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Cynthia Rose McCaw

Cynthia Rose McCaw
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303-525-2007 or online booking available as well


Hello, I look forward to meeting you…. I am an evidence based medium. That means I love to bring through messages from your loved ones and provide evidence of who they were. Whether it is a mediumship reading or a soul reading,I am committed to this work and I love it! Please know that your loved ones are always just a thought away and they are okay! Here is a little about me:

Cynthia Rose McCaw is a second generation medium. There were readers on both sides of her family and her mother was a gifted reader. As a young girl Cynthia was naturally clairaudient. (This is the ability to hear spirit.) She had regular communication with her grandfather who was in spirit and whom she had never met.

Cynthia brings more than 40 years of education and experience to her work. Her abilities include clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizance.
Cynthia Rose has an office in Lakewood (Denver) Colorado

Cynthia Rose has studied mediumship with some of the world’s best mediums including James Van Praagh, Tony Stockwell, Janet Novahec and John Holland..

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Questions or other booking questions feel free to call Brendan 303-525-2007 or email (Brendan)

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Online Booking Available
Readings also available regularly in Vancouver B.C.
Other areas: Seattle, Bellingham, Phoenix, Kauai

Listed since: Dec 26, 2016

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