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Special Covid-19 Discount Offering: With all the stress of Covid-19 on relationships, job security and other events going on in the world, we all need to help each other and have someone to talk to and lean on for direction and guidance. Because of this, I'm offering a 40% discount for my regular Psychic Reading. Go to my website and click on BOOK NOW for my special offering of only $167 for my regular 30 minute Psychic Reading.

As an internationally beloved psychic, intuitive coach, friend-to-all and medium, Bee‘s amazingly accurate and pure psychic readings are elevated to a stately, lofty level that includes invaluable guidance, directions and messages from spirit. Bee essentially becomes “one-with-spirit” in her delivery of tools and guidance on an individual’s issues with relationships, career and other difficult life challenges. Her readings allow you to benefit by receiving extremely accurate and helpful information along with tools and guidance on important aspects of present and future life circumstances. The messages and counsel Bee receives not only come from spirit, but also your own personal "higher self." As a medium, Bee receives evidence to share with you to prove the message is coming from your loved ones.

Bee may be booked by calling 970-871-4594. Bee is passionate about working with spirit and she feels deeply honored in being allowed to speak with you and pass on messages to help guide, soothe and heal. Bee has personally cared for the dying including counseling them as they pass on to the spirit realm. She has served communities as a Hospice volunteer and a Grieving Companion volunteer.

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Bee is extremely accurate, kind, personable and spiritual. She believes in giving a person tools to use to both connect with and be guided by spirit and the individual's higher self.

Listed since: Dec 12, 2007


I thought Bee was excellent overall for my reading. She seems to have a very sunny personality and accurate as well. I have much pressing concerns and even stayed overtime to try and help me as much as possible. I will keep in touch for sure.
My reading with Bee was absolutely wonderful. I was extremely comfortable with speaking with her. She didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear. She gave me the good, bad, and the ugly! I have never felt as refreshed after a reading than what I felt with Bee. It was like I was talking one of my girlfriends. I will definitely be contacting her again.
Bee is absolutely accurate and empathetic. I just lost a family member and she was able to connect with her. The whole experience brought hope and the beginning to continue to live without her. Thank you Bee and I will be touch.
Bee is absolutely excellent, accurate, extremely compassionate and empathetic! The first time I booked a reading with Bee, in April, 2010 she called back promptly, and when I spoke with her, it immediately felt like I was speaking with a long time friend. She delivers specifics, accurate descriptions, and does not sugar coat info she receives that you may not want to hear. However, she is SO caring in delivery and takes all the time to make sure you receive clarity! Such a sweet, gifted soul!
Where do you start!!! THe most amazing reading ever. Her insight and her ability to zero in on what is going on in your life and what you can do to change and grow is just purely amazing. She was right on about everything. She is very detail oriented and gives descriptions of exactly what you need to know. All of my questions were answered in great detail. Her personality is wonderful. SHe puts you at ease and you feel like your talking to an old friend. Please don't miss a reading with her.
Bee came through for us on a holiday this Easter, last minute for my mother to reach my dad who we just lost 3 months ago. She not only contacted him but had names, songs, verification of who was in the room with us and so much more. The phone reading kept getting better with the messages that we needed and had been looking for. Please if you are looking for the real deal Bee is it!
First and Foremost, I am not a newbie of the Metaphysical Arts. I have known numerous gifted Spiritual Healers, Psychics, Mediums and YES there are many! YET this past Thursday I was deeply blessed while Bee read for me. Honing such a NATURALNESS and Superb Accuracy within her delivery.She informed me without questioning what I knew were my major concerns.Then recommended to me unique ideas to pivot my new business plans.Equally life lessons.Bee is definitely A RARE Profound Psychic Medium.
My father died at the age off 55 completely out of the blue. We were left with so many questions and so much pain. After meeting with Bee I was elated. She was able to contact my father, and without a doubt it was my father she had contacted. She communicated what I needed to hear. My father is with me. This reading was about 3 years ago. The details, smells, images...Amazing.
Bee is the "only" psychic I know that can deliver names, time, places, and details like I have never seen. She can zero in on the core issue quickly. Very easy to talk to, yet she wont sugar coat the truth. I prayed for clarity in a pending situation and I was led to Bee. I feel I have the clarity now. She gave me the guidance to set me on the right path. She also confirmed my gut feelings are right!
I have sat through many "psychic" readings over the years and most information provided was very general, inaccurate or I had to almost tell the reader the information first. Bee is the complete opposite. She provides evidential facts of the past and present that helps you to believe what she sees in your future. She's concise, caring and worth the money.
I had very specific questions to address and Bee not only provided answers to those but also provided further information relevent to the issues I was facing. Her descriptions of both situations and people was remarkable. I will seek her counsel again and recommend her. I feel more confident with her on my side.
Bee is my angel! I have lost two daughters and I was able to connect with both of them! We laughed and cried together! We were also struggling with a decision to adopt another little boy as we are old and broke. Bee, at the drop of a hat while she was in an airport, called and convinced me that this little guy definitely belonged with us! Bless you Bee!
Bee is truly gifted. With Bee I was able to communicate with my father who died when I was eight in a more direct way than with any other psychic. It was profound! Her accuracy and clarity far surpassed other readings I have had. I feltsuch peace and guidance after our reading and truly believe Bee was on target with EVERYTHING! Highly recommend Bee!
Thanks to Bee Herz for giving us hope when our beloved cat disappeared for several days while we were on vacation. She was calm, compassionate and practical, and spot-on with the information she provided. She said our cat would return home late Saturday evening, and that it was important to leave the house lights on, keep the porch sliding door open, and TV on so our cat would recognize her surroundings and home, which unfolded just as she said it would. Thank you very much!
As Christmas approaches I have asked my husband for another reading with Bee Herz. In only minutes, Bee had MOM visiting with me and we were soon laughing over memories that were impossible for Bee to have known. Bee's kindness and loving spirit only enhance her unique, accurate gift and I highly recommend her to everyone. Thank goodness she accepted her calling!
My phone reading with Bee was beyond amazing! I had the sense of the person I connected with, was sitting in the room with me. I could feel his presence. I am a hard core skeptic and former agnostic. The reading brought me evidential, and concrete information that is very useful to present day life. Bee is genuine, and brings forth very powerful messages, that can be verified later. She is an angel on Earth! Christine Groethe
I had an hour with Bee and it was wonderful. Bee was accurate with details and events. I am thankful to have contacted her. Thanks for the information and insight it has brought to me.
I have read with Bee Herz three times and each time she connects quickly and her accuracy is amazing. She is very intutive, gifted and just very uplifting and I always feel refreshed when talking with her. Another plus is she meditates before the reading and will provide worthy reading
As we are granted with one or two best friends, that take years of bonding, and remains in your heart when you lose touch, but once reunited, you pick up the conversation like you never skipped a beat. I found that bond instantly with Bee. Not only because she game names, a time line, communicated that had my brother, using his first name, just had a massive stroke. What speaks volumes about Bee, is she is genuine, kind hearted, but straight to the point.
My reading with Bee was amazing. She described my dad who passed 5 years ago with clarity. Solved my daughter's dream about her boyfriend's father sending her a text (just that morning) but my daughter couldn't recall the message, but Bee did. We were fascinated. She keyed right in on my surroundings and issues. Bee is kind, compassionate and in tune.
Bee is a wonderful person, she is compassionate and actually cares about her clients, she picked up on me and the struggles that I have been dealing with and helped me , on the right path... she is very very personable and informative, she is in this business to help other's and not for monetary gain... I would reccomend her to anyone... Thanks Bee!!
In the darkest hour of my life, with the tragic death of my son, I have struggled to find answers to this catastrophic event that has shattered my world. Bee has provided me with the tools to climb the Everest, placed in my path. I have always lived with the belief of eternal life, but Bee is my light on the road to the Other Side.
My phone reading with Bee was great! She was right on the mark about everything, without me giving her any information about my situation. I highly recommend her for help with any problem that you need clarity with. She is also very personable and easy to talk to.
I had written Bee and told her I was desperate, it was late on a saturday evening and she called me back within minutes. We had a long reading and she was so very helpful. She is honest, caring, and genuine. I hung up feeling like I had just spent the time with one of my oldest friends. We are already setting up another appointment. I have contacted other pyschics in the past, but she is the real deal and the only one I have rebooked with.
Your only allowed so many words so I have to place the rest on others. Bee is a very caring,kind hearted women. She is not the type of psyhic that is all about her money, Time, or even one that is rushing. She is very good at what she does. She answers you straight forward so just a tip if your body and mind is not ready for the truth than don't call bee because she will not lie. Thanks so ever much :) Tonya Wright
My recent phone reading with Bee was very spiritual and awe inspiring for me. Bee touched on people, places and events past, present, and future that were accurate and made me feel blessed. I feel more focused about my life and life in general. I have shared my experience with family and friends and highly recommend a reading with Bee. She is trully and angel on earth ! Thank you Bee! Sincerely, Carol Campbell
Until my recent reading from Bee, I had been distraught for years at the thought that my dad died with regret and pain. After speaking with her, a huge weight has been lifted from me, and I have been noticeably happier. She touched on many familiarities that only my dad would have known or said. I am so grateful to Bee for sharing her gift. She is wonderful, and I will recommend her readings to my friends and loved ones.
I've worked with several intuitives and psychics. Few were as clear and compassionate - and no-nonsense as Bee. Her readings have the accuracy and clarity of someone looking back on events that have already passed, as opposed to the impressionistic blur many psychics are capable of. She is very very good.
During a reading from Bee I was able to connect with my birth mother who died in a car accident when I was 12. The reading far far expectations, and I would refer her to family and friends. Bee delivered messages about my, present and future. She, with the grace of Gabriel, guided my mom to the light so that she may do more important work on the other side. Bee is an angel and messenger of God. I cannot thank her enough, my life is changed forever.


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