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Trisha Condo

Trisha Condo
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$150 for 30 minutes

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I am a Psychic Medium, Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, and Shaman. I read your past lives, soul purpose, lessons, blocks, animal and spirit guides with the help of my spirit guide, Grey Wolf. I help you move pass your own ego and get in the flow of your true authentic life.

I get specific and detailed information about your business, love life, spiritual gifts and path, and career. I do not give timelines.

I was born with this gift of clairaudience, clairvoyant, am very empathic, and can feel your aura within a few seconds of meeting you. I met my spirit guide when I was 5 years old and can hear him in my left ear. I often leave my body to channel information. I often read people all over the world and help them find their heart's desire via telephone.

*note: if you are a soulful, sensitive, intuitive and creative person then, you're my ideal client. If you're looking for timelines, I'm not your psychic.*

Listed since: Nov 19, 2013


Working with Trisha is like working with a dear friend. Creating a warm and friendly atmosphere, Trisha guides her clients to a path of clarity. After my reading with Trisha I began to notice that I was more confident and secure as I forged ahead on my life's path. I continually have A-HA moments as her predictions come true. Her sight and intuitve abilities are unmatched. Trisha is truly an amazing psychic and I highly recommend her!
Amazing! I have had readings before but Trisha is honest, gets right to the point and doesn't tell you what you want to hear, she tells you like "she sees it"! I have literally felt her vibrations through the phone. It is like she is sitting right next to you; talking to you! I cannot explain the insight, inspiration and confidence she has given me. Every one whats to know their downfalls and highlights in their future. Call her!

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