Terry Diane Andersen

Terry Diane Andersen
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I provide accurate detailed Medical & Spiritual Mediumship & Controlled Remote Viewing sessions via Zoom 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Pacific Time Zone. Receive detailed notes of your Reading, plus a comprehensive "GIFT" of Additional Resources for long term insight, support & healing to help transform your life.

A sudden violent attack by 2 armed robbers caused a near death out-of-body experience & life review. When I returned, it felt like I died & someone else took over in a different body & life I didn't recognize. I discovered remarkable new abilities to accurately see into people's lives, bodies, sense medical issues, injuries, pregnancies, events in any area of life or business, connect to departed souls to share their messages & more.

I obtained years of advanced professional training in Controlled Remote Viewing, Medical & Spiritual Mediumship, multiple disciplines, healing from grief & PTSD, life & business coaching & empowerment applications which I use to help others around the world. I continue ongoing education through Arthur Findlay College tutors & Quantum University Neuroscience program.

I've saved many people's lives by sensing early stage cancer, strokes, heart attacks, car accidents & other issues often before the person knows about it. Many people tell me "I saved their lives" by sensing serious issues for them &/or their loved ones ahead of time.

When I show Doctors what I can do, they call me a "healer". I watch people heal from unresolved grief during Spiritual Mediumship Readings when I connect to departed souls who share after-death communications, with details about their personality, how they passed & personal messages for loved ones. I connect to departed souls who died by suicide, murder, accidents & illness & share their messages.

I invite you to see "Testimonials" page to understand my accuracy at: www.terryandersen.com then book a Reading for yourself, or purchase as a gift for someone you care about.

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Listed since: Jul 6, 2017

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