Elisa Malangone

Elisa Malangone
Elisa Malangone


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Arvada (Phone & Video Readings are just as effective).


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$135-$325 depending on session time and service!

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Dr. Elisa Malangone PhD offers Mediumship that Moves, Matters and Motivates and is ranked as one of Colorados (TOP MEDIUMS).

LOVE is truly the most powerful component that bridges the healing connection. It's forever, it's eternal and surpasses life. Elisa's genuine heart-centered approach when connecting with Spirit, is extremely respectful, gracious, validating, precise and deeply compassionate. The gentle delivery of life-changing insight, loving guidance and healing messages have brought healing and comfort to many for 23 years. Choosing to lead by example, Elisa brings true dedication, integrity and credibility to her profession.

Serving Denver and beyond, Elisa has teamed with Hayhouse and MindValley Authors as well as having had the honor of teaming with Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton in audience readings over the past decade as her practice has grown and evolved. She was voted best Psychic Medium 2023 in Arvada, CO and has been featured in popular media publications such as Voyage Denver Magazine, Canvas Rebel Magazine and Shout Out Colorado.

Visit ElisaInsight.com to view all testimonials, videos & tel-recording introduction to see how her gifts have brought healing, peace, comfort & clarity to many.

Additional Information: 

Internationally Respected.
Experience: 23+ years.
Reiki Master
Certified Life Coach
Key Note Speaker
Transformational Specialist
PhD in Religious Studies 2003 ULS, Modesto Cal.

Classes, Workshops & Spiritual Development Coaching.
*Psychic Development
*Mediumship Mentoring
*Parent Workshops for Encouraging & Supporting The Intuitive Child.
*Meditation Sessions.
*Soulsight Intuitive Coaching Sessions (Tapping into your souls wisdom & perspective for guidance concerning Life Purpose, Goals & Direction.)

Listed since: Feb 18, 2015


Elisa provided me 2 readings within 1 week, that is how good she is.Her readings validated what my heart feels for a young woman, half my age.She successfully alluded to specific details that only I knew.Furthermore, she mentioned that there was family tension between my brother and I-she was right!What distinguishes Elisa from the rest, nonetheless, is the soothing ambiance she creates for her clients, making it a therapeutic experience.Call Elisa for life changing experience. Ricardo Herrera
If you are intrigued by the mediumship shows like the Life After Death with Tyler Henry, Elisa's gifts and talents will impress and bless you beyond belief. She is one of the most empathic, compassionate and dedicated mediums I have ever encountered. My life has changed in so many amazing ways after working with her. I get almost double the messages and insight from Elisa's sessions than I have from any other medium that I have seen before. A session with Elisa is a true gift.
Elisa is warm, authentic, and a healing presence. I have met with her several times and walk away feeling renewed connection to my own spirit and hope. I'm so grateful to have met her and refer new clients to her regularly!
This was a life changing experience for me. Elisa was on point. I felt there was a reason for my journey that led me to speak to her and my family that passed to the other side. I was able to hear from my grandparents and it was the best feeling in the word. Elisa was very insightful, warm and welcoming. Absolutely amazing.
Elisa's one IMPRESSIVE MEDIUM! Her unique and compassionate style of reading, offers more than what I've ever witnessed from other mediums. She holds a level of integrity that's completely refreshing and trust worthy. I use to see "Celebs" come in and out of the Coffee Shop around her office. One day I asked the staff what that was all about and they mentioned "Oh they fly in to see the medium behind us." In 6 years of seeing Elisa, She never once name dropped. Now that's true integrity.
3 months ago Elisa is extremely insightful and conveyed personal knowledge of my life that she couldn't have possibly known, which confirmed to me that her intuitive gifts are truly genuine. My sessions with her have strengthened my faith and given me support during a transitional phase of life. I'm grateful for her sage advice, nurturing disposition, and motivating energy. I highly recommend her as a spiritual medium and life coach.
I feel lucky to have met Elisa. She is right on target with all the things she has shared with me from those that have past. I'm constantly amazed at her ability. She is also a thoughtful caring person who is genuinely present. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking peace with those that have past on.
Love, love, love. I have seen many mediums and to me Elisa is the best. I truly love her honest and loving spirit. I have recommended her to many people and they are all so happy to have had the opportunity to meet with her.
Elisa Malangone is the real deal. I love that she does not interpret what she hears, sees or feels. She simply describes literally what she perceives. It just took seconds for me to make all the connections that came up. The important players in my life showed up and we resolved many misgivings. I left with a great sense of peace and hope. I highly recommend Elisa. I will return for more insights in the future.
I have been having sessions with Elisa for 2 years now and what's important for everyone to know is that I keep coming back. Elisa has been extremely instrumental in helping me move forward in situations in my life that I once felt stuck. Not only is she accurate in her delivery, she has the most compassionate heart that I've ever known. I have been to many mediums in the area, however; I feel most comfortable and connected with Elisa. I highly recommend her.
I have been seeing Elisa for Soul Sight Coaching and it has truly helped me with my recovery from Narcissistic Abuse. Elisa merges spiritual practices with her intuitive abilities that truly help create HUGE BREAKTHROUGHS in her sessions. She's also never afraid to share her own recovery stories when it apples, which really invites the feeling of being in a safe and healing environment. I was so emotionally paralyzed before our sessions and now I feel so liberated and free. So Grateful!
Every time I leave a session with Elisa, I'm inspired and empowered with not only peaceful and healing messages, but deep life changing direction as well. Since she is also a transformational coach, she has the ability to go beyond mediumship which always motivates purposeful impact and instantly puts me back on path. Elisa has a beautiful way of helping others find their truth and the tools to stand firmly in that truth. Thanks for sharing your gifts Elisa, you are a blessing.
Elisa & I met many moons ago.I have always “felt” her spirit with me , even years after life took us in different directions. I was fortunate enough to have a private video session with her a few years ago. I went in with no expectations & was open. Tho she knew me years ago ~ she knew nothing of my current life. She settled my spirit within minutes! She kindly & gently coached me thru what I was facing at that time & prepared me what what was ahead. I was Spiritually prepared due her.
Elisa did a group reading at my house. Shy told my stepdaughter that she would be pregnant again soon and it would most likely be twins. Bingo! My stepdaughter is pregnant again and yes, with twins! Also, My friend whose mother and grandmother came through said having a reading with Elisa was the best thing she could have done for herself!
Elisa has to be one of the hardest working mediums in Denver. She also comes from all love and absolutely no ego. I just saw her at NicNacNook a week ago and her delivery just blew me away. I have been to many mediums including those with high profiles and outrages price tags and Elisa even blows them out of the water. What's so inspiring, is to witness a whole audience shifting to such a healing place of comfort, you can see it on their faces. She's the real deal with a gracious appeal.
Elisa is wonderful! She is so warm and welcoming and her readings are spot on! She has helped me through so many emotionally draining times and gave me clarity to heal from all of it. She treats you like part of her family and has an amazing ability to connect to passed loved ones. I recommend her 100%. Just be open to the experience and I know you will be more than satisfied.
Elisa and I connected via a virtual conference platform. We live in the same city, however, I was not able to meet in person. I entered the meeting completely open-minded, with all guards and skepticisms down. Fortunately for me, everyone was ready to communicate! Because of that, Elisa and I had a very fruitful conversation about the hardships I have been struggling with for so long. Elisa was able to translate and navigate through so many things I had been searching for and needing to hear.
Elisa Malangone is a wonderful medium. I saw her a couple of weeks ago at the Clocktower Caberet with Lynn Van Praagh -Gratton and all I could say is that the both of them have so much love and compassion to share. They are also both fantastic mediums and so many loved ones were coming through to all that were present. Elisa even told me and my husband some interesting things that there would be no way for her to have known. She is accurate and gives mini readings with the utmost care.
I have done a total of 3 readings with Elisa. 2 of these readings in person and 1 over the phone. Each time her readings are very accurate and informative.Her words of encouragement, and her insight was very helpful. She truly has a gift and is very compassionate about translating the messages she receives. I can’t wait to have another reading done, Love and Light.
I attended an event with Elisa in August, and immediately knew that that my ancestors were speaking directly through her to me and also through the parallel messages she and the other Medium gave the other attendees. Vivid, descriptive, specific references and messages came at the event and after it. I knew I needed to follow up with her to get clarity on some issues. Death, itself a completion, often leaves us feeling incomplete, and it is Elisa’s gift to guide us to peace and resolution.
I have had the honor to see Elisa twice, although it was my first encounter with a spiritual medium. I felt the Love from her . Everything she told me was so spot on and genuine and has helped me change my life. I would not be where I am today with out her guidance.
I met Elisa and immediately felt her amazing energy and healing spirit. I attended the Magnify your Purpose event at the Clocktower and was beyond impressed with the way she brought spirit through to heal everyone attending the event. I look forward to scheduling a private meeting with her to connect with my loved ones. Elisa has a true gift!
For the last fifteen years, having a spiritual/psychic advisor has been an important part of my personal growth. Elisa has been by far one of the most talented that I have been blessed to have in my life. She is amazing and offers her guidance with such love, light, gratitude, and humility. She is the “real thing”! Thank you Elisa for being a channel for my loved ones and my guides…
In my readings with Elisa, I was truly amazed with the information she provided from my loved ones in spirit. This was my first experience with a spiritual medium and it has really changed my life. I would recommend Elisa's services to anyone.
I truly enjoyed several readings with Elisa! We did in person, phone and Skype readings and I was really impressed with her physic abilities in helping me communicates with family members. I did one with her and my daughter and she brought in a close friend of one of my daughter's close friends and that brought tears to her eyes with what was recalled. Some of her expressionism was really touching and brought tears to several eyes. I look forward to more in the future and highly recommend her.
I didn't think I really needed a reading at this time, but since she was available I decided to see what she had to bring to me. I was amazed. She brought through things that I thought only I knew. She affirmed the things that I had been feeling and confirmed that I am on the right track with the changes I want to make to my life. Elisa is so wonderfully kind, understanding and insightful. Every time I have visited with her, she brings through the loved ones that I need to bring me peace.
ln my reading with Elisa, BIG things came through from my grandmother and other family members that had passed. I’ll never forget the messages that she was able to convey and communicate to me. She gave me much comfort and hope during a sad and dark time. Thank you Elisa for the love and compassion you’ve always showed me. I know you will help many others as you have helped me.
Elisa’s heart is full of compassion for her clients. Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious, even if you are still feeling sad about your loss. She helps embody the knowledge and wisdom that there is life after life, and we can still connect with those on the other side.
I attended one of Elisa's audience readings at The Mercury Cafe. She connected well with her audience and heard the spirits of family members of people who weren't planning on being there, but confirmed her accuracy in speaking to their deceased brother. The whole audience gasped when the audience member she was reading confirmed it was her brother. Elisa is every bit an equal to the famous psychics. She is kind, caring and certainly sets the bar high. Her readings are a much deeper experience.
I've been going through major changes in my life and have being hitting a lot of hurdles. I needed guidance and conformation that this was the path for me. Not only did I receive confirmation and guidance but also hope that the light at the end of the tunnel is near and all of my hard work is about to pay off soon. Elisa was great! She even worked with me to accommodate my needs with the time I could be available. Thank you so Elisa!


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