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Heather M. Hunter

Heather M. Hunter
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Greater Denver area, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and more


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I am a naturally gifted evidential medium, which means that all of my mediumship readings contain irrefutable evidence that I am truly connected to your loved ones in Spirit. I won't leave you wondering! My philosophy is that "the healing is in the details". For example, a message or connection with your passed mother means so much more and can help comfort you much better when you are left with NO DOUBT, via details, that you are indeed connecting with Mom.

Unexpected and sometimes quirky details can often come through. I tend to find the unique personal details and stories your passed loved ones like to share much more validating than facts such as place of birth, names, and so on (though those can come through too). As my clients say, "YOU CAN'T GOOGLE THIS!" I found myself resisting this "ability" until I knew without a doubt that I could give high quality readings to my clients consistently. While I had some awareness of phenomena in my childhood, the "gift" became most pronounced during my work as a family therapist, starting with an uncanny medical intuition that helped my clients heal some of their lifelong traumas. However, the other side kept jumping in so that I was essentially doing family counseling with the living AND the deceased! Now professional mediumship readings are ALL that I do! I am grateful and humbled to have quickly gained credibility, many word of mouth referrals, and a growing clientele for the details, healing, and compassion and integrity demonstrated in my readings. I uphold very high standards for the quality of my readings, as I have had many disappointing readings given to me by others in the past and know the confusion and frustration that brings. I will work hard for you to ensure your reading contains evidential messages demonstrating that your departed loved ones are present, and encourage them to share the ways they remain aware of the everyday happenings and special moments of your life. Additionally I focus on extracting the specific messages from spirit that are most instrumental for your healing and ability to move forward. Animals have also come through quite regularly.
My clients tell me that I am like a "phone line" to loved ones in spirit! If you wish to ask your passed loved ones questions toward the end of your reading, I can often bring through answers that make sense for you. Sometimes their responses come through just the way you know they'd say them--with mannerisms, inflections, humor, and so forth. It would be an honor and a delight to connect you with your loved ones in spirit!

More about Heather:

Heather's primary and most profound work is assisting individuals and families in regaining hope and helping them to heal after loss. Therefore, connecting with loved ones in Spirit should be the primary goal for those wishing to work with Heather. On occasion, intuitive guidance and support may arise secondary to connecting with loved ones, although not always. The goal of Heather's readings are to allow you to first and foremost to experience a direct, healing connection with deceased loved ones. Heather does not typically currently work in the realm of predictions, Spirit guides, energy healing, alien contacts, or paranormal "hauntings" with individual clients. Heather's readings are encouraging and inspiring, and "bad stuff" is not a part of her readings. Heather's deepest desire is to offer you some assurance of the continuity of life and the ongoing awareness your passed loved ones have of your life.

The producers at a Denver radio station heard about Heather's work and invited her to give live readings on the air on a regular basis. She can be heard on Denver's 92.5 FM several times a month.

Heather supports local and national charities by offering benefit group readings events.

Heather offers readings for small or large private groups, individuals, couples, and public gallery readings. One of her most highly requested offerings is a Family and Friends gathering. These are like "parties" with Spirit, done in your own home. Everyone receives messages and connections.

** 30 minute readings are available at special events and on occasion by phone.**

UPCOMING 2017 event and private readings locations:

Denver, CO
Colorado Springs, CO
Greeley, CO
Phoenix/Tempe AZ
Battle Creek/Kalamazoo, MI
Fort Collins, CO

More locations and tour dates are regularly added. Be sure to visit the website.

Additional Information: 

Certified Reiki Master
MA Degree in Family Therapy
Wife, mother of 2 children, and animal lover
LGBTQ Friendly
Associations and memberships include: The American Holistic Medical Association, Cambridge's Who's Who of Women Entrepreneurs.

Listed since: Nov 3, 2012


We have had a private reading, a group reading, and a Spirit Circle with Heather. She is really amazing. Each time she connected with our loved ones and relayed information that could only have come from them. She is very kind and very sensitive and she really took the time to help us connect. She is so open that all of the different personalities came through as themselves - not filtered through someone else's stilted personality. We are very grateful and will definitely do this again.
I had a phone reading with Heather and she connected with my husband. I had readings with a couple of others mediums and they were good but Heather was excellent. I felt like I was actually talking with my husband. He said things no one would know but he and I. He told me what he was doing and what was going on with him. It gave me so much comfort. He knew what I was doing and how I was feeling. If you want to connect with your loved ones you cannot go wrong with Heather.
Heather's ability to connect me with my loved ones in extremely specific ways was mind blowing. I was very sceptical in general, but from the beginning to the end of my time with her, she brought me messages from my family with details that no one on earth could possibly have known. I have so much more peace with my losses now that I've met with her. She is without a doubt gifted with that special something that spirits want to latch onto. She has changed my outlook for the better.
Heather came to my home to read for myself, my sister, and my mother and she was such a joy. From the minute we met her we felt a sense of comfort and love and that only escalated during our reading. She absolutely connected with our loved ones in such a strong way and brought so much clarity to all of us. She really is a telephone between us and our crossed over loved ones. We will definitely be meeting with her again. Cannot recommend her enough!
Thank you so much, Heather, for helping me to connect with my brothers, my husband and my dad. It was such a wonderful experience in so many ways that you cannot even imagine. I have waited 44 years to know that my dad has always heard and known and there was not enough time then to say the things that needed to be said. And to know that my Jesse and my brother Brian are always with me and protecting me in ways that deep down I knew is so comforting. God bless your gift.
I recently lost My Mom, suddenly, in my home. I had a lot of What ifs, and regrets. I didn't get to say goodbye. I planned a private session with Heather. I was a sceptic, But it did more than I could ever imagine. She had things written down on a pad that my Mom, & other spirits, had told her before she even saw me. There was a time I was wanting more, and yet again, and did something my Mom always did when I was young. There's no way she knew what she did! Im already planning another session!
I recently had the pleasure of meeting Heather when I participated in a group and private reading. Heather was able to connect with many of my departed loved ones and the information she relayed to me was absolutely uplifting and joyful. Heather was compassionate and respectful in relaying sensitive information. I was so impressed with Heather that I arranged for my family to visit next time she is in town and we have set up a private family reading! We are all so excited! Thanks Heather!
Heather was very on with doing my reading and I would recommend her for any one. She was wonderful and I look forward to see what else is in my future. God bless

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