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$25 for 5 mins, $45 for 10 mins, $60 for 15 mins, $75 for 20 mins, and $95 for 30 mins || Email readings from $20 || Lovers Reunite Energy Session from $175

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Specializing in LOVERS REUNITE energy work, Lucas can help to bring a relationship back to a healthy place, no matter how hopeless it seems. Plenty of reviews below detail miracle relationship fixes with help from Lucas. His sessions have helped save marriages, reunite ex-partners, and respark connections that have become dull.

Specializing in RELATIONSHIP READINGS of all types including LGBTQ.

Lucas is a non-judgmental and caring psychic reader who will get answers for you, guide you, and provide clarity in all fields of interest including love, finances, career, spiritual guidance, past life/lives, soul purpose, health, and MORE

Get answers as to what your partner is thinking and doing and how to make things better in your relationship!

As one of the fastest-typing psychics in the world, Lucas channels energy and types simultaneously through chat readings, giving you answers FASTER than ANY OTHER PSYCHIC.

Check out SPECIALTY SERVICES on his website which include:

Lovers Reunite: Bring back a lover or fix your current relationship

Chakra Balancing: Get those chakras spinning!

Aura Cleansing: Out with the negative and in with the positive

Angel Sessions: Gather your angels and ask them to help you with whatever you request of them

Lucas is a naturally born second-generation psychic who has been sharing his gift to advise others for over 10 years. Many have commented on his soothing voice and calming presence.

His gift has helped many through psychic fairs, the internet, and clients coming to him for guidance. Luke can help you achieve success in ANY area of your life and get you to a place where you feel confident, peaceful, and HAPPY :)

Contact Lucas Peter NOW to get answers! Your self-improvement begins today :)

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Check out Luke's SPECIALTY SERVICES. These are his unique energy work sessions which can help you in all sorts of ways. Services range from Chakra Balancing to Angel Energy Sessions to Love Energy sessions.

Highly gifted and experienced in:

- Past Life Readings
- Psychic Readings
- Tarot Readings
- Angel Readings
- Life Coaching

Listed since: May 27, 2016


I got Lucas's Chakra Balancing done twice and both times it helped so much. I feel like my body is so clear now and my mind works better for work and social interactions. Plus I just feel healthier... not sure if that's part of it too but I wouldn't be surprised.
ALWAYS READ REVIEWS!! Glad I read Lucas's reviews - there is a reason everyone in the review section is happy and praising his work. I talk to him all the time and he is always so sweet and understanding.
Great reading with Luke to get the new year started, will be calling back :)
Luke's reading was SPOT ON. I'll take his advice for sure, and looking forward to trying a Chakra Balance to get my chakras spinning to their full potential. My friend said it worked wonders for her so I'm excited for mine!! THANKS LUKE!!
Luke's Lovers Reunite sessions are ASTOUNDING!!!!!!! First I had a reading and he hit the nail on the head - really gave amazing insight into my boyfriend's energy and why he was acting strange. I asked about his lovers reunite work and he kindly answered my questions. I got his Fall for Love package and have noticed amazing results with the ongoing work. There was an immediate impact, and now there is consistent progress too over the months. Idk where I would be at without Luke's help <3 <3
What an amazing reading style Luke has. Much different from other advisors in the way that he sticks to the subject, keeps a grounded energy, and listens intently. I also had email readings while travelling and they were detailed and quickly delivered. Definitely my go-to psychic.
New year, new reading, same great experience. Love Luke's reading style :)
In my culture, many gay people are judged and exiled from their families. I felt I had nobody to talk to about my relationship until I found Luke. He did not judge me which made me feel comfortable. The advice he provided was soooo useful and I can see much more clearly the truth of my relationship. I feel I've even discovered truths about myself that I never would have discovered without Luke's help. At times I talked for minutes on end and Luke listened patiently. I needed that release.
For anyone wondering about Luke's readings - they are detailed but also to the point, he does not waste time talking about irrelevant topics. If you usually have a 60 minute reading, Luke will cover all the same stuff in 30 mins with just as much detail!! I'll be checking out his Lovers Reunite work soon too... I see lots of positive reviews here for that service and hopefully it will help with my romantic energy to attract the right type of guy :)
I felt the love energy work immediately the next day, it actually was a bit overwhelming... but in a good way if that makes sense. Anyway, it took a few weeks but eventually I think it worked because my girlfriend was suddenly nicer, more attentive... just more immersed overall into our relationship. Things were getting stale but have since been quite exciting lol ;-) Best purchase I have ever made, can't put a price on love :) xoxo <3
Luke is wonderful! He is so kind and makes you feel comfortable and never judges. He is highly accurate and always gets back to you quickly! I would highly recommend him and will continue going to him when needed. Thank you Luke for sharing your gift!
Great experience during my reading with Luke! He gave me many unexpected (yet completely accurate) answers that helped open my eyes to the truth. The guy I was with was no good for me and Luke helped me realize that I am worth more than I thought I was. I’m writing this a few months later and my self-esteem is now at an all-time high, I’m talking to a guy who seems much more stable, and I’m just happier in general. One reading changed my life. Can’t put a price on that :)
Luke is the best energy worker I have ever come across. I use many psychics and energy workers and only Luke was able to aid me in getting results. I had a difficult break up and after a year and a half separation, Luke worked with his gifts and brought us back together again. He was non judgmental, ultra dedicated, and so very kind. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.
Luke's specialty services are the real deal. I had several sessions including the Lovers Reunite, which brought my relationship back into its original beauty. Before the sessions, we could not even have a conversation without arguing. Now we have not had an argument for a whole month! The Chakra Balancing helped me to find inner peace, and the Aura Cleanse made me see the world in a more positive light. Haven't tried the Angel Sesisons but I'm sure I will in the near future.
Luke is absolutely amazing and always accurate. He is honest and compassionate. I have been reading with him for a few years and have even had a Chakra Balancing done which has been extremely effective. I have reached out to Luke to help guide me in the right direction with my love life, career, and finances. Luke never disappoints. I recommend a Chakra Balancing for a complete cleanse and healing :)
Overall I would rate him with six stars and as EXCELLENT !!!! I have been working with Luke for like an year and I must say that he has always given me excellent accurate readings as well as provided me with the space to clarify issues. He is an amazing psychic with a very strong sense of intuition and an extraordinary talent. My skepticism on psychic readings were proved wrong with Luke's accuracy. I would always reach out for him when ever I am struck in my life.
I had a distance Chakra Balancing with Luke and... WOW... my mind is more clear, my body feels looser, and I just feel an overall boost in confidence. you can't put a price on this stuff, great work, will be in touch Luke :)
Luke types very fast in chat readings. Definitely the fasted typing advisor I have read with. On top of that, he was spot on with recognizing my current work situation and recommended a life path for me which has turned out to be excellent, not only financially, but it is a job that I WANT to go to every day. I found my go-to psychic.
Luke's Lovers Reunite energy work is unbelievable. My boyfriend broke up with me and blocked me on all social media accounts with no warning/reason. After 3 weeks of the Lovers Reunite sessions I was back in contact with my boyfriend! I felt the energy the morning after each session. He did the sessions while I was sleeping so the energy was absorbed better. My bf and I are back together and happier than ever. I also feel more energy on a daily basis.
WOW!!! He got everything right on. I've never seen anything like it. I'll definitely be calling back!!!! Highly recommend!!!!
Can't say enough good things about my reading with Luke. Connected to my energy instantly and felt like I was talking to a friend. We covered my relationship and career, extremely satisfied with both. Lots of hope moving forward
Been having readings with Luke for years, I don't know why it took so long for me to come write a review. He has been there for me through thick and thin, better or worse and always helped me through my problems, no matter how big or small they were. He has guided me through relationships, career, and has been absolutely OUTSTANDING with his energy work. His Lovers Reunite service brought a lover into my life like I have never experienced before. Highly highly highly recommend!! Thanks Luke :)
Great for career advice. Thanks Luke, got the promotion!!
7 weeks ago I reached out to Luke because my boyfriend was distant and barely at all communicating with me. Luke suggested his Lovers Reunite service which he said was likely to bring him back. I was skeptical but desperate. Low and behold a week ago my boyfriend started reaching out to me more frequently and have since gotten back together!! It really does work and I recommend it to ANYONE!! The service really is priceless :)
I have been reaching out to Luke for some time now on situations that arise with my relationship and Luke is always such a great help. He is very detailed and kind to talk to. I have been going through kind of a rough patch with my guy and I was starting to feel a lot of uncertainty on what is going on and what is going to happen and Luke was able to help me understand what is going on and reassured me that my guy does want us to work out. Thank you very much once again!
I highly recommend Luke to anyone. I have spoken with him on several occasions and he has always been spot on and such a great help on everything and has really helped me through some tough situations.
My relationship looked like there was no hope left when I called Luke. He reassured me that everything was going to work out and that confidence helped me to be more like my usual self instead of being who I thought he wanted me to be. That's who he fell in love with in the first place. Thanks Luke for the confidence boost and helping to get the connection back on track!!
Thank you so much Luke for your reading. It was great! You definitely nailed the personality of my children and my husband and I. I appreciate your time and will definitely be seeking more readings from you!
Fast, clear and accurate reader. I'll definitely contact Luke again!
A+++ Reader!!


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