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Shana Lee Gibson

Shana Lee Gibson
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Nearest City: 

Vancouver, BC


Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$175- $1500

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Shana Lee Gibson is an evidential Spiritual Medium, Mentor and Author of Empowering The Teenage Soul 33 Oracle Cards & Guidebook. Her work has brought peace and healing to clients around the world. Shana is known for her natural humour, compassion and accuracy.
*As of October 1st, 2017 Shana Lee is no longer offering 1-1 Readings. She now offers intimate group readings for six people online and at her studio in Crescent Beach, South Surrey BC.

Additional Information: 

Shana Lee's public work began in 2000 and since then she's had the pleasure of reading for clients in person, by phone, on Radio and through Psychic Investigator, Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Online Directory.

As a child, Shana was naturally clairvoyant and mediumistic but it wasn’t until the age of 15 when she predicted and witnessed her mothers car accident that she recognized the need to understand her spiritual abilities. Her studies began with ‘A Course in Miracles’ and Paramahansa Yogananda’s ‘SRF lessons’ where she learned about the science of meditation, discipline and soul perception (clairvoyance.) In 2008 as serendipity would have it, she began training at The World’s Foremost College of Psychic Sciences, ‘Arthur Findlay College,’ Stansted England. Shana's spiritual portfolio is diverse and includes producing inspirational mentoring programs for teens, teaching meditation, demonstrations of mediumship, documentary film, radio, writing (she authored the popular Teen Oracle Card Deck, Empowering The Teenage Soul 33 Oracle Cards & Guidebook) and public speaking. *As of October 2017 Shana no longer offers 1-1 Readings, instead she offers Intimate Group Sessions online and in-person.

Listed since: Dec 17, 2011


I recently saw Shana Lee and she was my first experience with a medium. I was somewhat skeptical but very open minded. I had called to three loved ones that have passed asking them to attend, and within the first few minutes of the reading, she gave me evidence of all three of them. During the reading she gave me a number of very specific details that there was no way she could have known ahead of time, such as wearing my mother's ring recently, which I did for my graduation. High recommended!
ShanaLee was very helpful, she was amazing and I was amazed at the correct information she gave me about my family. She was right on right down to the color of my missing sister's car! I would go back to see Shana Lee in a hearbeat she was worth every penny. A very gifted lady and so sweet.
Shana shocked me with her accuracy throughout my mediumship reading. There is NO way she could have known the tiny details of my life beforehand. She spoke with my mom who passed away a year and a half ago, and I have no doubt that the messages received were from mom. Here is an example of what Shana picked up on - Shana was surprised that my mom had nine dogs with her in spirit! That wouldn't have made sense to anyone except my family who love our animals so, and have lost 9 dogs. Amazing.
I met Shana two years ago for a reading & had no idea what I was expecting. I have to say that Shana has changed my life. I am so greatful for the most inspiring reading that touched my soul but gave me an intuitive life coach reading that lead me to be the person I dreamed about being. I have been taking Shana's psychic, spiritual classes and have gained lots of value from it. Shana is definately my mentor and now my friend. I am now an intuitive life coach thanks to Shana!
I had my first reading with Shana and was so impressed with the information she gave me on my parents and my brother who have all passed. Shana walked in the door to a group reading and within ten minutes she was giving me detailed information about my Father who had passed a month ago. Shan has given me so much happiness that words cant express the gratitude i have for her and i tell anybody who will listen to my story to contact her for a reading and i cant wait for my next reading
Just had my first reading with Shana and am very impressed. I have had numerous readings done over the past 25 years and this ranks as one of the best. Even though Shana has never done a psychic reading (via Skype) she was able to immediately pick up on the most pressing issues in my life and counsel me on how to deal with them. My next reading will be for an hour, as half an hour doesn't seem enough.
It is difficult to put into words how detailed and accurate my reading was with Shana Lee. What I can say is how wonderfully at ease and comfortable I felt the entire time. Shana Lee was very specific and spoke directly with names, events, places about my past and current relationships, with both living and passed loved ones. While this process is an emotional one for me, Shana used humour, compassion & empathy throughout my spiritual reading. I'm looking forward to an ongoing reading with her.
I had the most amazing reading with Shana. She left no stone unturned and was spot on with all of the detailed information she gave me. I did not give her hardly any information and she know what was going on and what to do about it. My dad also came through and she was right on with him also. It was really uplifting and I will call her again and again. THanks!!!

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