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Michele Rothberg

Michele Rothberg
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San Jose


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(970) 749-6456


Michele Rothberg is a gifted certified Psychic Medium based in San Jose, CA. She delivers evidential, compassionate, warm, detailed messages and descriptions of loved ones who have passed. Intuitively, Michele can look at your pressing life issues and help to clarify your best path forward. She is extremely accurate, wise and full of insight. You will leave your reading feeling lighter and brighter!

Michele is a Certified Psychic Medium through Ginger Quinlan with Soul Sessions Academy. She is also a member of the SNUI.

"I am so grateful for the reading you gave me today, thank you!. Not only was the information you shared spot-on, but it was also warmly relayed and delightfully contained the essence and humor of my mother (love that she cracked you up!)! The information you provided is an invaluable asset as I am making significant changes in my personal life and enjoying tremendous growth and change in my professional life. I look forward to referring many others to you for their own enlightening experience, in fact I've already sent two of them your way!"
Blessings and gratitude,
Susan Lee Fields,
Coach, Educator and Certified Hypnotherapist
Bellevue, WA

Additional Information: 

I am a Psychic Medium located in San Jose, CA. I have been providing readings for clients since 2011. I work with my clients by phone and Skype from locations all over the world. I provide medium readings and psychic readings. I also offer small group readings locally in the San Jose area.

As a little girl, I was able to see and hear those who had passed away. At the time, I thought everyone else did as well. I was fortunate to have parents that were open minded and actually believed the stories and experiences that I shared with them. When I was about 5 years old, my mom took me to see a wonderfully gifted and world renowned psychic medium named William Rainen. He told my Mom that I was like him. My mom wasn't surprised and it made quite a bit of sense to her.

When I was 9 years old, my grandma who I was extremely close with, was very sick and in the hospital. One evening we went to visit her in the hospital. I remembered thinking she looked very sick and I felt so bad for her. After visiting hours were over we said goodnight to her and we went home. That night my mom tucked me into bed and I went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to see my grandma standing in my doorway, looking radiant, beautiful and healthy. She was dressed in a lovely pant suit, with her hair and make up done. She told me that everything was ok and not to worry. She then asked me if I would like some cream of wheat to eat. I remember feeling almost frozen in time and unable to speak. I then looked at the clock that said 3:01 AM and my grandma then disappeared from sight. The next morning when I awoke, I went into the kitchen where I found my mom crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said that grandma passed away in the night. I immediately asked her what time she passed and she said it was at 3:01 AM. I realized then that my grandma had come to tell me goodbye, let me know that she was ok, and to not worry about her. I was able to share that message with my mom, which helped her in the heaviness of her sadness. After that day, my grandma would "visit" me throughout my childhood.

Many years later, my cousin took me to see a Medium shortly after my Dad passed away. I remember feeling the overwhelming sense that my Dad was truly there with us, and it was so incredible how his sense of humor shined through during the reading. I remember laughing as he brought up our jokes and also crying tears of happiness. It felt like we were actually having a visit together, the only thing missing was coffee and dessert, his favorite. The feeling of peace took over my grieving heart. At the close of the session she said, "you are a medium like me". I left there feeling so incredibly blessed after having that amazing reading and connecting with my Dad. I decided at that moment that I wanted to become a practicing Psychic Medium so that I could help others find peace and connection as I had.

Every Medium is different, yet I believe we all want to provide our clients with the same thing: a sense of peace in the knowing that our loved ones are still with us and that the bond of love is forever. I am a Certified Psychic Medium through Ginger Quinlan with Soul Sessions Academy. I am also a member of the SNUI.

Listed since: Nov 25, 2017

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