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Tamara Hawk
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$250 hour

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From the September new moon and full moon through the Autumn Equinox, get ready to easily and gently release any energies that are no longer serving your highest and BEST GOOD. Feel MORE grounded, centered and clearer!

This life changing 21-day group, distance energy work is guided by gifted Intuitive | Energy worker | Healer | Psychic Medium, Tamara Hawk, this Energy Clearing Session will gently remove energetic cords that are no longer serving you, clearing your chakras, and leaving you with healing light energy & positive downloads.

Step forward into your life and this new season with the expansive gifts of emotional, physical and spiritual clearing and healing energy work.

STARTS: September 6, 2021
ENDS: September 26, 2021
COST: $111.11 USD

REGISTRATION, full details and past reviews of past healing, chakra balancing, Energy Clearing Sessions see here>> http://www.tamarahawk.com/21-day-energy-clearing-and-healing-offering/

This worldwide-remote access, Energy Work Session will clear out what is no longer serving your highest and greatest good~ releasing energies you simply no longer need and helping you to TRANSFORM your life!


Psychic Coach, Energy Worker, Healer and Lightworker. Psychic Medium from birth, I am also trained in various modalities which are integrated into my energy work, including: chakra clearing, Matrix energetics, Millennium Method, Reiki, TAP/EFT, angel cards and more.

Offering psychic and medium readings worldwide via phone, email and in person.
See my website for Psychic Coaching, one-on-one and group Energy Healing sessions, blog posts, Energy Alerts, workshops and many articles I have written to help you on your path.

I offer empowering perspectives to lovingly foster positive shifts in your life. I am able to assist you to make your own informed decisions about your life path in this moment. I can help you to understand the past, deal with the present and tell you about future influences that are prevailing upon your life.

Always with Love!
Tamara Hawk

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Other psychic and energy work services offered:

+ Distance Energy Clearing and Healing Offerings~ Next session: SEPTEMBER 6, 2021 (Online Registration is OPEN)

+ Psych Readings~ Telephone (available in most countries, worldwide) or In-person

+ Ongoing Psychic Support packages

+ Psychic Life Coaching & Mentoring

+ Individual Energy Healing

+ Meditation & Self-Help Books

Email tamara@tamarahawk.com for bookings. For more information see website www.tamarahawk.com

Listed since: May 27, 2010


I've had a number of readings over the years with Tamara, but most recently she really helped me to process some shadow work I have been doing to remove some big blocks I have had in my relationships, self worth and in my value as it relates to finances. Tamara has no pretense but is a wealth of knowledge and she has a way of speaking to you in a way that helps you unlock your full potential. I am so glad I found her.
Tamara was bang on with all aspects of my life. I laughed, I cried, but most of all, I left with a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I wanted to stay longer to continue to feel the connection with those who have passed on. I would definitely recommend Tamara and can’t wait to see her again :)
Your September 2016 21-Day Energy Clearing & Healing Offering was a truly revelationary, clearing and healing experience for me! The Universe definitely answered my call with this one! Your was format was so easy and so accessible; all that was required of me was to remain open to the process and receive the benefits of the energy work you channeled during this session. Deep thanks for offering this, I continue to reap the benefits from this session on my soul journey.
Hello Tamara, You did a reading for me a few weeks ago and I just wanted to thank you for encouraging me to move past the hurst and to forgive myself for the choices I made in my last relationship. The books you have recommended are helping me in rediscovering myself. One book as quickly led to another and another. I wish you all the best and will be probably be in contact before the New Year comes. TJ from Ajax
Tamara: Wonderful reading you have given me peace to continue on as my spirits that came through want me to. You were so dead on (ecuse the punn), and I am glad that I came to visit you. LOVE Jennie
I am glad I re-listened to the CD that was recorded when you were doing the reading for me a few years ago. There are things that I didn't think I would be doing in my life but now I am starting to do it and enjoy doing it. Thanks for pointing that out.
Tamara was so kind and gentle with her reading with me. She was spot on about so much, and even took extra time talking with me. I would enjoy seeing her again.

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