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Using my psychic intuitive insights, channeled messages, plus Tarot and oracle cards, I give an in-depth reading providing options and choices to help you live your best life. I work in the highest vibration of light and love to help connect, heal, empower and grow.

By purchasing a reading you are not only empowering yourself but also helping me fulfill my Spiritual journey.

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I look forward to helping you with your situation.

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Additional Information: 

Psychic and Medium

Certified Master Tarot and Oracle Card Reader

Certified Reiki Master and Teacher

Certified Crystal Reiki Master and Teacher

Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner

Certified Past Life Regression Therapist

Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Numerologist

Certified Akashic Records

Criminal, Missing Person, and Cold Cases

Spirit Portrait Artist

I have been an artist my entire life

What Clients are Saying:

Answered So Many Relevant Questions
“Omg! I just finished listening!! I used to use a psychic out of California on the phone but this BY FAR surpassed! I will now use you! You’re amazing and made me cry at the end because you honestly answered SO MANY relevant questions! You’re sooo great!”
— Shelby Walkinshaw

Reading Was So Accurate!!
“Kat is AMAZING… with an incredible gift. Spot on and was mind blown from the things that came from my reading. She is so good at picking up on things..she truly has a gift. Look forward to the next reading!!
— Wendy M. Carter

Simply Mind Blowing
“I’ve been following Kathy for a bit, and always wanted to have a reading done by her. Wow... doesn’t cover it. She has an amazing gift. Due to the world’s circumstances, she video recorded my reading. I was simply blown away. She nailed so many things in my life. Have a session with her... you’ll get your answers and then some. Love her!
— Casey Worsley

Wow! Insightful and Mind Blowing!
“What a great way to start the new year! A wonderfully insightful and psychic reading from Kathy which no doubt will guide me. Thank you Kathy, you are pretty awesome!”
— Heidi Sherratt

Amazing Psychic Abilities
“Kathy was amazing! I received both a Reiki session and a Tarot reading, and was blown away by both! Kathy is a very caring person and she has amazing psychic abilities. She was dead-on with her Tarot reading, without ever knowing me personally. And her Reiki was performed with a very loving presence. I felt energized after the session. I highly recommend Kathy!”
— Debbie Young

A Blessing
“I had a Reiki session with Kathy because I felt blocked, she was able to unblock me. I left feeling like a new person, also refreshed. Kathy has an amazing gift and she knows how to use it, and I will continue to have her work on me. Definitely a blessing!” 
— Gina Sirio

Spot On
“She was spot on about what I was facing, even down to my personality trait, lol! She mentioned my dad passed of a heart attack. Also of my many admirers / suitors, oh boy (laughing).”
— Keisha D. Sweetness Williams Butler

Feng Shui
“THANK YOU! THANK YOU! From start to end you were on point. You do have an intuitive gift! I cried and laughed at times. I can’t wait to follow up with you and share your gift with my loved ones. My home is in need of feng shui big time! My life needs a special retreat. So bazaar you mentioned that as it has been on my mind for years. You gave me hope that life can change, if I can get the blinders the rest of the way off. Peace and gratitude!”
— Evan Metropoulis

Insight and Options
“Tarot is a great tool for reflection. I was very comfortable with Kathy, she is an amazing card reader laying out a reading that explores and offers insight into situations and options.”
— Pamela Frenette

Missing Son
“Cosmic Cowgirl is the real deal — she channeled remotely to give me pivotal information in finding my missing son!”
— Shari Hall

The Real Deal
“Cosmic Cowgirl has a gift she respects. I know Kathy does not embellish or "make up" information. I know this because we have never met, yet she reached out to me with a message she received from a mutual friend who passed. Her clarity and specific details left me amazed and confident she is the real deal! I know my message was genuine, and not contrived, as she shared very specific details no one but me would know. Kathy IS a gift!” 
— Cindy Czarnick Ervin

Listed since: Dec 31, 2019


Kat Amen is beyond amazing. Having a couple of experiences with her as well as an intuitive person myself , I know her caliber with the spiritual practice/reading was beyond profound and she’s a sweetheart, who helped me above and beyond even with my questions. I would recommend her to anyone in this world for a genuine reading. May the Universe conspire in her favor to help many many more ppl like me/us. Thank you so much, Kat!!! Much love and respect to you ♥️
I turn to Kat for guidance in decision making. On one occasion, I hadn't heard from my son and turned to Kat for help. She was able to pinpoint his location and even who he was with and indicated that he would be calling me within 3 days; which he did. I was amazed by her ability as a psychic and will continue to get readings for clarity on important turning points in my life.
Amazing reading!! Spot on and was mind blown from the things that came from my reading. She is so good at picking up on things..she truly had a gift. Look forward to the next reading!!

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