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Cindy Musil

Cindy Musil
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Nearest City: 

Lakewood, Denver, Golden


Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$100 / hour

To Schedule A Reading Call:


I am currently on sabbatical from providing private readings. Please read my FAQ category on my blog for guidance on what to expect from a psychic medium to help you select another professional with whom to work during my sabbatical.

Additional Information: 

As a psychic, I establish a connection with your energetic aura to provide personal information (e.g., personality, current concerns, recent activities) and answer your questions (e.g., finances, career, relationships). As a medium, I communicate with Spirit (e.g., people who have passed, angels, spirit guides) to translate messages and provide guidance in response to your questions. I blend my psychic and mediumistic abilities in my readings.

When looking for a name for our band Eclectic Verve, my husband found a website about spirit communication and became fascinated. His interest led us to retain mediums and develop our psychic and mediumistic abilities. As we began communicating with Spirit, our grief over the deaths of loved ones was healed because these souls were no longer “dead to us".

I am honored to communicate with the dead loved ones of my clients and offer individual psychic medium readings to clients via telephone, Skype, or in person.

Both my husband and I have received training and certification from The Aspen Program for Psychic Development, psychic medium mentors around the world, and our own spirit guides directly and during sessions with mediums regarding developing our abilities.

Psychic Medium readings are conducted by appointment via telephone by you calling (720) 248-8396, via video calling using Skype™ software, or in person at our office in Lakewood, Colorado. Sessions are offered in 30-minute and 1-hour durations. If you wish to schedule a reading, please review the calendar, select the location, duration, date, and time that best meets your needs. Then book and pay for your appointment on-line.

I write a weekly blog with Spirit authoring many of our posts. I scribe the information received from Spirit through a process called "automatic writing".

I author the remaining blog posts to provide useful information to our readers. For readers new to psychic mediumship, I recommend you read the blog category "Psychic Medium FAQ"

We have developed a self-directed class called "Channeling Demystified" in which we describe the three types of channeling, differentiate between characteristics that are common and unique to each channeling type, and provide a guidance in writing and in a guided meditation on how to do automatic writing. Our second class offering is called "Contact Your Guides" and includes a manual and a guided meditation. Purchase the products on-line for immediate access.

Our monthly e-newsletter is widely read by our subscribers. Topics include upcoming events, transcribed guidance from Spirit, "Subscriber Only" specials, and the opportunity to win a free reading through the Birthday Club.

Listed since: Jan 7, 2013


Cindy is the real deal. I have taken a class from her and her husband and I learned so much about channeling. Cindy has also read for me and is very accurate. I highly recommend her for intuitive and/or mediumship readings. She is definitely worth the money!
My father passed away July 2014 and I have been struggling with the fact I never made it to Phoenix to say good bye. I was recommended to Cindy by my co-worker. She worked very hard and some of the things she said were so correct. My reading so helped me understand that my dad is okay and he loves me. I have been grieving hard and stuck in the day my dad died. Cindy was able to connect and help me passed that day. I truly have some peace now. Thank you Cindy
My reading with Cindy was absolutely wonderful! She was very warm and positive and gladly answered all of my questions. My reading was highly accurate and I deeply appreciate the time she took to clarify anything that I didn't understand right away. Very highly recommended!
My reading with Cindy was great. She was to the point and answered all my questions. I didn't feel my time was wasted on information that I did not need. I felt she was warm hearted and I really enjoyed her. I recommend her to anyone. Thankyou Cindy for explaining everything in detail to me And helping me understand how everything works :) Kara
I have had several reading with Cindy since I became a client in June. She is a caring, sensitive, gifted medium. She gives a great deal of evidential information so that you know you are truly connected. She asks spirit for helpful information and has the highest of ethical standards. She and Kent give the client a recording that is so helpful to review later. I highly recommend Cindy.
I am so grateful to Cindy for connecting me with my beloved son. I have tried before with others to make a connection but it just didn't seem valid. With Cindy there were so many things that hit spot on and I felt that I had truly made that connection and will be forever appreciative.
I loved my reading with Cindy! It was so spot on with what she was telling me. She helped and directed me with my new business. She gave me clarity and insight that I needed to move forward. Cindy is a very kind and caring person, I felt very comfortable with her. The bonus for me was when Cindy communicated with my cat (that just passed a few days before). I wasn't expecting that and it was very comforting! Thank you Cindy for all that you do and I'll be calling again in the future!
I am so glad to have readings with Cindy! It was easy to establish a great rapport with her right away, as she has a wonderfully warm and professional manner. The information she provided was very accurate and our conversation flowed easily. I found myself with so much valuable information to think about and use in my life right away and it's additionally helpful to receive the recording afterward to review again. I look forward to many more sessions with Cindy!
My one hour reading with Cindy was so helpful! Through her guides I got invaluable insight on a pet's illness, confirmation on my involvement with an expensive organization, where to move to (out of state), input on my business name, and more. Cindy's ability to channel accurately seemed right on, I am very happy to have connected with her and certainly recommend her psychic medium services.

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