Wilma Van Den Boomen

Wilma Van Den Boomen
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$40 15 min video reading or 3 card email reading, $60 30 min Tarot Reading by Phone or Skype/Zoom, $120 1 hour Tarot & Oracle Reading by Phone or Skype/Zoom

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Career? Romance? What would you choose?

Are you struggling with a relationship? Or maybe you are seeking one? Are you looking for a new career? Or is your life in transition? These are all times when we are stressed and seeking insight into what may come. I can help you in these times, by laying out a reading that will explore and offer insight into your situation and options. Tarot is a brilliant tool for reflection and a window into a probable future.

I am a professional Tarot Consultant who offers irreverent yet intuitive tarot readings with humour and compassion for the spiritual seeker in search of wisdom. I love the connection that is made with clients and the insight and help that I can provide through tarot, and how this offers support and insight into your life and decisions. I am also starkly honest and forthright and think humour is a brilliant coping mechanism. Consequently I offer tarot consultations with a large heaping dose of irreverent humour and deep compassion.

Connect with me and explore the mystery of the cards and the multitude of answers the tarot has in store for you in an enlightening and unique life coaching experience. Book today and I will respond to send you further questions to schedule a mutually convenient time for the tarot consultation. I can't wait to work with you. :)

** I DO NOT do third party readings, the readings are about you and how best you can move forward in your life. If you are interested in finding out what others are saying and doing, I am NOT the Tarot Reader for you, because that goes against my ethics of reading. Tarot Readings are opportunities for personal insight and growth, and my approach is about life coaching and how best you can move forward and heal in any challenging situation. If that is your intent then I am happy to work with you towards exploring those goals, otherwise, another Tarot Reader may be more suitable for your needs. Blessed Be! **


What Happens When You Have Booked Your Reading Online?

Once you have ordered your reading online you will receive a confirmation that outlines all of the information needed for your reading along with questions to be answered and returned.

All readings include:

*Specific Personalised Tarot Spreads geared for your situation and questions
*High-quality photograph of Tarot Spreads
*Oracle Reading for a final message from Spirit Guides
*Video Readings – You will receive photos of your Tarot and Oracle layouts and a link
to your private video for download.

-**Phone, Skype or in person -You will receive photos of your Tarot and Oracle layouts.

-**Email Readings – You will receive a PDF Report with your reading and photos. All readings are video recorded, unless email is otherwise specified, and you are not able to access video.

Additional Information: 

Freyja’s Daughter is a Tarot Boutique offering in-depth tarot consultations & exclusive tarot decks. Also selling independent self-published artist created tarot decks for the discerning tarot enthusiast and collector. Tarot for the handmade market.

I am a tarot creator and artist who is selling two of my own created tarot decks on my website along with my primary services as a Tarot Consultant. I use my deck, and other artisan tarot decks in all my readings.

Decks can also be purchased on Etsy at:

**Additional Reviews from Clients can be found at :

Listed since: Sep 9, 2018

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