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Special Covid-19 Discount Offering: With all the stress of Covid-19 on relationships, job security and other events going on in the world, we all need to help each other and have someone to talk to and lean on for direction and guidance. Because of this, I'm offering a 40% discount for my regular Psychic Reading. Go to my website and click on BOOK NOW for my special offering of only $167 for my regular 30 minute Psychic Reading.

As an internationally beloved psychic, intuitive coach, friend-to-all and medium, Bee‘s amazingly accurate and pure psychic readings are elevated to a stately, lofty level that includes invaluable guidance, directions and messages from spirit. Bee essentially becomes “one-with-spirit” in her delivery of tools and guidance on an individual’s issues with relationships, career and other difficult life challenges. Her readings allow you to benefit by receiving extremely accurate and helpful information along with tools and guidance on important aspects of present and future life circumstances. The messages and counsel Bee receives not only come from spirit, but also your own personal "higher self." As a medium, Bee receives evidence to share with you to prove the message is coming from your loved ones.

Bee may be booked by calling 970-871-4594. Bee is passionate about working with spirit and she feels deeply honored in being allowed to speak with you and pass on messages to help guide, soothe and heal. Bee has personally cared for the dying including counseling them as they pass on to the spirit realm. She has served communities as a Hospice volunteer and a Grieving Companion volunteer.

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Bee is extremely accurate, kind, personable and spiritual. She believes in giving a person tools to use to both connect with and be guided by spirit and the individual's higher self.

Listed since: Dec 12, 2007


Bee Herz has a directive approach to her readings. I had never had a psychic reading before, but I was very happy with the outcome of mine with Bee. Each of my questions were followed up on in a thorough manner and I appreciated the way she elaborated on each one. She was practical in her advice, yet obviously possesses the abilities to accurately read and direct her clients toward positive outcomes. I was shocked at how much she knew about me, and where I was at in my life.
Being at a crisis point in my life, I entered my reading with Bee with much trepidation. Bee's caring and compassionate demeanor put me at ease immediately. I much appreciated her straightforwardness coupled with her gentleness and I almost cannot wait to have another reading with her ! I believe Bee to be most trustworthy and I feel like I could spend hours with her finding answers to my life's questions. Thank you , Bee, for your kindness and genuineness !
I had my first reading with Bee. She is amazing. I felt electrified after my reading with her. From the start She zeroed in on some of the things going on in my life no way she could have known. She is honest (she warns you in the beginning on that :-)) , considerate, witty and has a no-nonsense approach. She is the one to talk to if you need direction in your life.
I found my reading with Bea Herz to be invaluable for my career and new project.She had me think "out of the box," on a grand scale about the impact of what I must do to make my project more tangible and available for the viewing public. She was insightful, enthusiastic,kind and most of all very clear. She gave me good advice with concrete things to do to make it happen. I highly recommend a reading with her
Talking with Bee is like chatting with a friend. I have had two readings now and will have another when I need guidance again. When I booked my first reading I had been wrestling with a decision for over two years. Bee gave it to me straight and after the reading I was finally able to move on and haven’t looked back since. A reading with Bee is like getting direction to navigate through a fog towards the best destination. She gives you the tools to get there but it is up to you to use them.
Bee is a psychic who not only gives you the facts but helps you figure out what needs to be done in order to get you where you need to go. She is a sensitive, kind and caring personality and I highly recommend a reading with her. S Barzilay
I am a Healer, Spirit Coach, and Personal Energy Trainer and I am not in the 'business' of psychic shopping. I occasionally have had readings, however the type of reading that I had with Bee Herz was the most thorough reading I have experienced. Sure I have had people flip cards for me in the past, but the in depth information I received was amazing. She impressively knew about me and was able to provide me with extremely accurate information. The guidance she provided has been a Godsend!
What an uplifting, loving experience I had last week visiting with Bee. I was open to connecting with my sweet husband, John, who transitioned last spring after cancer. Bee was able to share/facilitate a conversation between John and me, and I received some loving reassurances from him. He asked for singing to be a part of it, and we ALL experienced the joy. This was my first reading with a medium, and I am ready to do it again. Thank you, Bee!
This was my first reading with a psychic. I was very nervous, but Bee was able to put me at ease. Bee was very accurate. Bee was able to give me the direction I was looking for. I had hope by the end of the reading. I would recommend her!
I instinctively chose Bee from the list of names on Bob Olson's website. I was truly in need of some guidance, and Bee delivered! She more than covered my entire list of questions with unexpected information and detail...even giving me an action plan! This reading gave me both the clarity and the tools I needed to start really living my life's purpose. I will be forever grateful to Bee Herz for the healing she has brought to me today. So, if you are ready, go ahead, give yourself this gift!
I have been working with Bee for some time now. She has been very instrumental in assisting us with cases of missing persons. I have found her information to be accurate, and her readings very instrumental in searching for missing persons. Bee applies her talent to professional Searchers and Law Enforcement, to help solve cases. Bee gives the information requested to the professionals only. When there are no clues in a case and no where to turn, I can turn to Bee for assistance in missing cases.
Bee asked if I had done this before and I replied no, “I am a psychic virgin”. Thankfully it was an extremely enjoyable experience and I am eager to do another. She really put me at ease, being gentle at times and sometimes direct when I needed it, the one thing I really appreciated was that she guided me through the process getting me in tune with myself and teaching me how to pay more attention to what I feel. I truly finished feeling very satisfied and would highly recommend using her gifts.
I've had readings in the past and honestly this is by far the best reading I have ever had. Bee knew things, only my passed on relative knew, like a personal joke that could never have been guessed. Bee gave me confirmation of things I already knew, opened my eyes to bigger possibilities and to my surprise even acted as a muse, directing me to follow a direction that was always there and I didn't see its potential. I know you are connected Bee, I experienced it first hand and I thank you. Cheers
It's tough to come up with things about Bee that haven't been said already! The morning of my reading, I developed a sore throat...Bee mentioned early on that something was going on with my throat chakra. I didn't sound different, so it wasn't obvious...but Bee knew. She was on point with so much of what I am dealing with. She's honest, so be ready to hear things you may/may not want to hear but need to know to stay on path. She's a great lady, gifted with a talent that provides hope and peace.
My younger sister died in June. Bee immediately told me that sometimes she can connect, and sometimes she can't. Her honesty and true gifts make her special. She connected with my sister. Bee was so on target. I received messages back! She told me my true love won't come back to me, but I will meet someone in a year or . I received direct guidance for the future in many areas. She is like a best friend and truly cares. I think she saw things I wasn't ready for..."packages for late". WOW
I had my first reading with Bee today and the best way to describe her is that I feel alive after the call since I have been extremely down for a long time now. Her voice gave me the strength which I so desperately needed. She is very detailed and honest. She will give both the good and the bad news in such a soothing way that you will feel that you will look forward for the good news and also feel that you will be able to survive anything. I am grateful to her for giving me back my strength.
I want to thank Bee for a great appointment. It was a real eye opener and she was very striaght forward and very kind, which I appreciate. It gave me real clarity to which direction I need to go with work, life and so on. I never doubted her wisdom and ability for a second and only time will tell the truth. Give it a shot and you won't be dissapointed. Lots of love.
WOW, Just finished my reading with Bee and I am quite impressed. If your looking for someone who can really connect with you, give Bee a Chance. She was 110% correct in everything she said. She is a sweet, kind, loving person who will put you at ease. She is honest, will tell you things as they are. If your looking for someone who is honest, than you found the right person. If your looking for answers and guidence, Bee is there for you. I can not express how great she is. You owe it to yourself
Talking with Bee was like talking with a good friend who has only your best interest at heart. Bee is completely sincere with no hidden agenda. Bee, I am sure you will be rewarded in many ways for helping others overcome their fears and move forward positively. My reading was a win-win and I look forward to seeing the results. Thank you again. Until the next time.....
I had my first reading today with Bee & I can certainly say that it won't be my last. I've been dealing with emotional turmoil for the past 6 mos. & as of today, I can say that I finally have found inner peace. Bee made me feel comfortable from the very moment she answered the phone. She gave me the one gift I felt I've needed the most during this tumultuos time..messages from my beloved grandmother that had passed away 9 yrs ago but also those from my guardian angel. Bee is an amazing woman!
This was my first time speaking with a pyschic, and I was very nervous. However, Bee put me at ease within a few minutes. She was spot on identifying my issues and helped me come up with a gameplan for moving forward. If you are looking for a real pyschic medium, I would highly recommend Bee!
My younger sister died last year and Bee was able to contact her. Bee was accurate and specific. After talking to other members of my family after my reading some of the things she said my family was amazed at. Words cannot describe how happy I was to be able to make that connection with my sister. And overall I loved talking with Bee, she is a very kind person. I am interested in doing more readings with her and look forward to that in the future.
My reading with Bee was light and very relaxing. When I went to dial her number I was up- tight and and soon as she answered the phone, she came across as very friendly and upbeat. Just the sound of her voice put me to ease and we connected immediately - this reading was like a call from a friend. Her reading was accurate and she was right there to answer anything you didn't understand. She is a great person and reader.
Bee, Your such a wonderful person! thank you for my reading, you touched my heart, you are truly gifted! Caring, passionate, you tell it how it is! and I thank you for that! I will keep in contact with you over the next several months! feels like i have 3 mothers in my life! words cant explain how I feel! such a sweet lady! thank you very very much!! you gave me such a good insight on life!
Thank you Bob Olson "Best Psychic Mediums List" for letting me find Bee. It's disappointing when someone spends cash on a reading that isn't worth it. I only have a reading once a year and I want it to be worth my time. Bee was personable and accurate. Her Medium skills are awesome and so are her Psychic abilities. Thank you both for your gifts!
Bee is without a doubt brilliant. I enjoyed my reading with her from an personal level as well as the incredible detail she was able to relay. My reading centered around career and business. She excelled at providing information in both clarifying direction as well as raising items that warrant caution or possible challenges. It was incredible attuned to ideas that crossed my mind in the past and well defined to contribute to some decisions going forward. Did I mention Bee is brilliant!!
Bee was absolutely wonderful! She provided a great reading and was able to bring up accurate details of things only I would know. She has helped me to grow a lot as a person and I would recommend her services to anyone! Thanks a lot Bee!!
Bee tuned into my connection with nature and described how I feel and restore my energy without any information from me. She also helped me to work through a fear that has been bothering me for several years and I'd cleared a little but hadn't handled completely. If Bee resonates with you, I feel you'll get exactly what you need to move forward. Thank you Tree and thank you Bee:)
It was delight to work with Bee. She received highly accurate information which I was able to verify on the spot. Bee also gave me amazing insights and detailed help on my next steps all the while being fun and easygoing. What a blessing! Thank you, Bee!
I thought Bee was excellent overall for my reading. She seems to have a very sunny personality and accurate as well. I have much pressing concerns and even stayed overtime to try and help me as much as possible. I will keep in touch for sure.


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