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Anna L. Raimondi
Anna L. Raimondi


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Anna is an internationally renowned Spiritual Psychic Medium. She holds a B.A. in Clinical Psychology, an M.B.A., and is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Grief Counselor, Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master, Chios Master, Advanced IET Practitioner and Shamanic and Meditation Facilitator. She provides healing to the whole person -- mind, body and spirit.

She has an office in Wilton, CT where she meets with individuals to help them on their spiritual journeys. Her path has led her to teach, work with clients, present seminars and write two books: Talking to the Dead in Suburbia - An Ordinary Woman with an Extraordinary Gift (2009) and One with the Drum - A Shamanic Journey to the Soul (2011) – available at She also hosted “Messages from Heaven,” a radio show on the Cox Radio network. She has been a guest on many radio stations and television talk shows. She can also be seen on you tube.

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Listed since: Feb 5, 2014


In my 5 yr healing journey from the loss of my son Anna is the second Medium I saw. I've seen her twice after and attended two of her retreats. She is always spot on in her readings, not "fishing" for suitable answers. She can give exact names, dates, validations not publicly known. Her retreats are extremely healing and awakening. I recommend her highly. Your information is slightly out of date. She has another book "Conversations With Mary" and her photo has changed.
Anna is by far the best Medium I have ever worked with..... And I've dabbled quite a lot in the industry. In addition to Anna being extremely personable with her clients, she has been fully present during all of my past readings and most importantly EXTREMELY accurate. Anna is the real deal. Worth any wait or money that you might contemplate. To all those skeptics out , Anna told me specific details about many things that my closest friends don't know. A+/get on the wait list.Its a long one!

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