Elisa Malangone

Elisa Malangone
Elisa Malangone


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Arvada (Phone & Video Readings are just as effective).


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$135-$325 depending on session time and service!

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Dr. Elisa Malangone PhD offers Mediumship that Moves, Matters and Motivates and is ranked as one of Colorados (TOP MEDIUMS).

LOVE is truly the most powerful component that bridges the healing connection. It's forever, it's eternal and surpasses life. Elisa's genuine heart-centered approach when connecting with Spirit, is extremely respectful, gracious, validating, precise and deeply compassionate. The gentle delivery of life-changing insight, loving guidance and healing messages have brought healing and comfort to many for 23 years. Choosing to lead by example, Elisa brings true dedication, integrity and credibility to her profession.

Serving Denver and beyond, Elisa has teamed with Hayhouse and MindValley Authors as well as having had the honor of teaming with Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton in audience readings over the past decade as her practice has grown and evolved. She was voted best Psychic Medium 2023 in Arvada, CO and has been featured in popular media publications such as Voyage Denver Magazine, Canvas Rebel Magazine and Shout Out Colorado.

Visit ElisaInsight.com to view all testimonials, videos & tel-recording introduction to see how her gifts have brought healing, peace, comfort & clarity to many.

Additional Information: 

Internationally Respected.
Experience: 23+ years.
Reiki Master
Certified Life Coach
Key Note Speaker
Transformational Specialist
PhD in Religious Studies 2003 ULS, Modesto Cal.

Classes, Workshops & Spiritual Development Coaching.
*Psychic Development
*Mediumship Mentoring
*Parent Workshops for Encouraging & Supporting The Intuitive Child.
*Meditation Sessions.
*Soulsight Intuitive Coaching Sessions (Tapping into your souls wisdom & perspective for guidance concerning Life Purpose, Goals & Direction.)

Listed since: Feb 18, 2015


Elisa is a delightful, loving spirit with an amazing spiritual gift. My mother, father, and grandmother all came through in my session to apologize for the pain they had left on my life. Even though I had done a lot of forgiveness work around the abuse of my childhood, receiving an apology from the other side was such a HUGE gift to me! I feel liberated! I have the courage now to pursue my dreams and to write a book, which were also validated by my Spirit Guides. Wonderful experience! Thank you!
My first experience with a Medium was with Elisa. I did not know what to expect, but knowing her as my friend I was looking forward to the experience. This was more than I could ever put into words as a simple review. I felt as if I were right in the room with loved ones that I had lost. I felt so much love and encouragement from things that had been weighing on my heart. Elisa shared things that could only come from them. I feel so much peace. I am so grateful that you are sharing your gifts.
I immediately knew there was something special and genuine about Elisa. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in healing their grief as a result of a loss, and might need guidance on how to proceed in life. She helped when my best friend of 20+ years entered Hospice, giving us a reading describing her transition as peaceful. My friend eventually died several weeks later. In a later reading, Elisa was able to reconnect with her giving very valid proof that she was still with me.
I was first searching for a psychic from the UK with a same name. Elisa's videos and testimonials were so fascinating, I found myself immediately drawn and scheduled a session last month via Skype. I was very pleased and not disappointed that I chose Elisa instead. I am now visiting my sister in New York, we both had a phone reading with Elisa. She is very lovely and gave precise detail to our lives. Although the UK has many talented communicators, I will only consult Elisa for future readings.
The magnitude and quality of Elisa's gifts can only be closely compared to well known mediums in the media. When she started singing the theme song to “The Greatest American Hero” I knew for certain that she was connecting with my brother Charly. He literally told her to sing it. That was our favorite show together as kids, it also had double meaning because, he was letting me know that he was free, at peace and as the song goes, he was “walking on air.” So grateful for that gift that he's ok.
What an amazing experience! In my session with Elisa, I was able to connect with my mother, my Spiritual Guide and Arch Angel Gabriel. Their guidance and insight was life altering for me. I am where I am today due to their sharing. I am so blessed to have their unconditional love and support and Elisa was the one who made this happen. Thank you so much!! Love and light.
I always thought I was an only child, however in my session with Elisa, she was feeling adamant energy that I wasn’t an only child. After a little research, I found out that I have a half sister to celebrate and I am looking forward in developing a future relationship with her. I’m so grateful to Elisa for this valuable insight.
I met Elisa over 1 year ago when my daughter-in-law and I went to Full Moon bookstore for the 1st time. They were holding a psychic fair and Elisa was available for our reading. I have been to 100's of psychics but was shocked at how accurate Elisa's reading was. My daughter-in-law returned with her mother 3 mths ago and Elisa remembered our reading over 1 yr ago. I now consult Elisa often for guidance. Her spiritual gift is one of a kind and is always accurate. She is a true blessing!
I found Elisa on this psychic directory. This was my first time looking for a psychic and I didn't know exactly what to look for because there were so many to choose from but I kept going back to Elisa picture and profile. Once we met and I had my reading, my life had changed forever. I am truly blessed that she was chosen for just for me. I was amazed how she delivered accurate, compassionate and powerful messages. I am thankful for the life changing experience that she has given me.
Elisa is by far a gem and sets a higher standard with her gifts. I had readings from two major Hayhouse Mediums in the past and found in my recent experience with Elisa that her abilities are right at their level of expertise if not better. She brought a simple grace, modesty and elegance to our session. The messages were extremely detailed and accurate, it felt like I was having a pleasant insightful conversation with a dear friend. Elisa is more than the real deal, shes the "Gold Standard".
Elisa's gifts are extraordinary. I had never met a medium before and was unclear about what that meant. She was able to connect with my family members and friends who had passed on sharing messages from them that were so accurate and meaningful to me. It was mindblowing as she could never have known the details of what she shared. It was a powerful session for me and I now have a wonderful sense of peace that I am truly never alone. I am so grateful for Elisa and her work.
I recently went to Elisa's "Love Notes from Heaven" audience reading on Valentines Day & was blown away with her gifts, level of compassion & accuracy throughout the whole night. She lovingly stays there & feels every tear, giggle & emotion with you. She looked so familiar, then realized, a year earlier a renowned/best selling author/medium singled Elisa out in her own audience & read that Elisa's mediumship gifts were too dynamic to keep hiding. Seeing her in action a year later was amazing.
Elisa is an amazing, authentic spiritual being who has the unique gift of reaching the other side and bringing you insightful messages to help you walk your path. I feel so blessed to have her light my path and have been comforted by the personal messages she has delivered to me from my loved ones who have passed. I have been to other proclaimed psychics, but Elisa is the real deal. If you truly have a desire to receive valuable messages from your guides & loved ones, go see Elisa.


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