Elisa Malangone

Elisa Malangone
Elisa Malangone


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Arvada (Phone & Video Readings are just as effective).


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$135-$325 depending on session time and service!

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Dr. Elisa Malangone PhD offers Mediumship that Moves, Matters and Motivates and is ranked as one of Colorados (TOP MEDIUMS).

LOVE is truly the most powerful component that bridges the healing connection. It's forever, it's eternal and surpasses life. Elisa's genuine heart-centered approach when connecting with Spirit, is extremely respectful, gracious, validating, precise and deeply compassionate. The gentle delivery of life-changing insight, loving guidance and healing messages have brought healing and comfort to many for 23 years. Choosing to lead by example, Elisa brings true dedication, integrity and credibility to her profession.

Serving Denver and beyond, Elisa has teamed with Hayhouse and MindValley Authors as well as having had the honor of teaming with Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton in audience readings over the past decade as her practice has grown and evolved. She was voted best Psychic Medium 2023 in Arvada, CO and has been featured in popular media publications such as Voyage Denver Magazine, Canvas Rebel Magazine and Shout Out Colorado.

Visit ElisaInsight.com to view all testimonials, videos & tel-recording introduction to see how her gifts have brought healing, peace, comfort & clarity to many.

Additional Information: 

Internationally Respected.
Experience: 23+ years.
Reiki Master
Certified Life Coach
Key Note Speaker
Transformational Specialist
PhD in Religious Studies 2003 ULS, Modesto Cal.

Classes, Workshops & Spiritual Development Coaching.
*Psychic Development
*Mediumship Mentoring
*Parent Workshops for Encouraging & Supporting The Intuitive Child.
*Meditation Sessions.
*Soulsight Intuitive Coaching Sessions (Tapping into your souls wisdom & perspective for guidance concerning Life Purpose, Goals & Direction.)

Listed since: Feb 18, 2015


My time with Elisa was extremely healing - I still feel like I am floating with peace and love! She is an amazing and gifted woman. Elisa helped me through energetic problems from my past that I never thought were effecting my energy and how I engage with people today. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a psychic medium! I love her dearly and I am grateful for help!
When you find yourself in need of answers, you’re going to want Elisa on your team. Every message she delivers is expressed openly from the heart. Not only is she one of the strongest mediums that I’ve ever met, her intuitive skills are just as remarkable. She brings such a caring energy to the session that makes you feel welcomed and safe. I left my session with such a peaceful feeling. For a spiritually deeper and life changing experience, I highly recommend Elisa.
Elisa surpassed all my expectations. She delivered clear guided information in a loving, supportive, and professional way.
Elisa, you surpassed my expectations and are a true gift. My visit was very healing and comforting. She greets you with such love that you feel it as soon as you walk in to her office. My dad passed years ago and there were some things I hadn’t let go of. Elisa was able to connect with him and I felt his love throughout the entire experience. The details that she knew were only things our family knew. I left the reading with such peace in my heart. I'm grateful for this time I was given w/him.
Having been to a few medium; I can definitely say Elisa is one of my favorites. Even though she knew some of my story, she was able to provide an awesome reading. You will not be disappointed.
AMAZING! I just listened to the recording that I had when I had a reading done by Elisa last August in her new building in Golden. It amazes me how I forgot so many components from that reading until I listened to it again and it really did make an impact on my life in a very great positive way and I appreciate and give gratitude to you for the connection with my mom and others who have passed over. Again thank you for being such a blessing and vessel!
I had never been to a Medium before I visited Elisa, and I was extremely nervous. She is the most caring, genuine person I have met in a long time. The first reading I received from her was amazing. My mom came through with so many confirmations. My second visit was with my children, Elisa was so wonderful helping them connect with a dear friend they had lost. His death was tragic and Elisa brought his message to them and it let them begin to heal. I am thankful Elisa shares her gift.
Elisa is genuine, ethical and blessed with integrity. She is able to heal the healers, teach the teachers and move the motivators. Her level of faith, integrity and compassion are an amazing healing combination. It's fortunate you're here today. You are reading this because you are drawn to Elisa for help and healing. There are no coincidences you are not here by chance. Trust spirit and trust yourself. Make an appointment, you won't be sorry. I highly recommend Elisa.
Elisa’s ability to remain sensitive and loving while delivering messages, is a bonus to an already life changing experience. My late brother collected Star Wars action figures when we were kids. Elisa mentioned the mangled action figure, I knew it was him. Our dog had gotten a hold of Chewy, we use to joke about the chewed up chewy. In that moment, my heavy sorrow for the loss of my brother healed instantly. Elisa's gifts and accuracy are the real deal and even out shine some "famous mediums".
Elisa is a lovely woman with a beautiful gift to share. She is professioanl in her work and I've so enjoyed the readings I've had with her. Messages from my father who I was so connected with in this life feel great knowing he's still there for me. I have given her name to many of my friends who are ready for truth.
Elisa you're a treasure! My friends and I call her the best kept secret. She naturally goes beyond whats expected because her heart is truly centered on helping others move past their heartache, grief and blockages. My father came through in one reading and shared that he planted trees in honor of my brother and I. One call to my step mother confirmed the message to actually be about the pear trees on Dads property. Her name comes up everywhere. I guess Best Kept Secret no more. Just Love her!
I highly recommend Elisa. I've had the opportunity to be a part of 3 of her gallery readings, and she is the real deal! I had several family members come through, and she was able to confirm their presence through specific details that no one else would know, such as dates and personal stories. Her sense of humor and loving presence also adds to the experience.
It was the most exhilarating, emotional and exciting experience I have ever had. I was always a believer, but absolutely no question now that we have spirits around us at all times. My great grandmother who was a very important person in my life was the very first to speak with great validating detail and it meant the world to me. Thank you so much Elisa for embracing your gift and sharing it with others.
I highly recommend Elisa. She was able to connect me with multiple family members that have passed, citing visions, events and their words that would be impossible for anyone living to know. My maternal grandmother called me by another name when I was very young (close to 60 years ago) that not even my sisters knew of. Elisa heard my Grandmother call me by that name. There were many other moments in my reading similar to this, and it was so affirming! Elisa is the real deal! Thank you!
What a pleasure to attend an open house hosted by Elisa. The entire event was so professional and beautifully handled that it created a sense of trust immediately. That trust carried over to the quick, complimentary reading Elisa gave to my wife, Kathy, and me long after everyone else had left. Her insights were remarkably accurate and delivered with clarity and confidence. I am excited about experiencing Elisa's gifts often, as I know it can contribute greatly to my growth and fulfillment.
I like to think of myself as Lisa's first. I was her son's tutor for numerous years, and one afternoon, Lisa asked if she could talk to me. She told me that she was psychic and my dad had been "nagging" at her to open up to me as he had some things to say. He explained that my Mom didn't have much time as she was ill, and to get all of the paper work together. It was so my dad talking to me. It was so emotional, but hat day changed my life, Lisa and I remain truly good friends today
Elisa and supporting her on this venture has been a blessing that I did not expect. During a small group conversation she mentioned my mothers name, Betty. I simply said "that is my mothers name." And she preceded to share things that she could not have know. The message allowed me to have some peace around my mothers growth on the higher dimensions and me to understand my mothers sadness for what she had created with the rest of my family being fearful of who I am.
I am very blessed to have met Elisa. We met back in May 2105. I have been fortunate enough to have had several one on one sessions, phone sessions and a few events. Elis is truly a gifted spirit!. She is as authentic as they come. I call her my "spirit lady." Elisa has the gift of seeing, feeling and knowing. Her gifts and intuitions are definite and right on. Elisa is truly a gift to us all. I can't express my gratitude and love for her enough. XOXO
As I sat breathing deeply during my first group reading I decided to listen with an open heart and take in wisdom and insight as it applied, whether or not I spoke up and claimed it as my connection. As the reading went on Elisa became quite direct with statements that she knew were for me. I am still incorporating these "epiphanies" into my daily work. Elisa is a beautiful channel for the otherworld and it has been very powerful to have established a personal connection to what is beyond.
Elisa is amazing! My Dad passed unexpectedly this Summer, I was left with having to handle his affairs. I did the best I could but needed some advice from him on the other side. I googled mediums and Elisa stood out, I believe my Dad wanted me to see her. I went to one of her group events, I just wasn't ready for one on one. My Dad came out loud and clear and Elisa was amazing at conveying what my Dad wanted me to know. I will forever be grateful for her, now I'm ready for my one one with her!
I first meet Elise at Full Moon Bookstore, at the psychic fair. I truly didn't know what to expect. In that reading she connected with my loved ones who have passed, and what a blessing it was to receive unanswered questions, encouragement and clarity. Elisa is a compassionate, loving, and gifted soul, who amazes me how right on she is each time we meet for readings or spiritual life coaching. I believe she is a true gift spreading love and wholeness. Thank you Elise. <3
I had a fabulous reading with Elisa. She was right on with every part of the reading. She tapped into the other-side in a spiritual, caring way. I highly recommend her.
Elisa thank you! Thank you first off for giving me that extra faith in humanity. Your wisdom and strength wraps around others like a warm blanket. Comforting those in need and guidance. She doesn't sugar coat things, which is real! BUT, she pronounces in a way of complete understanding and strength. I highly recommend her for those that are especially at major junctions in ones path, because she is forward in helping you set up that "outline" without coming across brass. Trust in this!!
My session with Elisa, was very impactful. My mother came through about her china, borrowing my clothes when I was a teen, my tattoo in her honor and the flickering lights in my sons room in every house we ever lived in. Those details alone was all the evidence I needed to know that Elisa was truly connected. I can tell she does this work with pure intentions and for all the right reasons.
Elisa is an extraordinary medium and channel. She quickly brought messages from family who have passed. Her ability to sense health issues is unsurpassed by any medium I have experienced. And what she channeled about my car was astonishingly right on! The most powerful aspect of my experience was Elisa's clarity and direction for a new project, including details of its manifestation and publishing. The gifts of a reading with Elisa are long lasting & life changing. Most highly recommended!
The reading with Elise was AMAZING. The specific took my breath away. It was an hour reading full of so many confirmations, no way the information could have been anything but from loved ones on the other side. Towards the end the energy of loved ones started to slow down & then guides & angles started coming through. I had just done an Angle card spread the night before and the specific angles in that reading came through.....one in particular is not well known & I was shocked to hear the name.
I've seen Elisa a few times and have also sent three of my friends to her. As one of these friends put it, "She's the real deal." Her validation is right on and the emotions she expressed from my loved ones were very accurate. Elisa also has a heart of gold. You can feel the kindness and compassion coming off of her. You can tell she is doing readings out of love and the desire to help people--not for money or selfish reasons. I highly recommend her!
I have had 3 readings with Elisa and each one has been an affirming communication with loved ones in the non-physical. Elisa is a gifted medium who has blessed me with her connection to spirit. I go into each reading with no expectations, allowing Elisa and her guides to provide the opening through which my loved ones communicate whatever they feel is important for me to hear and understand. Some surprises, but always joyous! For it is joyous to know your loved ones are always with you!
I went to Elisa about a year after my husband passed. She validated he was with me during the session over and over again. The messages were so clear and straight forward. Her kind and gentle spirit were very comforting. I am so grateful she has this gift. We went over the allotted time because she had not finished. I would definitely recommend her.


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