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Maryne Hachey


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Maryne Hachey is an Angel Therapist®, Psychic Medium, Author, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, Light Body Graduate, Spiritual Teacher, True Crime Documentary Investigations and International Radio Show Host. Maryne Hachey communicates with your Angels and Guides to receive Divine guidance for all aspects of your life. Maryne channels messages of love from God, the Angelic and Ascended Master realms, deceased loved ones and pets.

The emphasis of my work is Mediumship: making connections with those who have passed by communicating messages to promote healing, and closure for the living.. by receiving specific detailed information from the deceased, Angelic realms and guides that only makes sense to the sitter, for validation they are communicating with their loved ones no longer with us.

While there are a few different forms of Mediumship, I work as a Mental Medium, which means I communicate with spirits through the use of telepathy keeping the communication Authentic as Spirits impress my mind and body with thoughts or feelings like an instant download or a movie clip.

Intuitive healing is very similar to psychic readings as it is from the same source energy, your Guides and Angels provide an Intuitive reading of the physical body on a cellular level for the purpose of clearing energetic blockages to promote healing of the body, mind and spirit, to enhance quality of life.

Maryne Hachey

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Maryne can be found on Instagram,Twitter, Faceook,Linkedin, Youtube, and iTunes

Listed since: Sep 10, 2012


My life changed for the better when I met Maryne and had my reading. I felt like I had known her for a long time. I have been seeing her ever since for healing sessions. I am feeling more like myself everytime I go. I so look forward to my sessions. The energy is high when you walk in, and I find her to be the most gifted medium out there. I highly recommend her
I have had one in person reading and two distance sessions with Maryne. Each experience was as accurate as the next, wherein she doesn't ask anything of you, but is able to describe events and energies in your life at present and past. Her communication with spirits is insightful. I am able to ask questions and have the spirit in question answer. Down to the detail of the lighting fixtures in my fathers living room, her information is accurate and helpful for those looking to answer questions.
I have met with Maryne 3 times throughout February 2018 and I must say that each time I was more impressed with her. The first time I met with her, I had goosebumps the moment we sat down together. One of the first things she asked was whether I had a father or father in law recently pass, which I had, as she could feel his energy. I left that session feeling so calm and loved. Maryne is a truly gifted psychic medium and healer and has earned my respect for her genuineness and authenticity.
At first I didnt know what to expect, Maryne explained everything to me and started relaying so much detail, I am honestly blown away. She confirmed so many details that was able to confirm to me that there are spirits/energies around me. I am so blessed that I went to my appointment because it confirmed so much for me and Maryne was able to validate. I would highly recommend her services.
I first experienced Maryne's gift when I met her at an advanced psychic medium course conducted by John Holland and Bob Olson in Kennebunkport, Maine. Maryne gave a "blind" reading. This is the most difficult type of reading; the medium faces the wall and can't gain any impression psychically from the sitter. Maryne's reading absolutely blew me away. She came through with names and incredible detail. She is one of the most gifted mediums I have ever seen and I give her the highest recommendation
Excellent reading Maryne was wonderful to work with

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