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Life Choreographer® Lora Cheadle is all about having fun! Her passion is creating magic for herself as well as for others, and spending any amount of time with Lora will definitely remind you how to be happy. There is so much joy in the world, and Lora’s gift is getting you back into perfect physical, mental and spiritual alignment.

Before delving into her passion of helping people through her gift of intuition, Lora spent ten years practicing law. Through this, she saw first-hand the effects of being out of mental, physical and spiritual alignment.

A natural born psychic, in 2010 Lora had the honor of attending one of Dr. Doreen Virtue's last life ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® certification courses. Through this she was able to expand her gifts and intentionally channel the spirit realm, whether through angels, guides, or deceased loved ones. She can help you with any concern, large or small, business or personal.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, she is really able to work magic in her clients’ minds. Using her natural gift of intuition, along with traditional hypnotherapy, Lora is able to assist with aligns the conscious desires of the mind with the often out-of-alignment unconscious minds, thus removing mental blocks and clearing obstacles.

She was awarded her Certified Hypnotherapist Designation, with Honors, from the Hypnosis Motivational Institute in California in 2008.

Because we all currently live in physical bodies, Lora also works with clients on basic postural alignment and physical fitness. She has spent her life dancing and teaching various forms of fitness classes because of the passion and joy she feels through movement. When the body is in good physical alignment, all of the organs function properly and aches and pains are minimized. Emotionally, good posture conveys confidence and a sense of openness. When the physical body feels good and the emotions are clear and positive, our innate spirituality can grow, resulting in harmony and joy.

Lora is an AFAA certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise and Yoga instructor. She’s a certified FlirtyGirl Dance Instructor and teaches many different forms of group as well as individual exercise.

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Lora is truly a gift to all those that have the opportunity to be in the presence of her radiant joy, love and wisdom. Her gifts have guided me on my own spiritual journey; helping to align my body, mind and spirit with the promise I am here to fulfill. Wether you are new to all of this or a seasoned traveler, Lora is an incredible partner to clear blocks, align action and purpose or clarify the path.

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