Laura Swanson

Laura Swanson
Laura Swanson


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720 210 7259


Readings are available by phone, zoom, or in person. Laura is an Angel medium that brings forward messages of love, positivity, and healing in each session.
Each session brings an opportunity to connect with your angels & loved ones.
30 minutes, $90.00, 60 minutes $180.00. In Person Sessions $250.00
All sessions are recorded and sent to you afterwards.

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Listed since: Mar 8, 2019


Laura is an amazing teacher, reader, and mentor. It was totally serendipitous that we met and I have had the pleasure of working with her many times ever since, for both classes and personal readings. She is caring and confident, uplifting and supportive. My life is greater because of her guidance and vision and I look forward to the many years ahead of working with such a light worker!
Laura is an incredible healer. Her readings are not only spot on but are so uplifting. I always walk away feeling amazing! I have had loved ones who have crossed over come through in her readings and felt the true connection. It’s always a very healing experience with Laura. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for true divine connection and an uplifting, positive experience! She’s the best at what she does!
Laura helped my personal healing journey through her compassionate, self-esteem building way of delivering her very insightful broad perspective, in the context of giving readings. She is supportive and kind, and sees A LOT! She helped me to understand my situation and my past, and helped me to restore faith in myself.
Laura is a gifted spiritual medium and angel channel. She has been an incredible teacher for me and I have learned so much through her sessions and classes! She’s helped me grow my gifts even more and empowered me to step into this calling myself. Her readings are so powerful and she provides messages from the light with intent to help and assist me on my own journey and to hear messages from ancestors and guides.

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