Lisa Paron

Lisa Paron
Lisa Paron


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Thunder Bay


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$100 USD and up

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807 632 2144


Lisa Paron is a second generation Psychic, Intuitive Astrologer, Sensitive Medium, Tarot Card Reader, Crystal Gemstone Guru, Published Writer and International Radio Show guest.

She has a strong spiritual connection with people and animals which began when she started to see energy fields, orbs and spirits as a child. Lisa has dedicated years researching the practice of ancient methods of divination, the occult sciences and investigation of the paranormal.

Her Psychic abilities include Medium, prophecy, clairvoyance, clairaudience and a connection to Spirit. Lisa calls these special gifts, “her little voice”.

She specializes in Relationships, Love, Compatibility, Career, Timing, Predictive Astrology, Relocation, Crystals and connecting with Spirit.

Lisa is also a Published Writer for Dell Horoscope Magazine in New York, NY, USA. as well as several Crystal websites internationally. Her international clientele includes celebrities, actors, entertainers, psychics, doctors, scientists, business owners, regular people and former skeptics.

Her Reading style is very thorough, straight forward, yet gentle and compassionate. Her clients say she has looked at their soul. In Depth Online Readings delivered to your Email in a few days.
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Certified Angel Card Reader

Listed since: Jul 21, 2015


Lisa's gift is real, her insights profound. I strongly recommend a reading from her. She has a light, but discerning touch. Her guidance bears the gentlest manner, though her accuracy hits home with little doubt. Even if mantic practice isn't quite your thing, she's worth the try (she'll give you pause for thought to be sure). Thank you Lisa, you're a treasure, and a joy B.
I am an empath and have and will forever try to find real spiritual leaders, when I found Lisa on Youtube, I decided to see if she was the real deal. I have dreams of the past, present, and future, also symbols. I gave her three dreams I had about my past life, and asked her for help. Lisa helped me with my past, my present, and my future. She is a Spiritual Sister. Thank you.
Very accurate prompt and quick and responsive even after reading for general questions. Not all news is good news which she just delivered in a sensitive way.
She is excellent, quiet accurate, understands human emotions and advises in a manner that can help effectuate positive changes. She is easily the best tarot card reader.
Lisa thank for your wonderful reading. you are not only good tarrot reader, a nice person as well.
Lisa took the time to consider all the details. Very thorough and considerate in her interpretation. The reading helped to affirm my current path in life.
I know through my own family experiences, that there are forces in the universe that although science has not explained yet, it just might in the future, and for this reason these unexplained phenomenon should not be simply ignored. For this reason i reached out to Lisa and asked her to look into my chart and life and give me a reading. She did, and she left me speechless. She k
I look forward to my readings with Lisa because they happen just as she says. She is truly gifted and be rest assured that you are in good hands when it comes to knowing what your future holds
I've gotten a few readings from her. She's takes the time to write an accurate reading with a lot of description. She's the real deal!
Lisa is un believable in her gifts not only for astrology but for the intuitive unveiling of a person and the occurrences in future which r of high possible outcomes. Am happy I found her and recommend her fully. Thanks
Lisa has quite a gift. I received a very detailed, thoughtful and unique reading from her, not once, but twice! In the latest reading she sent me months ago, the predictions and observations have turned out to be absolutely bang-on.
Lisa is a very generous, kind-hearted soul. I purchased an e-mail reading from her and wow - it was lengthy and a lot of my questions were validated. She provided reassurance, advice and uplifted me during a time of personal chaos. I love the astrological aspects Lisa uses in her readings. I think her psychic style is unique. If you're into planet placements, zodiac and numerology, mixed with a twist of tarot and Clair senses, Lisa is the psychic for you. Keep shining your light. ✨
Pleasant good afternoon everyone. Am always pleased with Lisa's reading she always do an awesome job.
Pleasant good evening everyone hope all is well with you and your families. Just want to say that Lisa is a remarkable, genuine and caring person. Whenever she do readings for me she is always accurate.
I loved my recent reading with Lisa, June 2020. She is so kind and encouraging, almost as if I have known her for years but I just met her. I am going through a difficult time in my life and she gave me really great advice in all areas of my life, it has provided great insight and hope. She encouraged me to pursue something that I have thought about for a long time but never told her about it.I will definitely be turning to Lisa for guidance for the rest of my life, she is that amazing!!!
Wonderful in depth past life reading. Very illuminating and clear. Would definitely reccomend 10/10
Lisa is very kind . I always prefer to contact Lisa whenever I need help . She always guide me and help me to take right decision . The information she gave is always correct . Thanks lisa
Thank you Lisa, for the in depth Natal reading you did my nephew when he was 3 years old. He is now nearly 7 and we watch how his personality is developing. One great part of his personality you said "he has a very strong sence of justice and want to help people in need or who are being misrepresented"....he is showing this part of himself with his loving caring heart, it does not matter who they are he just sits with.Thank you, it's exciting to watch him develop into who he will be.
Lisa is very kind and polite tarot card reader. She is the only tarot reader I trust . Whenever I need any suggestion or help I love to get my reading done from her. I love the way she listen my problems and help Me to rid out from stress . Thanks Lisa
Pleasant morning everyone hope all is well with you and your family. The day I met Lisa that's when I start to believe in psychic because she was so accurate when she read me up. She even interpreted dreams for me and they were so true. Have a bless day everyone.
Miss Paron is such an extraordinary person, so sweet and compassionate. I first met her while working at the legends hotel in Negril Jamaica. It was such a great pleasure and she even read my palm and she told me something about myself that is so true.
Beyond grateful for my reading with Lisa, as she was able to give me so much more clarity with the questions I had! This reading came right on time, and offered me the comfort and guidance I needed! Her reading was not only filled with insight but wonderful advice for me moving forward, and for that I am very thankful! Can’t wait to have future readings down the road! Thank you Lisa!
I was extremely pleased with my reading from Lisa and highly recommend her services! Lisa is very passionate about her work, and that passion is reflected in her readings. I was amazed at the detail Lisa providedconcerning my personality as well as my current work situation. I will have a better idea as to how accurate regarding my career and the direction it will be taking towards the end of the year. I look forward to seeing the direction my career takes & meeting with Lisa again!
Lisa Paron is a talented and reliable psychic. I have used her for four different readings including relationship, career and my children reading. She delivers insightful , detailed and accurate readings and is always happy to answer further question relating to the readings as a follow up. I trust her and highly recommend her work.
Lisa is a spectacular reader! If you're looking for someone to be straightforward in their insights and take the time to really focus on your questions and needs, she will do this with honesty and compassion. She is kind but also very truthful in what she sees and her predictions have come to pass and make sense over the years I've known her. I see her as a reader with integrity. Each reading she does is a personal experience for you. If you're looking for insight, she is the best!
I ordered a Tarot reading last week, when I received my reading, I was absolutely blown away. Psychic Lisa Paron was so accurate and she even mentioned things that I had not mentioned Prior to my reading. I will be returning back for more insight into my life. Blessed Be
Lisa is amazing. She has a true gift. I received a very thoughtful, detailed reading from her and I believe that it was exactly the guidance I needed.
Lisa has an exceptional gift to interpret messages from your soul. Her readings are lengthy, detailed, accurate and great value.
Such a beautiful and accurate reading, I will continue to work with Lisa as I progress through my business ventures of healing clinics, she provided such amazing guidance and everything she shared in my reading has been 100% spot on. I recommend Lisa to anyone who is seeking guidance in any area of their life. She is truly gifted and amazing! Gratitude and Light!
This was my first reading ever and I will cherish the reading forever. At this point in my life i was curious to know if I was on the right path and making the right big choices. Thank you Lisa for the clairty and your work is amazing and I will be returning for more readings in the near future. Deffiently recommend her. Thank you.


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