Sandra Daniels

Sandra Daniels
Sandra Daniels


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Burlington, Ontario


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Energy sessions for $109 each or by the package (3 for $299, 5 for $449), done in person, via Zoom, Skype, phone or email. Email spirit guide readings for $49 (2 questions) or $99 (4 questions).

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A NEW YOU is waiting to emerge! Eliminate fears, self-doubt, other limitations and old patterning. PAST LIFE EXPERIENCES are affecting how you think and react -- now -- in this life. Sadness, anger, reactions, phobias, breathing and learning issues, and odd behaviours are just a few of the issues that may be related to old energies. Sandra's passion is using energy healing to remove these and help you feel free and empowered.

Sandra Daniels, Energy Healer, is located in Burlington, Ontario. Offering sessions in person, by Zoom/Skype or phone. For more see website.

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Available weekdays and some Saturdays.

Listed since: May 26, 2012


Brianna my daughter had an apt with Sandra for her chronic neck issue which nobody had been able to help. She is now pain free and enjoying life so I am forever grateful to you. She has been skiing and working out and no complaints so in my eyes you are the only practitioner that has been able to help her. I have forwarded your name to a friend and will do so with anyone who is open minded to try this type of healing, I will be sending them your way. It's great not to have to worry about her
Sandra is a trustworthy, dedicated and generous healer. Her work is very deep and profound that has brought amazing shift and improvement in a very short time. One aspect of my life was completely transformed after a week or so I have been working with Sandra. The same transformation occurred with all the members of my family. I have been on the journey for a long time, Sandra is amazing!"
Sandra offered me her help in a time, where I was struggeling heavily with depression, anxiety and indecisiveness. In channeling her and my guides she was able to give me instructions on how to cut cords and guard myself. Furthermore, she channeld an advice from my guides concerning the questions I had and it really did help me a lot. I absolutly recomend Sandra! She's warm hearted, loving and caring.
I worked with Sandra to clear my Heart Wall and release energetic/emotional blocks. Sandra's intuitive reading and messages from the Guides were always spot on and assisted me a great deal in releasing inherited and absorbed blocked energies. This process has helped me tremendously in my emotional healing work. Sandra has helped me greatly with all this restorative healing work. She works wonders and energy healers like herself are a gift to this world!
Sandra helped me shield against psychic attacks and clear some very old and deep statements that were holding me back. She listed statements that I could very much relate to. Since then, I began notice very subtle changes. Situations that previously felt heavy, don't feel so heavy now and I feel very grounded and calm when they happen. I am very thankful for Sandra's help and blessed to have met her on my healing journey.
Sandra is in touch with Source and connects to spirit guides. Thru fertility struggles, she relayed a message on exactly what I needed to do to get pregnant. It was a very unique protocol involving kiwi fruit and particular amino acids neither of us had heard of before. I put it off for a few months. Eventually I decided let’s just try it. I got pregnant that month! I believe it was my guides seeing if I truly believe. The fact Sandra relayed these messages is astounding to me. Thank you!
I am fortunate to have met Sandra. Her work releasing all negative and trapped emotions, which I did not realize I was carrying, literally lifted years of physical pain and discomfort. I physically and mentally feel lighter, freer, and more able to take on life’s usual challenges without feeling overwhelmed. She is kind-hearted, warm, and caring. Her gifts are utterly amazing and life-changing. I highly recommend those needing to heal work with her. Ever grateful to you, Sandra!
I suffered from mental and physical issues for almost two years. After exhausting all avenues in the medical world, I finally got the help I needed from Sandra. I struggled myself for too long! I’m now feeling normal and healthy thanks to the Body Code sessions with this marvellous intuitive energy healer, and I have since recommended this wonderful lady to others!!
Working with Sandra has been a gift in my life. I wasn't sure what I am getting at first since it was quite vague. She built a protection around me from dark entities and removed hypnotic suggestions on my subconscious mind. I felt lighter, and more aligned, I went from feeling depressed to feeling good enough. Started going out again and reading books, then more opportunities started to show up in my life I am getting blessed financially, socially, and as a person.
Sandra did an energy shield for me and I've noticed much less psychic attacks or dark energy around me. I am so thankful
I’m so grateful for Sandra’s gifts in this lifetime and to have connected for healing. She was incredibly kind and was able to gift me the luxury of no more horrible nightmares, they were getting so heavy and Sandra cleared that for me. Thankyou :) not a nightmare since.
It is with great excitement that i write this review. Sandra connected with my guides and what came through was amazing. So on the money, i was astounded. Everything made sense and i would definitely call upon Sandra again. Awesome and very intuned to our guides. You will love her like i did. Carol
To whomever may be reading this; if there is any hesitation of whether or not contacting Sandra is a good choice, I would strongly encourage you to reach out to her. She is such a kind, warm, loving & special lady who is amazing at bringing forth nothing but the truth in questions you may have. She has helped me at an important time in my journey where I needed guidance the most. Her ability to energetically connect with my Guides was astounding! Thank you Sandra, this has changed my life!
i had problems with pschychic attacks in my sleep, for years now. couldn not get good sleeps and felt totally drained when i woke up. tried everything to help myself. but nothing worked. i told my story on the forum and she massaged me that she wanne try to help me, and if i want to gave her promision to help me. offcours i said yes. she put an energy shield around me to prevent psychic attacks. and from that moment i slept soooo good. no attacks so gratefull for her thank u
My 4 yr old daughter has been dealing with severe separation anxiety & health concerns do to many trapped emotions from our divorce & loses. Sandra has worked with her & has released these trapped emotions. My daughter is finally sleeping through the night, eating food I never imagined she would try & is back to her peaceful self. Sandra is very compassionate & intuitive. Her healing abilities have been life changing for us. I encourage everyone to work with Sandra. You will not regret it!
A very dear friend who has worked with Sandra for several years thought I could benefit from working with her as I am dealing with some serious health issues. Despite not having met in person I was truly amazed that she instinctively knew that I was dealing with some trapped emotional issues and negative energies that were definitely not helping with my healing process. She taught me how to help myself deal with these issues. I can't thank her enough. She is truly gifted.
This is incredible! Thank you so much for freeing me. I know it’s a starting point but I am now dedicated to learning and practicing this modality. You have demonstrated most graciously the system and I am at peace with you, with it, with everything. Bless you.
I met bi-weekly with Sandra over 3 months doing telephone sessions for Body Code. I initially reached out to her because my favourite cat had died 4 months before that and I was not coping. However during the sessions, I felt led to focus on my physical health issues. Sandra is very fast and efficient at discovering the issues and most impressed at her ability to intuitively hear my negative thoughts, which were spot on 100%. My last session was 1 month ago and I feel more grounded now.
Sandra is an earth angel. Her gentle disposition and her grace is beyond this world. Just being with her uplifts my spirit. I believe in her work and the Body/Emotion Code. We would all feel so much better should we treated those hidden underlying causes. Don't take my word for it - try at least one session for yourself.
I started to work with Sandra to do Body Code sessions and it was a fascinating process. I just loved working with Sandra, she is very compassionate and so motivated to help. Sandra always took the time to explain everything, she provided examples which helped me understand. Sandra also taught me things I was not aware of and I am one who loves to learn any information about the spiritual realm. If we were discussing a certain topic she would always recommend a book to read. She is an angel ❤️.
I received a trapped emotion treatment from Sandra and I have to say it was a amazing. Somehow I was in a bit of a rut and I lost direction, I was feeling over whelmed and a bit stressed. After the treatment I felt a shift, but the weeks to come after I felt more of a shift, things did not bother me as much, I was less in my head about situations. There was a feeling of calm and peacefulness. Thanks Sandra!
Sandra is an incredibly gifted intuitive and coach. At first she connected with my guides and helped me with some guidance. Then she taught me how to connect with them. She also did a healing on me by clearing a past life issue which then cleared up my fibromyalgia and I started sleeping deeply again. My experience with her has helped me to connect to my true self more and find more peace in myself and my life.
Sandra has excellent psychics’ abilities. She is the very kind-hearted person with a lot of patience. Her main aim is to help the person by clearing trapped emotions. She is the gifted person with wonderful healing abilities. She is also very knowledgeable, I saw hundreds of books in her library. While reading with her I have to feel that I know her for years, she has such a magnetic personality that you feel attached with devotion. I wish her all the best for this service to mankind she doing.
Sandra has been working with me for the past few years, helping me connect with my Guides. When my father passed away I don’t quite know how I would have coped without Sandra’s calm and reassuring words. More recently, I shared with her that I often suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. Sandra cleared these trapped emotions and I very rarely have panic attacks anymore. Sandra is very professional, kind and compassionate. I have no hesitation in recommending her; you will not be disappointed.
I have been interested in spirituality for many years and in the past have had a variety of teachers. None of my previous teachers have even come close to Sandra in terms of accuracy of information, the ease of training and ability to get fast results! Her understanding of what is required expressly for you and the simplicity at which she effectively instills confidence in you, with her, ‘you can do it attitude’ makes her approach to teaching the best I've ever experienced in 30 years.
I have been working with Sandra for awhile now both online and in person. She is such a loving person. Sandra is so easy to talk to and she always guides me with enthusiasm and excitement. She is always ready to explain what she receives from spirit to help me understand a situation I am struggling with. She makes learning easy. Thank you so much Sandra for all your help and guidance. I feel so blessed to have met you and I know you will be helping many more people throughout your lifetime.
I worked with Sandra exclusively over email. Her initial reading took me by surprise, primarily because of its detail and accuracy in pinpointing specific issues in my life, but also because I could sense a true connection with my Guides. After that, Sandra supported me through a difficult healing transformation, providing healing, additional messages from my Guides, and assistance with developing my own intuitive abilities. I really believe that Sandra has a gift that can help many people.
In my first reading with Sandra, she immediately touched on several of my personality traits without any prior knowledge of who I am. I could tell she was in touch with My Guides when They referred to me by a childhood nickname she could not possibly have known. I am very grateful for the messages from My Guides that have come to me through Sandra. She has helped me become open to, and recognize, signs from My Guides. I look forward to continuing on my journey with Sandra's help.

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