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Nicolina Belaire

Over 30 years of divination experience available In Person, Online, and Toll Free by Telephone - by Nicolina Belaire. Professional Certifications: ~ Intuitive & Spiritual Development ~ Mediumship Development ~ Platform Mediumship and Advanced Techniques ~ Spiritual Mentorship ~ Spritual Practitioner Master Class & Practicum ~ Clinical Hypnosis (University of Toronto) ~ Past Life Regression ~ Interlife (Life Between Lives)...
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Terry Diane Andersen

I provide accurate detailed Medical & Spiritual Mediumship & Controlled Remote Viewing sessions via Zoom 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Pacific Time Zone. Receive detailed notes of your Reading, plus a comprehensive "GIFT" of Additional Resources for long term insight, support & healing to help transform your life. A sudden violent attack by 2 armed robbers caused a near death out-of-body experience & life review. When I returned, it felt like I died &...
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Jennifer Cobb

Through meditation, years of practice and studying with some great mentors I have developed my Mediumship abilities and am honored to connect you with your departed loved ones and provide validation that they are still with you ~ in a new form. I now enjoy teaching what I have learned and experienced and share it with you in my developmental classes. You too can learn to connect with your loved ones! We ALL have the ability to connect with...
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Bunny Sutherland

Bunny Sutherland is a World-Renowned Gifted, Soul Healer, Spiritual Psychic Medium who has helped people from around the world. Bunny is known for her accuracy. Bunny provides Healing from Heaven; she helps her clients see what is hidden and reveal the deep messages within their soul. Bunny shares accurate spot-on predictions about relationships, jobs, health to help them create exactly what they want. Here is a special message from Bunny:...
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