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Diane Hiller
Diane Hiller


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Litchfield, Connecticut


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Diane is one of North America's most well-researched Evidential Psychic Mediums. She is widely recognized as among the best in her field, both in America and Internationally. She was awarded Top Psychic of the Year for 2023 by the IAOTP (International Association of Top Professionals). She is a natural-born 5th-generation psychic, BTB Feng Shui Master (TM), Licensed Psychotherapist, Medical Intuitive, Medium, and Feng Shui Master. She has been tested as highly accurate. She is fast and very detailed. Being directly connected to spiritual guides, Diane does not need cards or tools to help you with your concerns. She is a Senior Level Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine and has published over 17 articles. It is Diane's honor and privilege to be here to read for you, and she looks forward to your call.


TOP EVIDENTIAL MEDIUM — Diane Hiller is one of North America's most well-researched Evidential Psychic Mediums. And she's widely recognized as among the best in her field internationally.

NATURAL BORN PSYCHIC, TESTED AS ACCURATE, FAST, & DETAILED — As a natural Psychic and Medical Intuitive, Diane has been tested as highly accurate. Being directly connected to spiritual guides, Diane does not need cards or tools to tune in on your concerns, which helps her to be fast and detailed.

DIANE SEES, HEARS, KNOWS & FEELS — Diane is a psychic medium and empath with the gifts of Clairvoyance (to see), Clairaudience (to hear), Claircognizance (to know), and Clairsentience (to feel); she also has all of the 8n Clair abilities, is a medium and a medical intuitive.

HONORED TO SERVE YOU — It is Diane's honor and privilege to read for you. Please read the 100+ raving reviews by past clients (see below). She looks forward to your call... 860-601-1263.


HIGH HONORS, AWARDS, & CERTIFICATIONS — Diane is featured in the 2014 edition of "The Top 100 Psychics and Astrologers in America." She was ranked in 2014-2105 and 2015-2016 by popular vote as among the top ten in 4 categories worldwide (Psychic, Medium, Life Coach, and Feng Shui Master) by The American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums.

FEATURED GUEST — Diane has also been featured on CBS New Sky Radio, interviewed with All Women's Radio Network Heart Radio, and was additionally featured in 2012 as one of 26 Top mediums worldwide in the first-ever "World Visionary Summit.” On 2/14/23 she was interviewed by Close Up Radio, and the link to that interview is on her website. Or click here:

CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR — Diane is a 4-time best-selling contributing author on energy and spirit. More information is available at her website:
She is also a Senior Level Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine, publishing 17 articles.


NURSING, PSYCHOLOGY, & SOCIAL WORK BACKGROUND — Diane also holds a graduate degree and is a professional with a background in Nursing, Psychology, and Social Work. She graduated summa cum laude, phi beta kappa.

Her educational background offers a deep understanding and compassion for your life challenges and her psychic gifts offer the ability to predict their outcome.

Education & Experience:
Tested and Certified Psychic Medium
Certified BTB Feng Shui Master (tm)
Bachelor of Arts Psychology
Master's In Clinical Social Work
Licensed Psychotherapist


Diane is a psychic medium who is classically trained, licensed, and certified in Clinical Social Work and Feng Shui. After working in the field of nursing as a licensed practical nurse for 13 years, Diane returned to college. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, summa cum laude, phi beta kappa, from the University of Connecticut. She obtained her Master’s from The University of Connecticut School of Social Work with a clinical major and a research minor. She became an LCSW by state examination in 1995.

Although Diane’s intuitive and psychic gifts were evident at age 9 through direct contact with the spirit world as well as through precognitive dreams of upcoming world events, it was not until her first spiritual opening at the age of 40 that she embarked on an intensive study of both Eastern and Western Philosophy. Her interests and studies have been ongoing and broad, including Vipassana meditation, yogic breath work, shamanic journey work, past life regressions, Native American traditions and rituals, Chinese Astrology, the I Ching, and Feng Shui.

Feeling captured by the philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism, she pursued formal study and holds a 3-year accredited degree from the BTB Feng Shui Professional Training Program, formed at the request of His Holiness Professor Lin Yun, a distinguished philosopher and world authority on Feng Shui. She has trained under some of the most renowned teachers in this field.

Following her second and most powerful kundalini awakening, in which she was connected to her root deity, The Green Tara, she began to work more intensively under a shamanic practitioner. While undergoing her own spiritual journey, Diane opened more fully to her gifts of mediumship. She was introduced to her primary guide, Carolyn. In addition, Diane receives ongoing messages and guidance from a departed and very deep soul connection named Patrick. She has provided thousands of readings to people from all walks of life.

I do not provide or allow recordings of any therapy, coaching, or mediumship readings.

Additional services include:
Feng Shui Consultations (in person in your home)
Feng Shui Floor Plan Readings (over the phone)
House Cleansing and Blessing
House Cleansing and Blessing with Spirit Removal
House Parties (8-person minimum 12, person maximum)
Spirit Psychic/ Mediumship Circles (in my office in Litchfield)
Feng Shui Classes

Diane lives in Litchfield, Connecticut, and is the Founder of Elemental Empowerments, LLC.


Additional Information: 

Additional services also include:
Medical Intuitive Readings
Animal Communication
Feng Shui Consultations (in person in your home)
Feng Shui Floor Plan Readings (over the phone)
House Parties (8 person minimum 12 person maximum)
Spirit Psychic/ Mediumship Circles (in my office in Litchfield)
Feng Shui Classes

Listed since: Feb 16, 2013


Diane was on point and reaffirmed what i have been feeling. Certainly a confidence booster talking to her, straight shooter. Will circle back for another reading before the end of 2024
I had a reading with Diane and she was so accurate in relation to work and relationships. Her Feng Shui skills are amazing snd she has given me some tools amd exercises to do which are working. Thank you Diane
Diane is an incredibly accurate, quick, dignified reader. Truly a lifesaver, her medical medium readings always give me that crucial necessary direction to take myself and for healing. God Bless her.
Diane is delightful and kind, and because her readings were accurate I was able to make the right decisions that allowed me to purchase my current beautiful home. I'm glad to have made her acquaintance, and I will definitely use her services in the future!
Diane Hiller is an amazing powerhouse of medical healing and psychic intuition!!! I had a remote appointment, she accurately noticed even half-inch differences in my leg lengths and different autoimmune diseases and conditions I had. There was not a single inaccurate statement -WOW! Diane truly has a rare gift. With her sight, she can unlock your personal path to healing and fulfillment in this life. Worth it on every level. You will be so graced and grateful you got a session with her!!!
Diane was excellent! I would recommend her to anyone! I have avoided psychics, however I was in a place in life where I had tried everything modern medicine offers for many, many years! Her medical reading and other life insights were transformative in getting me back on a healthy track for life. Her supplement suggestions made an incredible difference in how I felt daily. She also offered advice on business and personal matters in a second reading. Thank you Diane!
Diane Hiller is so gifted. Every time I meet with her, I learn so much and she is incredibly accurate. She provides me with reassurance during difficult times like no other resource. I look forward to future services with her. Thank you!
I have had many readings and Diane is seriously top tier. She works with rapid fire speed and picked up accurately the energies around every single situation I mentioned wanting clarity on. She also followed up with super helpful tips and resources. You can tell she is very caring and wants to give you the most helpful information possible. I would highly recommend her to anyone, I left my session feeling truly blessed to have come in contact with her.
I have had two readings with Diane, and found her insights to be accurate and helpful. She is extra clear in her communication, and very generous and kind! Having had quite a lot of experience with other psychics, over the years, I can recommend Diane, without reservations.
Diane is absolutely amazing! I went to Diane 5 years ago and came back again because her psychic reading had proven to be so accurate. She pinpointed medical issues, gave feng shui advice to help my home energetically and connected with many of my deceased loved ones as well. Having this reading brought me a lot of clarity and peace. I highly recommend Diane and will certainly be back!
I enjoyed a wonderful reading with Diane, she is extremely kind and calming. I felt at peace the moment I walked into her lovely space. I found her to be very caring and extremely insightful. I'm grateful for the reading and the time spent with her. I am looking forward to another visit with her soon! Thank you, Jen
I had a Reading with Diane and it by far surpassed my expectations. My love passed from a tragic event 5 years ago and it's caused me debilitating greif. For the first time, I feel like I have closure and can move forward. It truly feels like weight has been lifted. She was able to accurately describe my lost loved ones with uncanny detail, and deliver messages that put my soul at ease. I'm forever grateful for her guidence and gifts, and will utilize her services again in the future!
I recently had a psychic reading with Diane, and found her amazingly prescient about both commonsense affairs in my life, and also the subtle relationships I am dealing with. I have had a lot of experience, over many years, with clairvoyants, and I found Diane to be the best I have ever had a reading with. She is direct and clear in her communication, and I definitely plan on having more sessions with her, including for medical information. Talking with her was healing, in itself!
Out of many advisors, only Diane correctly predicted that things would worsen at my job. All others wrongly foretold a promotion, saying the difficulty was temporary. In my job hunt, Diane pinpointed the unique industry in which I had an interview, and predicted getting an interview in another industry, which she described, the following week. She was right. In 2019, only she correctly panned a romantic interest. I have never given her any info from which she could make inferences.
Diane is amazing! First experience talk with a psychic and I was totally blown away with her ability to her me with some questions I had about my life, my relationship, my family, and my future goals. I enjoyed every min speaking with her. Loved her energy and her compassion. Wish I would of requested more time with her. Thank you Diane! You definitely changed my life in 30 mins. Highly recommend your services!
Very accurate and seems to know the question before it's asked. Readings are 100% on point, and is very concerned about her clients, as she checks in on my wife between readings. Very good customer service and enjoy hearing her readings.
I have had the pleasure of having readings with Diane Hiller over the past few years. Diane is very accurate on several topics, she is a warm person and an amazing psychic.
I have been seeking Diane's insight for years and I value it greatly. Recently it saved me from being trapped by the strictest quarantine in the nation due to Corona virus. After speaking to her I changed my flight home to Hawaii earlier than planned, and made it home safely before flights were canceled and the governor's quarantine began. If anyone breaks the quarantine in Hawaii they are fined $5000 and up to a year in prison. Thanks a million!
I recently had a medical intuitive reading with Diane. She has such a gift! It was as if she could see through the phone and see me and my body. She was spot on with everything she said. I have already taken her advice about one issue she pointed out. What an amazing difference real, deep sleep can make. Her insight and suggestion gently pushed me to have my c-pap mask checked and updated. It's been a mini-miracle for me. If you're looking for answers, call her. Just do it!
I went into my appointment with Diane with a healthy dose of skepticism and a high level of discernment coupled with an open mind and a true willingness to be seen heard and read. What unfolded in my session was nothing short of amazing. Her accuracy impressive, her knowledge grounded and thorough and her kindness remarkable. She’s the real deal!
I had a reading with Diane yesterday, and she said many things that comforted me after a rather tumultuous year. She knew of my wife's ailment and gave me sound advice (both spiritual and clinical). She gave me insight into my kids after being spot-on about their characteristics. She gave me great news on the job front. And she is 100% genuine, both in character and ability. She's also very easy to talk to. I wholly recommend her. I will be going back for sure.
Diane was very professional and caring. She gave me many answers to issues I have been having. She is also very resourceful to help you with your issues. I would recommend her to anyone that is struggling with issues in their life. She has given me hope and has put me in touch with others to move in the right direction. She truly cares about people, listens to you, and wants to help others.
I met with Diane-Hiller for a medical.,physic & medium reading. Truly amazed at the medical reading. It was spot on with information that was impossible to see ( Im a medical mess) - as well as valuable information to follow up with medically. Truly blew my mind. The medium and physic readings were also accurate and informative. I’m left with a calming and clear feeling. I will go back as Diane has a true gift to share Great experience at a very important time in my life.
Diane Hiller is incredible. Very accurate and caring. She carries a lot of wisdom and solutions for many areas of life. Diane was able to confirm all the things I knew and needed, as I needed a second opinion from a fellow psychic, plus she brought my attention to a few new items. Highly recommend her. :-)
Diane was extremely precise and brought a lot of Peace and answers I had. She knew things you couldn’t have known, we lost my fathers necklace and thought it was stolen. She told us where it was and this morning my mom has his necklace.
I attended my psychic reading with Diane Hiller in Litchfield Ct this past Friday and I thoroughly enjoyed all that I had learned. She is very insightful and gifted this was very plain to witness! Various forms of information given to me during my session with Diane. I was amazed and in awe of how on target she really was! I was so pleased with the session well worth what she charges and an experience of a lifetime!!! I will be planning more sessions with Diane for sure!
I had such an amazing medical intuitive reading with Diane recently. She gets right to it and starts at the top.Top of one's head and works her way down thruout the body. She sees colors right away which signifies a certain type of ailment or disease possibility. She goes directly into areas and can tell what is going on. I am doing what she says and am hopeful I will get better. It will take some time. She told me what to tell my Dr. and he is following her advice too. Jan Drake Bakke/9-9-2019
I have received several readings from Diane and she was accurate every time. During my first reading, I didn't believe what she was saying but ironically her statements ended up coming true. It was a very eye opening and an amazing experience for me. Diane is also very kind, funny and compassionate. I highly recommend her services.
I've had a reading with Diane over the phone covering medical, career and personal matters. I've somehow started receiving insightful messages in my mind soon after I booked the reading. I am still receiving messages out of nowhere from time to time. During reading, Diane saw other medical symptoms I was experiencing which I didn't tell her, which led me to pay attention and take care of the issue. I am thinking to contact Diane for guidance in the future, and I highly recommend her!!!
Diane Hiller was absolutely awesome and on point reading my daughter.


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