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Catherine Hartloper

Catherine Hartloper
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20 min for $40, 30 min for $60, 45 min for $90, 60 min for $120

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Readings available via telephone (505) 712-2254 or in person.
Catherine is highly intuitive. Does not need to use any tools such tarot cards, runes, etc. Has a deep connection with Spirit to help people. Records each reading and you receive a link to download your reading. Prices are as follows: 20 minutes for $40, 30 minutes for $60, 45 minutes for $90, and 60 minutes for $120

Listed since: Aug 26, 2008


Catherine is a very gifted reader, I was very amazed at what she was telling me with no cards or me asking any questions. "the emotion code" book has opened my world and can now live my life with purpose. thank you for a great reading.
Thank you Cathy. You were on target on so many things in my life. You were direct and to the point. You gave me realistic tips on how to proceed with my life choices. I will forever be grateful to you. You are a sweet soul! God Bless, I encourage those who need a reading to please call so you can start to have peace within yourself.
Catherine is nothing short of AMAZING! I had her read my husband. He was so impressed, I had her read me. She was spot on for both of us! She conveyed messages from our loved ones and described them, told us both of our health issues and more! We needed to hear those messages from Spirit and didn't realize just how much! We feel emotionally renewed! We are so excited for what is to come! Thank you, Catherine!
I don't know where to start, so I just say thank you! Catherine pick-up on so much information that I'm glad that she records the sessions as it serves as a wonderful touch stone after the readings. In March and August she predicted changes in the work place for me, well the stuff hit the fan this month. Again, thank you for your time and energy. Many blessings to you! E
Catherine is one of the most accurate psychics I have ever consulted! She has an abundance of information and I can highly recommend her!
Impressed with her kind spirit and approach. Wonderful personality and good laugh, yet very serious and provided detailed explanations. Provided excellent resources that have continued to have an impact on my experience and opportunity to learn more. Highly recommend!
Catherine was very helpful to me and my sister! Very spot on, on a lot of things and getting to hear from our dad made us feel better. She is gifted and I definitely recommend her
Catherine was wonderful! I have been ill for several years and visiting multiple doctors. Lab results show issues, but not extreme enough for a doctor to do anything. There were more tests, and more money spent, but NO resolutions. I started my own natural healing routine, but needed help. Catherine identified all my issues, let me know where I needed medical assistance, and where natural would work. She gave me support that I needed. I am so thankful and ready to heal. Thank you!
Catherine is amazing. When the session was over I felt better about life and myself than I have in many years. It was like finding a friend!
I went to Catherine with questions about my relationships and the path I was on in life. I got so much more than I ever expected. Catherine was amazing! I sat in awe as she nailed so many things about me, my life, my past and present relatives, my concerns, my relationships, my hints from me. She gently told me the good and bad with patience and a big heart. Thank you Catherine for your reading and guidance. I agree with others that you truly have a gift!!!
Catherine is amazing... she is by far one of the best psychics that I have been to in a long time. She is hands down legit.... a warm, considerate energy and she tells you very straightforward. What to be aware of... whether that be health, relationships, job direction or any possible future happenings. Catherine's reading left me feeling content and filled with so much perspective for my path. I will undoubtedly return to her again.
My husband and I both received separate reading from Catherine. She is such a lovely and gifted woman. She has a very loving and tender heart and that is conveyed right away when you meet her. She put me right at ease and I was able to receive messages from my loved ones that I never thought I would hear. She leaves no question in your mind that you are truly talking to your loved ones. I have felt very depressed and lost for many months now after speaking with Catherine I feel renewed! Love♡
This was the best reading in my entire life! I felt as if I was talking to my Mother and Father, in the same room! It brought me to tears, my search is over, I will not need to look for another reader ever again! I well recommend a reading from her to all my brothers and sisters! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
I had the pleasure of having my first reading with Catherine and she is by far the most insightful and accurate.Catherine was able to share with me things that no one else would know and her warm and spiritual presence allowed me to hear what I needed. She is very gifted and amazing, I will be recommending her to everyone I know. Thank-You...
I've had another reading from Catherine, and once again she was very accurate and intuitive and gave me hope for the future. I will definitely call her again for a reading. She calms me....Thank you, Catherine!
I saw Catherine for the first time today and I have to say it was a wonderful experience. The intuitiveness on what I could handle hearing and what my heart needed was spot on. She told me all about myself and what to do to maximize who I am. I left feeling peaceful, uplifted and a huge weight off my shoulders. She is the real thing - knew specific medical info about me. I will be back for more readings absolutely.
Thanks again for the advices you have given me over the years. I am eternally grateful to you. Thanks for guiding me and showing me another way to look at things.
Having had a number of readings over the years from various psychic mediums, Catherine Macrall was by far the most specific and accurate of any of them. Not only did she provide a thorough reading, but also took the time to show me different tools to heal, bring in abundance and learn to trust my own intuition. I highly recommend her and she's well worth her fee. I will definitely use her again!
I had my first reading with Catherine today and she was absolutely fantastic! She gave me hope for the future and I definitely will go to her again, as well as referring her to others. Thank you so much Catherine!
Just had our first reading ever and it was absolutely amazing. She hit on things nobody else would have known besides myself and my husband. I feel as though she gave me information that can only guide me in the right direction. I would definitely refer her to people I know and will be using her again. Thank you so much Catherine!
Catherine is excellent. Coming from someone with a deep background in this territory you will get an extremely honest, accurate and personal reading with her. She helped me open myself to opportunity I had been pushing away because of doubt and hit everything spot on. Not only has she given me warm and comforting guidance I needed to hear but all the success she had seen coming my way with my career has already taken place and continues to do so. Thank you Catherine, you are a phenomenal spirit.
Catherine is truly a blessing, she helped answer questions that no one else could and she helped provide light to so many dark situations. I will forever be grateful for having the chance to meet her and receiving a reading from her. What she does is truly amazing!! This is the real deal guys, I will recommend her to everyone I know!
Catherine was great. She really helped me during a difficult time in my life and helped me contact my father to gain more closure on his passing. She is very friendly, EXTREMELY ACCURATE, and is worth your time and money. I would recommend her to anyone and I plan on seeing her again.
I feel like the spirits brought me to Catherine; it was 2 weeks before my 30th birthday. She described to me my gift & taught me how to conquer it. She is amazing! I've seen her a few times since then & most everything she's ever said has been correct. I have a major life decision & I'm basing it on words that Catherine shared... she hasn't been wrong yet, so if she says it's a good idea I have full confidence it is! Thank you Catherine, till nxt time :)
I had my first reading with catherine this morning and i am very impressed. i didnt tell her anything about my life. she in turn told me things that i only know myself. so i believe everything she says. she gave me a new outlook on life and that i may not have lost the love of my life after all. it may not be over with my "ex" just yet. according to her ive had a few past lives with him so im suposed to know him. im just very happy that i got to talk to her as i now feel better about myself.
Cathey is a phenomenal woman and psychic/medium. I highly recommend her!!! I've known her for 16 years. She has guided me through major decisions in my life and some day to day events. God has blessed her with a gift and I love her as a second Mom!
Catherine is a fantastic psychic and channeler. I've been to many and no one can really read me other than superfically. Catherine was able to go deep, give me lots of info and action items! I had to make a to do list to keep up. The CD is extremely valuable because she gives you so much important information you can't take it all in at once. Listen to it again and again not to lose the golden nuggets! I love her!
Wow, Catherine is wonderful person with heart and insight! What a blessing to know her! She has so many ways to help people and her Psychic ability is very good, always coming from the heart. She was right on about my health and help me a lot to understand what was going on with me at that time. Blessings, Raquel Fontes
Catherine was very intuitive in what I wanted to know, what I needed to know, and was very accurate with what she said. She knew things about me that I had never told anyone! Before I talked to her I never really had any beliefs in anything religion or spiritual-wise. Thank You Catherine!
Catherine is truly amazing - her warmth, her softness makes you feel at ease. Her accuracy about situations is amazing. She relates information from those that have crossed over and she gives you such peace knowing that your loved ones are around you. I feel this woman is 100 percent as she claims. I am glad that I found her... Thank you Catherine for being you!


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