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Special Covid-19 Discount Offering: With all the stress of Covid-19 on relationships, job security and other events going on in the world, we all need to help each other and have someone to talk to and lean on for direction and guidance. Because of this, I'm offering a 40% discount for my regular Psychic Reading. Go to my website and click on BOOK NOW for my special offering of only $167 for my regular 30 minute Psychic Reading.

As an internationally beloved psychic, intuitive coach, friend-to-all and medium, Bee‘s amazingly accurate and pure psychic readings are elevated to a stately, lofty level that includes invaluable guidance, directions and messages from spirit. Bee essentially becomes “one-with-spirit” in her delivery of tools and guidance on an individual’s issues with relationships, career and other difficult life challenges. Her readings allow you to benefit by receiving extremely accurate and helpful information along with tools and guidance on important aspects of present and future life circumstances. The messages and counsel Bee receives not only come from spirit, but also your own personal "higher self." As a medium, Bee receives evidence to share with you to prove the message is coming from your loved ones.

Bee may be booked by calling 970-871-4594. Bee is passionate about working with spirit and she feels deeply honored in being allowed to speak with you and pass on messages to help guide, soothe and heal. Bee has personally cared for the dying including counseling them as they pass on to the spirit realm. She has served communities as a Hospice volunteer and a Grieving Companion volunteer.

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Bee is extremely accurate, kind, personable and spiritual. She believes in giving a person tools to use to both connect with and be guided by spirit and the individual's higher self.

Listed since: Dec 12, 2007


I had an important decision to make but no amount of prayerful meditation or counsel of friends could get me past my sense of anxiety, fear, and dread. With Bee I sensed a level of compassion that put me at ease. Perhaps it was naïve on my part, but I deliberately chose not to talk about every aspect of my life. Bee was not to be fooled; she zeroed in on a painful issue that needed resolved. She has a gift of mindful intuitive awareness, thanks so much for sharing it in such a meaningful way.
I have been doing my own "find a psychic" research " project, and was excited to find Bob's website and the 15-20 gifted psychic mediums he legitimized. I identified Bee as being the one who had the gifts I needed to give me guidance. My reading was yesterday, and it was so on point - truly an uncanny experience. What was most helpful were the tools Bee gave me to support me in what I wanted and needed. She is such a doll on top of it all - personality plus, very funny and very warm and caring.
Had a very motivational reading with Bee the other day. Will have to wait a wee while regarding some of her insights but chatting with Bee was like chatting with a lifelong friend.
Bee was amazing. She gave me a very detailed reading. She connected with my husband on the Other Side who is my protector there as he was here. The information Bee gave me was very enlightening and right on target! I would highly recommend her to anybody who is truly interested in knowing the truth! God be with you Bee!
I had my second reading with Bee a coupld of days ago. My first reading over two years ago was great. Things we talked about were right on. This reading I needed Bee to focus on me instead of my niece who passed. Bee helped guide me to what I needed to do for myself in order to be more open spirtually, move forward to where I was thinking of moving and told me of a 3 to 5 year plan. Great reading and Bee is a great person to relate to. You would not be wasting your time with her.
I have had a life coach for the past 10 years but seemed to still be "searching" for something unanswered. I decided to search for a deeper meaning to the nudges I was getting and stumbled across Bee Herz's website. I took a leap of faith and scheduled a reading. I can only say this was by far the most profound experience I have ever had. She reached deep into my core and revealed aspects of me that I only thought in my heart but never conceptualized in my mind.
Bee & her assistant have been very kind & generous w/ me. During my reading, I’m pretty sure that she was able to contact my aunt who had recently passed as well as my mother’s closest friend who had passed 16 years ago. The only information I gave her was that I was interested in reaching two loved ones who had passed & approximately when they did. She was pretty accurate w/ picking up specific details on both of them. I think Bee’s a genuinely caring person&I naturally felt comfortable w/ her.
My first reading with Bee was life changing, as she went straight to the issue without me providing any information. I had a second reading with her as so much of what we talked about in the first reading came to light. The most important difference between Bee and other psychics is that she not only gives you a reading but she gives you the tools to help with the situation at hand. This to me is priceless, as it makes me feel that I can do something to help myself. Thank you Bee!
I had my first reading w Bee yesterday. Though I work w/a regular spiritual counselor, I decided to give Bee a try based on Bob's review & finding myself at a personal crossroad. I was intrigued by the 'bird's eye view' perspective. I found her to be amazingly accurate about my overall spiritual place, my life challenges & current situation. Her style was v respectful & the overarching perspective she provided really made upcoming decision seem clear & obv. THAT ability is really priceless.
It was fate that I found Bee out of several readers. She does not fluff and placate. Her reading gave me the strength and focus to carry on with my life and path even though I had been abused by two men.
Excellent reading. I will call back in a few months.
I’ve never been to a psychic nor really understood it. What I can tell you is that Bee has such a kind heart & the words, no matter how easy or hard to hear, were told in such a way that I do feel hope manifested in my life. Her reading was uncanny. Bee hit so close to home and I didn’t have to tell her a thing. I am taking her advice & pushing forward with doing the work that can change my life. The universe brought Bee into my life for a reason, & I want nothing more than to do her proud.
A need was and is here and seems to be a little more than usual, so I needed a little help. Bee opened things so I could not seem so alone at this time. I felt a connection with her,as if I had known her for some time. Her gifts go well beyound what we may seek her out for at the beginning. I think of her as a friend.
I spoke with Bee for the first time a few months ago. Facing a "perfect storm" of issues is my life (loss of job, health issues, etc.) I had EXTREME anxiety and stress about facing the future. Bee provided insight into how my future path would unfold and areas I should pay attention to in such a caring way I immediately felt empowered to move forward. Additionally she had messages for me from friends who I had not known had passed, but researched later and found they had. Highly recommended.
My reading with Bee was accurate, straightforward and clear. Her direct delivery and no need to sugar coat the truth approach suited me well. She provided concise information that was useful and relevant to my current concerns/events, allowing plenty of time for my questions to be addressed. Bee has a knack for building instant rapport with her clients, making the reading seem like it is coming from a friend who knows you well and is willing to tell you the truth. Will schedule with her again.
What I've been feeling and thinking for so long, she was able to clearly vocalize and confirm. Speaking to Bee was the best thing that I ever could have done because she gave me very detailed guidance and the tools to unlocking the future I wanted. Th strategy she provided made perfect sense for my specific issues, was logical, and truly insightful. Really looking forward to executing this plan of action and touching base with Bee in the future if anything needs tweaking! Thanks Bee!
I really enjoyed my reading with Bee. My reading seemed to be geared towards making change for the future and I plan on using the tools to set the plan in motion. Wish me luck! The psychic "parlour tricks" (as she calls it) blew my mind as well as when she flipped over to mediumship. Her facts were right on about my passed loved ones, though I wish there were some messages passed on versus just the facts that they were there, I was still thankful to hear of them coming through.
Bee is so down to earth. We talked about everything, including things going on with her. Lol. I felt like I was talking to my BFF. She has given me advice on several areas of my life and she was open and honest about it all. If she thought I needed to suck it up and put my big girl panties on she told me. She was able to answer most of my questions before I asked them. I will be calling her again. I wish her the best and can't say thank you enough. God bless you
I was a little nervous when I had my appointment with Bee. I have to say Bee put me right at ease, she is so personable and very easy to talk with. I didn't tell Bee anything about myself except my name. Throughout the reading Bee gave me specific names of Loved ones that had passed on. Bee gave me complete, accurate, and specific information. This was an incredible reading. I strongly recommend Bee. I am looking forward to another reading with Bee. Thank you so much Bee!!!
My reading with Bee was truly wonderful. We connected quickly and she was able to share information and details about the issues I was having in my relationship. She was able to guide me in a positive direction with honesty and compassion. The genuine kindness she showed me will not be forgotten and I look forward to talking to her again!
Excellent reading- like talking to old friend, even though we'd never met! Most important- as everyone is really interested to know- as the reading Was few months ago I am seeing her predictions are coming true- And precise things, not generalized... I would recommend a reading as beneficial and legitimate.
Bee was extremely accurate at describing the central issues in my life at this moment before I ever said a word....her guidance felt dead on and now I will follow up with it in my life...not all of it was exactly what I wanted to hear but it still rang true..I sense that if I live Bee's guidance, while at the same time using my own intuition..good outcomes will result..I will follow up with Bee as things play out..I was very pleased with the reading and the information and tools that it provided
No Shades of Gray here- just truthful & loving reading. After seeing a llocal psychic, I was left feeling turmoil- something wasn't right. Sought out Bee to enlighten me about several possible life changing events I was facing. Not only did she council me about these issues, but she ALSO gave me tools to use in order to remedy the situation, in plain, simple terms that I clearly understood. I felt at ease during the entire reading and ended feeling equipped to positively work my issues out.
I had a conversation with Bee again recently. She was as compassionate as she was the first time. I felt strong after talking to her like I felt the first time. She is a great person to talk to when you are feeling down and she will lift the spirits with her soothing voice.
Bee is a God Send. I clicked with her from the very first hello. She knew what I wanted but more so she knew what I needed and needed to do in my life. She is very sensitive and caring while firm on what it is that you need to do.She was 100 percent right on. She connected with my mom who I needed to hear from and validated everything I needed to know especially regarding a very important wrenching relationship decision which ultimately put my mind at ease.
Right away Bee accurately tapped into my current life themes, esp my career - actually why I booked a reading. She then provided me with specific information & tools to implement so I can create a fulfilling future. I have no doubt, based on what she said, that she is spiritually connected. Bee is warm, kind, compassionate & helped me understand the best way to manage upcoming challenges. Before the reading I was confused & after excited abt my business ideas, and with a game plan. Awesome!
My reading with Bee was enlightening. I felt like she knew me better than I know myself. She understood where I am in life and saw a fulfilling path for me using skills I've always considered, but wouldn't have thought hold the keys to my future. She came across like that best friend who wants to help guide to you toward achieving your greatest potential. Thank you Bee!
Last fall I had a reading with Bee. During my session, Bee was able to reach my father. To validate that it was him, she told me my dad had a special nickname for my sister - peanut. Immediately after my reading I called my sister and asked her if dad had a nickname for her-without hesitation she said peanut. Bee also accurately predicted the amount I would receive in a legal dispute. I could provide other specific examples. My point - Bee is highly accurate. I would highly recommend her.
My 90 min. session with Bee addressed all of my questions without my having to ask them. Bee assisted me in accepting my role in a long standing family drama. Two weeks after the reading, the drama changed for the best. An idea held since 1997 for an invention surfaced during the reading. By the end of the session, a workable business plan had been drafted. If you want to change, can accept your part in your life drama, can commit to using tools Bee provides, schedule your session now! :-)
I have had five readings with Bee over the past couple of years. Each reading has surpassed the prior.Through her readings, on a personal level, Bee has given me the confidence to both know, and pursue my life passion and purpose. Her mediumship skills have given me a sense of peace and strength. I now know my loved ones on the other side are always by my side. On a professional level she has given facts that have taken my business to the next level


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