incredible intuitive whom I have consulted with for many years. Regardless of your area of interest she connects fast and delivers a lot of information quickly from her guides. Whatever the message she will deliver it with kindness and compassion. Over time she has been consistent in her readings, and predictions have come to pass.
I have consulted Diane in a very difficult time in my life. Her insights have me clarity to take decisions and confirm a few things. I have never ever seen Diane in person my consultations have being by phone and despite that she has been very acertive and right on point. Thanks to her reading I found out my husband had cancer without any physical signs thanks to her he is out of danger and we took care of it. I also moved and I'm doing better than before. I totally recommend her.
I’ve used Diane twice and can say that she, without a doubt, knows her stuff. She’s incredible, patient and warm when I’ve sat with her. I highly recommend her, i haven’t stopped smiling since our session and it’s been two days now! Thank you Diane, I’ve referred you to my friends and family and will continue to refer you!!
I received a reading with Diane this week and I was blown away. I am thankful that I was lead to contact her for a full reading. She is amazing and eased my mind about my health and many other things. Will be getting readings from her again. God love her and bless her. Connie Rachunek
Diane was great! I came in for one thing and got the whole thing! As soon as I entered her office wanted to cry! All positive energy surrounded me ,immediately felt a relief ,got all my questions answered and some! She started naming names that came a week later and names that I had forgotten about but needed to be aware of! I recommend Diane to the person who is tired of trying to figure it out! She is the bomb!
I've had several readings with Diane over the years and she's always remarkable. Quick, to the point, accurate and a sense of humor! She very accurately addressed physical conditions, insight on work and relationships with very real guidance.
I recently visited Diane pertaing to totally different subject other than mediunship but while we we talking she said there were spirits that were coming thru and would I like to pursue them, which we did. The reading was remarkable and spot on. She is truely the real deal! Rose
I am so thankful for reaching out to Diane. She has made a huge impact on my life that I will be forever grateful. Her knowledge of Feng Shui is truely remarkable! The Feng Shui home visit I had was amazing and Diane leaves no stone unturned! All the best, Rose
Diane is one amazing soul! I always feel a huge relief after each session with her. I feel I can take on anything that comes my way after a session with Diane. Her guidance has helped me through so many storms. I highly recommend her to any soul needing guidance.
I met with Diane for the first time this past week. I found her to be quite accurate with the things she told me about my family that had passed. In addition, she was compassionate, fun to talk to and had a lot of valuable information about things from health to life in general. I will definitely be going back to her again in the near future.
Diane was very accurate right from the beginning. Details flowed that she would never have known. I felt an instant comfort and connection as she started reading into facts of my life. I left her feeling a direction to travel and a comfort in knowing more than I had known about myself! There is no doubt I will return to see Diane again. Her advice has opened a welcomed new charter to start towards in my life. Thank you!


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