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As an internationally beloved psychic, intuitive coach, friend-to-all and medium, Bee‘s amazingly accurate and pure psychic readings are elevated to a stately, lofty level that includes invaluable guidance, directions and messages from spirit. Bee essentially becomes “one-with-spirit” in her delivery of tools and guidance on an individual’s issues with relationships, career and other difficult life challenges. Her readings allow you to benefit by receiving extremely accurate and helpful information along with tools and guidance on important aspects of present and future life circumstances. The messages and counsel Bee receives not only come from spirit, but also your own personal "higher self." As a medium, Bee receives evidence to share with you to prove the message is coming from your loved ones.

Bee may be booked by calling 970-871-4594. Bee is passionate about working with spirit and she feels deeply honored in being allowed to speak with you and pass on messages to help guide, soothe and heal. Bee has personally cared for the dying including counseling them as they pass on to the spirit realm. She has served communities as a Hospice volunteer and a Grieving Companion volunteer.

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Bee is extremely accurate, kind, personable and spiritual. She believes in giving a person tools to use to both connect with and be guided by spirit and the individual's higher self.

Listed since: Dec 12, 2007


If you have 5 minutes to hop on the phone and want super accurate information, this is the psychic to call!!!! My reading was INCREDIBLY on point and she made me feel so comfortable right away. I can't even believe how precise she is!!! She knew about things going on in my life that no one else knows about, and gave me clear advice on how to move forward. I have never been more IMPRESSED with a psychic my entire life! Thank you so much!!!
I 1st spoke to Bee about 4 years ago after a bad breakup. She instantly identified abandonment issues I didn’t realize were there & ultimately recommended books & homework to help me learn “how to date”. Fast forward to now- After a quick follow up, I got 2 share engagement& wedding photos w/ her (my husband was at the top of my “homework” list!) Bee saw things that made NO SENSE to me at the time & they’ve since come true or are unfolding. She’s very accurate & always feels like a friend
I've had readings in the past, but this one with Bee was the most consequential of all. Bee connected me to a loved one we recently lost, verified in multiple ways that it was him, and provided critical information that impacts the life of a child left behind. Bee was able to inform me of my sacred duty toward the child as well as our family's soul contracts and responsibilities toward the child. She is gifted, loving, smart, and compassionate. Her powerful reading provided great comfort to us.
Bee is a beautiful person, kind and loving. In a reading, she is very honest, no nonsense, and she exudes confidence. She will not branch out into "intuitive advising" if not given enough information the way weaker psychics do, but rather sticks to facts, and that is a very positive point. You really get the sense that there is no doubt whatsoever about what she tells you, and that puts you at ease. She is also very focused and the details she gives you can be very precise. Worth every penny.
After struggling with the death of my father, I went to Bee for a reading. It was incredible, I'm not sure I can communicate it sufficiently! Sure, you can find a lot of information through research, but she told me things using his turn of phrase. Childhood details from both my husband and myself. Real time happenings. Her talent on display but also her sweet nature. I felt comfortable, taken care of, and loved. Her reading brought me and my siblings tremendous peace. Forever grateful to her!!!
Bee was so easy to talk to and connect with. She gave me much needed insight into a challenging situation and brought immense relief. I found her to be so kind, authentic, straight forward, and very helpful.
I have loved my time with Bee. She has provided valuable discernments during a very difficult time for my family. She offers both spiritual and practical advice that connects in a concrete way. Not only does she give relevant information to my most immediate concerns, she oftentimes offers insights that I don’t yet realize their importance. She is so giving of her time, talents and energies. Bee is a real and beautiful soul with exceptional gifts; and she offers them all so generously.
I would like to start by stating, in contacting Bee I went into our reading with an open heart & a hesitant mind. During our session I was quickly comforted with her kindness, put at ease her natural skill set of interpersonal communication and was absolutely astounded when presented with a profound amount of evidence that was nothing short of remarkable. She was incredibly genuine and so gifted. I never had to be forthcoming or confirm any info because she was spot on with everything- AMAZING!
I had my first reading with Bee today. She was amazing. She devoted her time and more to guide me and giving me a vision on something that I can work on; she did it with compassion and heart felt care and involvement to see me succeed and move forward with confidence and positively. She also answered questions and picked up on my thoughts before I expressed them to her. She is that bridge you are looking for to cross that void when you feel lost, in pain or in need of answers. Thank you!
Bee is so incredible, she picked up on things about my life that not only had I not shared with her, but that I keep private from most people. She was right on point about the areas of my life that need work, the areas of my life that are doing well, and was incredibly insightful and encouraging on both. Very clewr on her messages.I can't recommend her enough, she is a beautiful & kind soul that finds joy in helping others. Please trust your intuition, do yourself a favor - give her a call!
Bee has exceeded my expectations... Definitely would recommend! She delivers the message in a personal and sincere way. Thank you Bee! I wish you well...
I loved my reading with Bee. She was so nice and listened to all my concerns and answered my questions. Bee validated things I knew to be true, but maybe I didn't want to accept because it is difficult to move forward sometimes. So Bee has given me the courage to go forward to live my life's purpose. Thank you, Bee!
Bee is amazing and accurate. She left me with a plan forward.
Bee is a Blessing! Her name ---Herz----is her truly her----Heart! My reading was so helpful and heartful. What a beautiful Being....who is meant to help human beings. In this time of planetary change and kind to yourself and give yourself spiritual guidance with Bee's grace. Blessings, Bruce
My fiancé passed away recently and I was lost. I had a reading with Bee whose accuracy proved so accurate as to enable me to find some peace. I am going to have another reading knowing the messages I am given will allow me to move forward. I am so grateful to her.
Bee is truly a gifted soul. Even though she is going through some rest time for herself she still managed to give me her valuable advice and reading. I really wanted to meet her in person as well. We had a great and instant rapport. She told me very specific details about the situation I am going through. I will call her again to see what I should be expecting next. Thank you, Bee. I love you.
Bee was amazing. She quickly connected to me and my situation even when she was extremely tired from being sick. She gave solid advice and explained things in detail and with clarity. I look forward to her predictions.
Bee was amazing! She was spot on with details even mentioning the unusual name of my great grandmother. I have had multiple readings from her over the years and it is a great experience.
I have had several readings with Bee. She is one of the only people I let guide my energy in this life. I am an empath. I trust her. Thank you.
I called Bee when I found out I was pregnant unexpectedly. I asked her what the gender was, and if the baby was going to be healthy. Not only was she correct about the gender and that the baby would be healthy, but she Knew incredibly detailed health information about my other two boys. It was the first time I called a psychic, and I have called her again since for help. She knew exactly what I needed to hear. She is kind and Sensitive with her delivery of information. I highly recommend her!
Bee took the time to give me a lot of detail in my reading which cleared up a lot of concerns I had. I will be using Bee again and highly recommend her!!
I was evaluating my life landscape and got the sort of feedback I needed.
I had a reading with that lady; and she was the sweetest person ever. Not to mention that her accuracy was o point. She described my personality as soon as I said hello on the phone. My time was well worth it.
Bee is amazing. She answered before I even completed my sentence. She was easy to talk too and she was able to zone right into the problem and provided me with guidance. I would definitely recommend her. Thank you Bee!
Bee is accurate and her guidance is helpful!
This was a wonderful life altering and positive experience for me. Bee went right to it and as soon as I mentioned the subject she began to provide all of the answers for me almost before I could get the questions out. She told me several things about my life situation that she could not have possibly known like a child's death that occurred less than 6 weeks ago. She was very sure of herself and very focused. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a GOOD reading.
Never let down by Bee! She is great!
What a fantastic reading! Picked up on names that even I had forgotten about, not to mention other details. I look forward to working together again.
I always enjoy my conversations with Bee. She is incredibly intuitive about my present and future. And especially gifted as a life coach/psychic coach. She has also been very sharing going past our scheduled time to finish a topic of concern. I highly recommend Bee!!!
Bee was a true clairvoyant. It’s like she sidles beside the part of you that knows what’s best and what’s true and helps you name it, and see it for yourself . Talking with her made my day.lifted weight off my shoulders, and helped me see clearer a path to my fulfillment -thanks Bee!


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