Linda Masson

Linda Masson
Linda Masson


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London, Ontario


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one hour $125.00 , 30 minute reading $90

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A gifted Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Artist and published Author .
I read your energy and your situation and will guide you with your personal life situations and questions. I receive sensations, images, sounds , smells and connect with your angel guides and loved ones.

I work by receiving impressions and sensations. I can provide you with answers to relationships , career, divorce and separation. My Psychic readings are available by phone, chat ,instant messenger, and email. And if you are local to my area I also offer you the option to do phone readings.

Gifted from an early age, with over 20 years experience in psychic readings and tarot card readings. I also do Angel Oracle Card Readings. I do not sugar coat , I deliver the messages as they come forth on your particular question and situation.

I provide assistance and guidance on love relationships, career , finance ,pets, and connections to passed loved ones.
I work with prayer and my spirit guides to assist you with your life situation. You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I am set up for International clients with pay pal and for local clients I am set up for Interac bank transfers.

Additional Information: 

I am a published author and channelling artist.

About the author: Linda Masson aka Serenity Garden

I live in London , Ontario Canada and I am a local Artist as well as a gifted Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Intuitive Medium

This is my Autobiography about growing up as a gifted child with psychic abilities. I am a Empath, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient. This is the story of my journey and going public with my gifts. You can connect with me on Facebook . For a insightful reading you can contact me through my personal site here.

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And my book on my paintings , are done using a very old method known as Encaustic Art. They are created by using colored bees wax that is then applied to art card, art board and canvas. The images that come through are channelled by Spirit.

This review is from: Out Of The Blue: Channelled
Encaustic Paintings (Paperback) This book contains art that allows you to feel deeply your connection to spirit. She has channeled such beautiful pieces that allow you to take a walk with your right brain, but bring your left brain along for the ride. Serenity's pieces seem to be just that, serene, and take me into deep meditative spaces. If you look at each piece, you'll begin to see animals and faces and after awhile, your own projections will jump off the page. Looking at them allows your mind to be occupied with something so that your feelings can free associate with the colors and shapes you find there. Just like cloud watching, you begin to see your thoughts and feeling in the paintings.

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Listed since: Jun 17, 2015


I've worked with psychics and mediums all around the world, and when I came across Linda via introduction I was more than amazed. Linda requires no information from you and is able to gaze clearly into your life and relationships. If you wish to connect with those who have passed she does that with compassiona and grace. I have no hesitation in recommending Linda and know you'll have a beautiful experience during your reading - just as everyone else I've recommended to her does.
Hi: Over the years I have had many sessions with Linda. She has completed every one of them as if it was her first one - with a zest and zeal to ensure she is providing the best possible service. Her information has been timely, accurate and insightful. I would urge everyone to take some time and have a session with Linda.

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