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Over 30 Yrs experience, tested and certified, International Intuitive Psychic, Angel Reader, Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, Empath & Reiki Master. Messages provided through SPIRIT GUIDE/ANGELIC MESSENGER contact. All messages come from a place of love and honesty, never fear or judgment based on sexuality or race. Sheri assists you with your life path, soul purpose, relationships, career, finances, manifesting your dreams, abundance and working out life's kinks.

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As a TESTED and CERTIFIED International Intuitive Psychic, Angel Reader, Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor, Sheri provides messages and information through contact with your spirit guides and angelic messengers as well as her own. All messages received from your guides come from a place of love, honesty and never fear. This allows Sheri to give you the information you seek on love, money, life and soul purpose, manifesting your dreams, career, family relationships, spiritual guidance, healing your past and living your best future or just working out life's daily kinks.

Spiritual counseling is also healing. As an Empath, Sheri can tune into your energy to provide guidance and as a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Sheri has the insight to assist you with healing in all areas of your life.

There is never judgment based on lifestyle, your past or present situation or sexuality.

Sheri also works with her totems - the Bald Eagle, the Red Tail Hawk and the Great Gray Owl. She can help you to discover your totems or what they represent in your life. By working with her totems and once she trusted in her guides and agreed to follow her path she was presented with her spirit name. As the eagle soars, so does she. This has also led to a book Sheri is in the process of writing which is based on her life's journey.

During the process of connecting with nature and her totems, Sheri has created a 44 affirmation card deck called Just For Today. It has photographs that Sheri has taken of nature over the course of a few years and an affirmation and process to use each card that is pulled daily. This deck can be found on her website, under the Products category.

Sheri is also on a Shaman's journey at this time which allows her to connect with the ancient guides. She has studied under Mandaza Kandemwa, a traditional healer (Shaman) from Zimbabwe Africa.

Sheri has been featured and interviewed on Michael Pierich's (The Healed Spirit) webinar and on Keith Anthony Blanchard's radio show The Searcher's Roadmap.

Experience includes:

Relationships - love, family, friends, LGBTQ2
Angel Readings
Intuitive Readings
Oracle Readings
Life Coach
Spiritual Counseling
Dream Interpretation
Spirit Guide Readings
Religion Answers

Listed since: Jul 30, 2013


I really enjoyed the reading Sheri! Thank you so much!
Thank you so much Sheri, this all makes a lot of sense :) I do sense amazing things are coming this year as I am overdue for that. Have an amazing weekend :)
Sheri is spot on with her written channeling. She can access so many realms of Angles, and she genuinely cares. She is loving, kind, and honest. She also is very good at helping to bring lost souls to the light. We did so together with Archangel Zadkiel, over the phone. Her heart is true, her prices are great, her classes are amazing,
Sheri. Thank you for an awesome reading. I feel like I'm already starting to heal and needed that closure to confirm what was my gut feeling. Thank you.
Thank you so much for your reading. I was very happy having a message from Gaia. We were talking the other day having an offering to the mother earth. In our culture we call her “Mae Tho Ra Nee” meaning Mother Nature. So glad she came through! .Archangel Michael..Yes I asked him to protect me & my family and give me courage on my new journey to come so happy he heard me! Thank you to the other Angels I feel blessed having lots of them around me and messages were what I needed to hear.
Very kind and accurate with the psychic and advisory work. ALL IN ONE! Helped understand the situation, and gave me tools to move forward. Definitely will call again. Thank You.
I contacted Sheri when I was trying to make some life decisions that were dragging me down. Her compassion and truth was what I needed at that time to figure out my next steps on my path. She gave me clear direction and choices and now I am moving forward. Thank you.
Sheri, Thank you sooooo much!! I always love getting a reading from you. I keep them all year long and look back on it every time I need encouragement or direction. You are blessed with a gift! Thank you again for your positivity, transparency and wisdom. Blessings to you!
Every year I get a yearly "checkup" angelic reading from Sheri. It helps me see life in a new and fresh perspective. To be honest, it snaps me back to reality. We get so caught up in our own day to day sometimes we forget what are soul purpose is. Sheri provides insight, messages, and wisdom, though various tools and skills that are unique only to her. Every single reading has been different from the last. Sheri gives transparent, positive, sometimes humorous messages which has me coming back!
Your reading is very accurate, Sheri! I told my husband the exact things that you sent me in your reading. Only it's different to hear the same from someone who doesn't know you. I share with you the joy of being of a great help to me and our family, for which we thank you! And it's also good for my self esteem to have pinpointed what you also did. It means that I still can have some discernment and clarity. You have helped in unsuspected ways. Thank you.
Thank you for your help and guidance. I learned so much from our session.
Thank you Sheri for all you have done for me. I will make my decisions and you answered the questions I needed to know. I will call you again and I will do as you advised.
Sheri, thank you so much for taking the time and channel this for me. It does confirm so much as to what I am in doing and what I keep getting told is coming my way. Much love and gratefulness
Sheri was a wonderful person to connect with through this site. She is calm, kind and has a great sense of humor. Sheri is very talented with the information she gave me. She gave a life lesson, not only in her reading, but during the course of our session. Patience, love of self, and boundaries were the key words. Sometimes it takes someone as gifted as Sheri is to teach those words and qualities. Thank you once again.
I have had many readings with Sheri and each time she enlightens me and lifts me up. I always feel better when we are finished and I also have more insight to those things that are holding me back. She is on point with many things that I have not told her about and yet she picked up on them. Highly recommend getting a reading from Sheri. She is excellent at communicating the messages from my guides. She has helped me through many issues in the past and I will call her again.
I believe & trust in your message and encourage others to do the same based on my previous experience. This one has been the toughest. I belief I am getting close to figuring out how to become happy, at peace, successful & being able to help others to get there too. Was really healing speaking to you & wish you the best. God bless. You are amazing!
I have now had two angelic and guide readings from Sheri and the second reading was just as amazing as the first! Sheri never ceases to surprise me with her humour and positivity. I couldn't have asked for a better reading! It was a quick response time, and she answered my question after my reading very promptly. Blessings and Love to all!
I was dealing with a relationship issue that I needed clarification on. Sheri correctly identified the current state of the relationship even though I only gave her a general picture. She was able to give me invaluable insight into the situation. In hindsight, my gut feel about the way forward was confirmed by what Sheri saw in the reading. I believe she saw the situation correctly, and her comments and observations will help me to make the correct choice in this situation. Thank you Sheri!
First of all I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Sheri for the reading I had received a while back .. My Son had passed a yr ago and Sheri was able to connect with him and send me messages. I often would go back to my email and read it for comfort on my bad days or to gather some of the information she had sent me . Everything she sent me seemed spot on I find her very inspirational & refreshing. so again I just would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for helping me heal
I had my first reading with Sheri and was totally surprised on how accurate she was. She was able to give me insight that I didn't have and provide some excellent recommendations on how to move forward which I am following. As I have a a lot going on in my life, I am happy to have found such a caring and gifted psychic that can help me on my life journey. I believe I will get to where I want to be in my life with Sheri's spiritual counseling and guidance. Sheri leaves you feeling empowered.
Sheri and I first spoke when I was having trouble and doubts with an employee/friend. She gave me advice from Angel's which I did not heed. The results were emotionally devastating to me, and after much soul journeying and trials, I found my way back to Sheri to thank her and apologize. Her loving forgiving, kind nature radiated through the phone. She put my feet on the correct spiritual path. She gave me more Angelic messages. She supported, healed, and counseled me. I love her. Thank you Sheri
I had a reading with Sheri when I was at a big crossroad in my life. Through her gentle yet inspirational guidance and information, I was able to really see things clearly.
Sheri was spot on with how she told me a bank meeting would go. As i was sitting in the meeting they said exactly what she said they would.
I am blown away with the reading I had yesterday with Sheri. The first sentence she wrote me was absolutely spot on. A burden has been lifted and I feel as light as a feather. I highly recommend chatting with her. She not only provided a straight direct answer but guidance on how to move forward. Please give her the chance and be surprised!
I absolutely love receiving a reading by Sheri because she won't hold back on what really needs to be said whether it's her own advice or a message from your angels. She truly cares about the growth of others and encourages people to look within themselves and figure out what makes them truly happy and not to be afraid to chase after your dreams. She is very professional, caring, and patient. I recommend to anyone seeking guidance to speaking with her. Her gift is amazing.
I had an email reading with Sheri. After a couple of months I am starting to see the things she talked about. I had one question in my mind, which she did not know. The first sentence of my reading answered the question. Many other things in the reading have happened and I am amazed by her accuracy. Thank you Sheri for your kind words and wisdom.
This was my second reading with Sherri and I feel so confident seeking her advice. She has such a beautiful maternal quality to her readings. When I read her words I know everything is going to be OK. I believe in her tremendously. She's given me wonderful advice and insight into my relationship and her thoughtfulness has given me the strength in knowing I deserve a great life and she's helping me manifest that. I highly recommend her if you want your reading to come from a place of love.
I had a long distant Reiki session and a reading with Sheri. Sheri is highly professional and skilled at what she does. Her life experiences gave her a gift of beyond empathy. She is compassionate and loving. I got more than my answers, I got directions, a road map to where I want to go next in life. Thank you Sheri.
I met sherry about a year ago and if it was not for her I would have not gotten through this past year but with her insight and her ability to totally lead me in the right direction it has brought me to a place where I never ever thought I would get to!So if you want the real deal and someone you can trust and someone that is very good at her job contact Sherry!
I asked Sheri a question. She answered it in such a succinct manner and yet with passion and compassion. I was more than pleased and will continue to utilize and recommend her services without reservation.


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