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Pamela Tanner

Pamela Tanner
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$50-$200 Depending on Services

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I am a Spiritual Medium who has been blessed with direct communication with the Spirit World since I was three, where I was born on the Ocean in Bermuda. I am humbled and honoured by my constant connectedness to Spirit. People share stories of Healing while connecting with me in person or by phone. It just confirms that we are never alone. Everything we do, say, think and feel, is heard and noticed. I request all my clients refrain from giving me any information. My readings must be pure messages from the Spirit World, so their accuracy and validity are undeniable. I also utilize my gifts to be an Intuitive Health and Wellness Consultant, specializing in the fields of Nutrition, Education, Prevention, Restorative Health and Energy Medicine. I realized a long time ago, that the painful loss of loved ones, creates a powerful grieving, which dramatically affects one's health and well being. Just simple Ancient Wisdom can assist in healing Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit. For that reason, my readings always end up delivering important information as a Medical Intuitive to assist my clients with disease prevention, lifestyle changes and optimizing wellness. I am dedicated to helping everyone connect with the Spirit World. Teaching others to pay attention, recognizing and responding to the energy that we all share. This will give everyone the opportunity to move forward in their own emotional healing process and discover their own unique purpose and innate, intuitive gifts. I am the founder of Wise Women's Workshops, a teaching, seminar, lecture format that features enlightened, devoted keynote speakers who are already living and serving their purpose. I am writing a book, which is a creative collaboration with Spirit. I welcome contributing stories of love, healing, connections and messages from the Spirit World. I am available for both private, group and corporate sessions either in person or by phone.

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Specialties: Spiritual Medium, Healer, Intuitive Health & Wellness Practitioner, Spiritual Advisor, Energy Healer, Photographer, Life & Grief Counselor, Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Lecturer, Motivational Speaker, Seminar & Workshop Facilitator, Prophetic Mystic, Spiritual Teacher, Nutritionist, Writer, Poet, Humble Messenger, Lover of Life, Peace Giver, Mother, Grandmother and still transitioning as a work in progress.

Listed since: Jun 23, 2012


Pamela is a truly gifted psychic! She speaks to her Peeps and the messages begin to flow. Hearing from my deceased loved one with such accuracy is amazing and has given me strength to focus on my journey. I highly recommend Pamela to anyone looking to connect with the departed, you will not be disappointed!! She is fascinating!
There are no words to express or describe how amazing Pamela is. I met her going in with an open mind and came out fighting for my mother's life. Pamela guided me, taught me, enriched me with knowledge and power for myself, the people around me and life. She talks to her peeps, she listens and provides information. If the information is either negative or positive, it's up to the individual to run with the information and help themselves. It's a true honour to know Pamela. Pamela's worth it !

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