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Aliya Eastep
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estes park


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$175 Telephone Per Person, NO Time Limit. Please visit website for reading details & fees

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Please email me


There is Light Beyond The Veil, your loved ones are there, & are eager to communicate with you. As a spiritual Medium, I can provide you with the opportunity to have "interactive" communication with your loved ones on The Other Side. Through my gift of Mediumship, I have been able to help many people cope with the grief of losing loved ones by sharing their beloved's messages & affirmations with them. These have literally changed their lives in multiple, positive ways.

Please visit the Testimonials page on my website, for a comprehensive list of client's personal experiences, which is not limited by characters.

Additional Information: 

Hearing that your loved ones are not only happy and well, but are also still with you, sharing both your joys & sorrows, knowing they are near & still love you, provides you with the peace that allows you to live your life. Often times, we have unfinished business with our loved ones, things we wonder about, or were never able to hear or say before their passing, & being able to have closure in these areas allows us to gain peace of mind, & focus on the loving aspects of our relationship with them.

In addition to contacting your loved ones on The Other Side, Aliya is also able to communicate with your Spirit Guides to help you better understand your spiritual journey here on earth. Your Guides and Angels want only the best for you, desiring for you to fulfill your destiny, they are very cooperative in offering instruction and direction to assist you in leading your most productive, useful and happy life.

The people who come into contact with Aliya find her to be a soothing, relatable, down-to-earth energy, who manages to stay grounded in loving intent, while connecting with higher Divine Light, and operating from a high level of integrity. She maintains a personable way of being, that leads others to feel as though they have re-connected with a close friend. Her easy going demeanor is refreshing to many, who find themselves comfortable enough to open up and share, which truly enables them to receive the gift of healing energy conveyed through her.

Aliya offers readings by telephone for people all over the world and in person readings in Estes Park, Colorado. Please visit her website to learn more about her, the reading process, view her testimonials, and more.

Aliya lives with her family in the beautiful, sacred mountains of Estes Park Colorado. She enjoys the outdoors, nature, animals, cooking, music, laughing, ethnic dining, photography, watercolor painting, alternative healing, antiques, gardening, writing poetry, reading, art.

Aliya facilitates seminars, and intensive healing retreats for grief, and also appears as a guest speaker.

"Each of my clients, their loved ones, and their stories, will always hold a special place in my heart."
Blessings~ Aliya

Listed since: Sep 18, 2008


My father had passed away in a very tragic accident 4 years ago. And of course my family had a hard time exceptig this fact. When my mother and I met Aliya, she greeted us and I immediatley felt at ease. She is such a warm and sincire person! There was information she shared with us that no one could have looked up or researched. Aliya has helped us in more ways than she knows. I know I will be going back very soon! Thanks have a special gift!
My husband was recently killed in Iraq, & it's been very difficult coping & even accepting the fact that he is no longer with us. I must say we were really nervous & somewhat skeptical before our reading started. Before the reading she calmed our nerves by explaining the process. Once the reading started, any doubt we had went out the window, as soon as she started relaying the messages she was receiving from David. I don't know how to verbally express our gratitude, but thank you, thank you!
Aliya's so patient, kind, gentle, caring, down to earth & has a very special gift. My debilitating grief has lifted for the first time in over 2 years; I feel joy again. Aliya has helped me in a way that no doctor, or counselor ever could. She's every bit as good (I think she's better) than the other famous mediums we know of & is so much more affordable & spends more time with you. Aliya, you gave me my life back, there are no words to describe how wonderful you are. You are LOVE & LIGHT!
I have to say, I am so happy with my reading. I lost my husband 5 months ago, to a drowning, and was depressed. When I found your website, I knew you would be the one that could connect me to him. What an outstanding job you did. So many questions were answered, I am so much more at peace now. Aliya, you are such a caring person, and I felt when I talked to you, that I had known you all my life.
I can't ever express with words, money or possessions what Aliya has given me, she truly gave me my life back and gave me myself back, free of pain, free of guilt. I walked away from the reading with Aliya a completely different person, I am more spiritual and I have found inner peace. I walked into my reading with Aliya with my heart broken and empty and walked out with my heart mended and full and I will forever be grateful to Aliya, she saved my life.
When Aliya told me I called him "papi", (father in Spanish) I new this was the real thing. I felt like I had known her for years. She told me so many things only my immediate family knew. I got goose bumps when my mom and aunt verified several things I was unsure about. THANK YOU Aliya, I was so lost & confused, you really set me at ease, I feel like I can finally breath. I now know that I was daddy's little girl & he is very proud of me. Words really can't describe how I felt afterward.
Thank you again for the reading today. It is hard to explain in words how it feels to receive such a clear and comprehensible understanding from the other side. I feel better understood, more focused in my journey and more grounded in my life on earth. You have learned how to use your gifts to the fullest and I will highly recommend you to anyone seeking spiritual services. Thanks Again
my reading with Aliya was the most amazing experience.I've waited years to speak to my gra ndmother & mother-in-law one last time,Aliya made this possible. She's an Extremely Accurate,Compassionate,Gentle,Soothing,& Caring Lady,with a great sense of humor.I felt like i was having a conversation with a close friend. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Aliya.I feel happier than i've felt in a long time & more at peace with myself.I'm referring my friends & family to Aliya.
I'd been searching for answers trying to come to terms with the death of my step-daughter's mother. Aliya, helped us find peace of mind, leaving us comforted with warmth in our hearts. Before speaking with Aliya, I was a little skeptical, after hearing personal message's through her, (things there was no way she could of known otherwise), I no longer doubted. I was very comfortable getting my first reading. I'll definitely be calling Aliya again. Until then, with fond thoughts, & many thanks.
A reading with Aliya is like a warm embracing hug. It means more because you feel a real shared friendship. You know she truly cares about you, so the messages aren't delivered in a dispassionate "here are the facts" way; they go straight to the heart. Aliya told me things that were absolutely from a deceased loved one, specific to that person. I was left feeling warmth & love that I hadn't anticipated; & a renewed closeness to the "other side". I would definitely recommend a reading with Aliya.
It was a pleasure to experience a reading with Aliya. I must say it was surprisingly accurate, comforting & a little bittersweet. The first spirit to come through was my Dad who passed within the last two weeks. It's wonderful to know that he has the strength again & the "voice" to express his love & commitment to his family here, especially to my Mom. I'm comforted to know that he's watching over us & has settled in with other loved ones. Thank You for offering me real peace of mind. Kare
Aliya is an interesting woman, her medium reading was very accurate and amazing, she's fun to talk to, and makes you feel comfortable. She's sensitive about your needs, compassionate, and very informative about the process. It has brought such comfort to me to know that my loved ones are still near. She also helped me to be more aware of my own ability to feel them around me on a regular basis. It's an honor to know her.

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