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Maryne Hachey

Maryne Hachey
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Edmonton, Alberta


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Maryne Hachey is an Angel Therapist®, Psychic Medium, Author, Intuitive Healer, Mediator, Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Guide and International Radio Show Host.
Maryne Hachey communicates with your Angels and Guides to receive Divine guidance for all aspects of your life. She channels messages of love from God, the Angelic and Ascended Master realms, deceased loved ones and pets.
Changing patterns in our life can be difficult, and sometimes even debilitating. You may require some assistance in the process. Through my unique healing sessions, I believe all things are possible when we set our mind in the right path, as we align our intentions and actions to match our hearts desires, soon you will find nothing can stand in your way.
Through the guidance and Spiritual messages I receive, I relay the answers you have been waiting to hear. Our journey often forces us to make changes, regardless if we are ready. If you are experiencing gentle or subtle signs, or perhaps your relationships are ending and this requires you to make changes, know that you are fully supported at this time and not alone.
With my unique readings, and Healing Sessions, I walk you through a process to see past the mask of everyday life. I channel messages from your Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, deceased loved ones, and sometimes Pets, to direct me to areas of your life which are in need of healing.
I always welcome new Clients. Hope to hear from you soon.
Maryne Hachey

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Maryne can be found on Twitter, Faceook, Youtube, and iTunes, Please subscribe to her Newsletter, for inspiring and thought provoking wisdom, right to your inbox, or join her for Mediumship training, for beginners to advanced.

Listed since: Sep 10, 2012


At first I didnt know what to expect, Maryne explained everything to me and started relaying so much detail, I am honestly blown away. She confirmed so many details that was able to confirm to me that there are spirits/energies around me. I am so blessed that I went to my appointment because it confirmed so much for me and Maryne was able to validate. I would highly recommend her services.
I first experienced Maryne's gift when I met her at an advanced psychic medium course conducted by John Holland and Bob Olson in Kennebunkport, Maine. Maryne gave a "blind" reading. This is the most difficult type of reading; the medium faces the wall and can't gain any impression psychically from the sitter. Maryne's reading absolutely blew me away. She came through with names and incredible detail. She is one of the most gifted mediums I have ever seen and I give her the highest recommendation
Excellent reading Maryne was wonderful to work with

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