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As an internationally beloved psychic, intuitive coach, friend-to-all and medium, Bee‘s amazingly accurate and pure psychic readings are elevated to a stately, lofty level that includes invaluable guidance, directions and messages from spirit. Bee essentially becomes “one-with-spirit” in her delivery of tools and guidance on an individual’s issues with relationships, career and other difficult life challenges. Her readings allow you to benefit by receiving extremely accurate and helpful information along with tools and guidance on important aspects of present and future life circumstances. The messages and counsel Bee receives not only come from spirit, but also your own personal "higher self." As a medium, Bee receives evidence to share with you to prove the message is coming from your loved ones.

Bee may be booked by calling 970-871-4594. Bee is passionate about working with spirit and she feels deeply honored in being allowed to speak with you and pass on messages to help guide, soothe and heal. Bee has personally cared for the dying including counseling them as they pass on to the spirit realm. She has served communities as a Hospice volunteer and a Grieving Companion volunteer.

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Bee is extremely accurate, kind, personable and spiritual. She believes in giving a person tools to use to both connect with and be guided by spirit and the individual's higher self.

Listed since: Dec 12, 2007


the reading with BEE was more then incredible experience for me, not only that she was very accurate with me she also went deep and show me step by step how to accomplish her predictions that she read for me. she also help me with her personal connections. I have other reading with psychics - some was good but no body have taken the extra step as Bee. she is beautiful person and very generous. she is my psychic forever. I'm very grateful to Bee. generous. she is my pshc
Bee changed my life. No relationship or job lever I pulled changed my unhappiness and anxiousness. I worked with Bee to put together a roadmap-having regular calls to discuss my progress. Our chats were uplifting yet unnerving, but each filled with love and a promise that if I did the work, it would transpire to a happier path. Today, I have overcome fear, have stood up for myself, and am renewed. I am so thankful for Bee’s true guidance and am grateful for my hardships because it led me to her.
The session I had with Bee was very insightful. This reading provided me with clarity, direction and tools for me to use in the future. Bee has a warmth and an authenticity that is wonderful to work with! She gave me information which I needed to move forward in various areas of my life with confidence and excitement!
I found Bee to be very accurate with my reading. I have been to a couple of other well reviewed psychics and wanted validation of what they had told me. Bee mentioned many of the same things as the previous ones had, and they were specific, so I knew that this was my validation. At the end of the reading she mentioned the name of one of the psychics to further validate everything(and the name is not a common one.) I am very grateful to have had a reading with Bee and definitely recommend her.
If you travel to Egypt you want to see the pyramids. When you go to the store you hope to find the milk and eggs on the shelf. When you call a psychic medium you want validation that what they are saying and or seeing is authentic-truthful-relevant. Bee delivers. I have had other readings in the past and can spot a phony 7 miles out. Bee provided information that she would have had no way of knowing without the benefit of a God given gift. She is sent from the heavenlies to help us.
What I appreciated the most about the reading with Bee was her specific directions that I need to take in order to manifest the possible future outcome. It was a great coaching session and I will definitely check-in with her in the future.
Bee, very simply, provided me with illumination. She knew so much about me - which verified for me that her gifts are genuine. Her loving, shining soul comes through in her readings along with the information she provides. I felt as though I was speaking with an old friend who understood my life, my secrets and my need to find a clear path for my journey. Bee is, in a word, a Godsend. I am so grateful for her gifts, and I look forward to my next reading with this wonderful soul.
Talking with Bee was a very pleasant and helpful experience. She was able to give me some much-needed guidance about various parts of my life.
I called Bee, left a message, she returned my call and we talked like old friends. A date was set up, she was under the weather and respectfully declined and set a new date. My wife and I were both present the phone was on speaker, we had a very good reading. It was directed toward coaching and how my wife and I could work together to achieve happiness, healthiness and prosperity for the family. I have a Master's and am retired Law Enforcement. I would very much recommend Bee Herz .
I found my reading with Bee to be really helpful and healing. I just lost my Mom and I wanted to find a way to reach out to her. I have never before spoken to a psychic and I can't tell you how at ease I feel now that I have. Bee is truly talented. I highly recommend her!
I had EXTREME anxiety,fear,lost and stress out about facing the future and go back to school after 26years. Three weeks ago I turned to Bee for psychic reading. I was immediately felt Bee's gentleness ,kindness,sweetness energy. Bee was so compassionate and so so helpful of everything that I'm facing. Bee was so AMAZING and a WONDERFUL person. I am definitely will come back to Bee for reading again. " I THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH", Bee(-: Serene Sao
Instantly, Bee picked up on my energies and was able to pinpoint a dichotomous energy state I had been / was living in that moment. While her recommended life purpose next career step came as a complete surprise (neither of us expected), I was excited to hear how easily it connected with my aims. I'm taking her advice and seeing where it goes :)
I loved my reading! I immediately felt like I was gabbing with a girlfriend. I love how detailed you got - you blew me away! I had mentioned that I had beaten fibromyalgia after 15 yrs with the help of an amazing woman in LA, Viviane Oberhand. You wanted her info. I actually spoke with her later that same day on a separate matter and explained that you two should know each other because your work intertwines beautifully. Hoping a connection is made there. Goddesses should stick together!
When I called Bee, I felt so much at ease immediately. It was amazing how she was so "dead on" with all that has happened in my life and also had immediate connection with my father who has only been in spirit for a year. No one but my father and I would know what she told me and described in such detail. It was very healing for me and am truly grateful to Bee for giving me such peace. She gave me tools to help me in my future plans and feel inspired. I will definitely call for another reading.
Bee immediately tuned into the areas of my life that were stuck and needed direction; she helped me to focus, want, and have faith in moving forward. Her words are evidence she's connecting to a wisdom much larger than ourselves. My reading reaffirmed my belief in the fated. I'm grateful to have found Bee Herz!
A session with Bee is actually an investment in yourself. I just scheduled my 2nd reading. My first session was six months after my little sister's death. Bee shared direct messages that only could have come from Sue. There were 4 specific things my sister wanted me to do, which turned out to be significant for others. Bee also addressed a few questions I asked, but I wasn't ready to own the truth. I wanted her to be wrong! She is honest, kind, down-to-earth, empathetic and on target.
Bee connected me to people and situations that absolutely no one could have known about except me. The information was clear, accurate, powerful, love-centered, and challenging. If there was ever any doubt about connecting to the other side, understanding my purpose on this plane, and receiving clear guidance on a path forward, its now gone. Thank you for using your AMAZING gift to clear away the fog that rested on my path.
I had an important decision to make but no amount of prayerful meditation or counsel of friends could get me past my sense of anxiety, fear, and dread. With Bee I sensed a level of compassion that put me at ease. Perhaps it was naïve on my part, but I deliberately chose not to talk about every aspect of my life. Bee was not to be fooled; she zeroed in on a painful issue that needed resolved. She has a gift of mindful intuitive awareness, thanks so much for sharing it in such a meaningful way.
I have been doing my own "find a psychic" research " project, and was excited to find Bob's website and the 15-20 gifted psychic mediums he legitimized. I identified Bee as being the one who had the gifts I needed to give me guidance. My reading was yesterday, and it was so on point - truly an uncanny experience. What was most helpful were the tools Bee gave me to support me in what I wanted and needed. She is such a doll on top of it all - personality plus, very funny and very warm and caring.
Had a very motivational reading with Bee the other day. Will have to wait a wee while regarding some of her insights but chatting with Bee was like chatting with a lifelong friend.
Bee was amazing. She gave me a very detailed reading. She connected with my husband on the Other Side who is my protector there as he was here. The information Bee gave me was very enlightening and right on target! I would highly recommend her to anybody who is truly interested in knowing the truth! God be with you Bee!
I had my second reading with Bee a coupld of days ago. My first reading over two years ago was great. Things we talked about were right on. This reading I needed Bee to focus on me instead of my niece who passed. Bee helped guide me to what I needed to do for myself in order to be more open spirtually, move forward to where I was thinking of moving and told me of a 3 to 5 year plan. Great reading and Bee is a great person to relate to. You would not be wasting your time with her.
I have had a life coach for the past 10 years but seemed to still be "searching" for something unanswered. I decided to search for a deeper meaning to the nudges I was getting and stumbled across Bee Herz's website. I took a leap of faith and scheduled a reading. I can only say this was by far the most profound experience I have ever had. She reached deep into my core and revealed aspects of me that I only thought in my heart but never conceptualized in my mind.
Bee & her assistant have been very kind & generous w/ me. During my reading, I’m pretty sure that she was able to contact my aunt who had recently passed as well as my mother’s closest friend who had passed 16 years ago. The only information I gave her was that I was interested in reaching two loved ones who had passed & approximately when they did. She was pretty accurate w/ picking up specific details on both of them. I think Bee’s a genuinely caring person&I naturally felt comfortable w/ her.
My first reading with Bee was life changing, as she went straight to the issue without me providing any information. I had a second reading with her as so much of what we talked about in the first reading came to light. The most important difference between Bee and other psychics is that she not only gives you a reading but she gives you the tools to help with the situation at hand. This to me is priceless, as it makes me feel that I can do something to help myself. Thank you Bee!
I had my first reading w Bee yesterday. Though I work w/a regular spiritual counselor, I decided to give Bee a try based on Bob's review & finding myself at a personal crossroad. I was intrigued by the 'bird's eye view' perspective. I found her to be amazingly accurate about my overall spiritual place, my life challenges & current situation. Her style was v respectful & the overarching perspective she provided really made upcoming decision seem clear & obv. THAT ability is really priceless.
It was fate that I found Bee out of several readers. She does not fluff and placate. Her reading gave me the strength and focus to carry on with my life and path even though I had been abused by two men.
Excellent reading. I will call back in a few months.
I’ve never been to a psychic nor really understood it. What I can tell you is that Bee has such a kind heart & the words, no matter how easy or hard to hear, were told in such a way that I do feel hope manifested in my life. Her reading was uncanny. Bee hit so close to home and I didn’t have to tell her a thing. I am taking her advice & pushing forward with doing the work that can change my life. The universe brought Bee into my life for a reason, & I want nothing more than to do her proud.
A need was and is here and seems to be a little more than usual, so I needed a little help. Bee opened things so I could not seem so alone at this time. I felt a connection with her,as if I had known her for some time. Her gifts go well beyound what we may seek her out for at the beginning. I think of her as a friend.


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