Pam Del Franco

Pam Del Franco
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Burlington, Ontario


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My gift of connecting with Spirit was a definite struggle for me. But, like in any heroes journey, I navigated through the dark cave to return and help you in the most profound ways.

My readings have evolved with the help of my Divine Channeler, J'Paal. Sometimes you'll receive psychic message within your reading; sometimes the messenger is an entity you know and sometimes the words given to you are from an entity who has shown up to guide you in a specific way. Whatever is in store for you, the messages that I channel will enlighten your soul.

I am a past President of the Board of Directors and was a resident medium of Britten Memorial Church in Toronto; served as a visiting medium at Lilly Dale, New York and a speaker and workshop facilitator at the Toronto Learning Annex.

Book now and get the answers you are looking for (and more!). You too are on a heroes journey of your Soul.

In Love & Light, Pam

Additional Information: 

Back in the mid to late 1980's, I had 4 continuous year of nightmares; sometimes 3 per night. I began to study and sort out why this was happening. Today I am a Dream Expert. I can help you decipher your most confusing dreams, even if you only remember snippets and usually in less than an hour.

I also gained invaluable knowledge of Dr. Thurman Fleet’s Concept Therapy, an in-depth study of the laws of the universe. I studied for several years and to this day, this wondrous work lays the groundwork for my understanding of true Spirituality.

In the year 2000 I had several profound spiritual experiences while attending lessons in the Tao, including The Master from China who approached me directly as he first walked into the building and through a translator, told me that it was time to live out my responsibility of helping others. And so began my slow and arduous journey. Let me give guide you on your way - there's no need for struggle and there's certainly no need to take decades like I did.

Listed since: Aug 12, 2014


I recently took two 4 hour Development Circle sessions with Pam. I found them to be very helpful in understanding about Ego and Intuition. I am very interested in taking Mediumship sessions with Pam as my mentor. I feel very comfortable with her. She is very encouraging with her feedback and very acknowledgeable in her field.

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