Katherien Lundin

Katherien Lundin
Katherien Lundin


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Edmonton, Alberta


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Email: katherien@yourclairvoyant.com


*HONEST, COMPASSIONATE, VALIDATING* Katherien Lundin is Your Clairvoyant. She is a Professional Psychic Medium and Pet Communicator; she tunes in to your vibrational energy, and is able to see and sense images, colours, people, animals, buildings as well as objects that validate her authenticity.
She hears spoken messages and feels emotions that are often channelled though spirit and your guides.
Katherien's gift of clairvoyance offers connection to your energy and all that encompasses and surrounds...
With her direct and compassionate approach she will pierce the veil of spirit and beyond in order to bring fourth peace, awareness and hope.

Additional Information: 

Katherien Lundin is compassionate, honest, accurate and direct while giving validation and guidance about the personal and spiritual bumps we go through in life. She receives messages through her client's spirit guides.

Katherien is a Medium, connecting to you to your past loved ones, pets that have crossed the rainbow bridge and spirit in all forms. Katherien aids in your journey towards connection with your Higher Self, Soul and Spirit.

Katherien has vast knowledge of dream interpretation, omens, symbols, synchronicities, numerology, tarot, palmistry and all that is esoteric inclusive of folk magic within the Celtic, Brujería and hoodoo traditions. She does not use tools within her sessions and only provides authentic messages and will not offer her personal opinions.

Katherien has aided in psychic and paranormal investigations and will aid in investigations if there is connection. Katherien only asks only for the person or pets date and place of birth and the date and location last seen.

Katherien will tell you what comes through upon sitting and does allow questions throughout the session.
Providing In person, Zoom, Telephone, Skype & Email consultations for clientele across Canada, United States and International.

Listed since: Feb 2, 2012


I have had several sessions with Katherien over the years, she is a True Psychic, her accuracy is amazing, there are so many things that she has been spot on with and so many things that she could not have known or even guessed that have come through. I am astonished that people like herself exist, she is a powerhouse a True Gift!
Katherien is very accurate she knew I live with cats currently and that recently one of my cats had passed away she knew that my cat that passed away had dark paws and a dark face!!!!! She also gave me alot of hope for the future she told me that there is good chance that what I am hoping for will happen she knew alot abot what is currently going on in my life she is also very friendly
Katherien was the most direct, accurate psychic I have ever had the privelage of speaking with. She pinpointed my issues at the get go! She picked up on intimate details about my past that had been under lock and key. Amazing! Highest recommendations and praise to this gifted and beautiful lady!
Simply astonishing. Katherine is atune, compassionate, empathetic and AMAZINGLY ACCURATE. She has become a family friend. We trust her and actually feel the need to touch base from time to time. She is not to be compared to anyone else on this site, so I will not. If it's comfort and guidance you seek, if you want to know about lost loved ones, if you're worried. Book time with KL, you will not be disappointed.
Katherien was amazingly accurate! I recommend her to all! I will definitely be contacting her again!
I want to thank you for a great instant messaging last night you helped me a lot you were right on with everything, you cleared up a lot of things to that was happening to me, you were more understanding and you cleared things up better than others, so I will definitely be talking to you again. Vicki
She is a true gift the only one that I will recommend!
Hands down, the real deal. Her accuracy is amazing. Thank you Katherien!
Because of her reviews I decided to have a telephone session with her. I was very impressed that not only did she pick up on my family , she also told me about a childhood memory that had since haunted me, that has been a secret for many years. She has restored my faith in psychics and mediums and proves beyond any doubt that she is gifted. I recommend her to everyone.
After my second reading, I realized Katherien is completely different from any other psychic. She's not only accurate, she tells you each outcome based on the decisions YOU make, whether it's path a, b or c. Ex; if you choose to stay with your boyfriend or not. This makes you feel empowered over your future, rather than helpless of situations that can't be controlled. She knows specific details, people's personal thoughts and will discuss family members' if it strikes a chord. Shes amazing
Katherien is truly gifted, after my fathers death i used to have sleepless nights as if he is trying to say something to me, I went to many psychics but no one can give me a definite answer.When I first met Katherien and when she started doing the reading the accuracy of the reading scared me.I am at a mental peace now but still have lot work to do. God bless you Katherien!
I was very skeptical about psychics until I had a reading with this amazing lady. I had a email consultation and she told me everything about my grandfather, so I Also booked a in person where she was accurate and very detailed about my life and everyone hére and past. I recomend her to all.
I had a telephone reading with her and must say she was impressive. She left no stone unturned and is the real deal. I have spoken with and seen several psychics and not one as ever picked up on my father except for her, she is amazing. I was referred to her by a friend who had a reading and I will recommend ths lady to all.
She is a true gift, my mother, sister and I had a reading with her..
Katherien is not your average psychic who tells you a few personality traits and a little of what's going on in your life now. (I know my personality traits and what's going on now.) She gives very indepth, descriptive readings with insight into the future. Her readings are incredibly accurate. Scary accurate! Her ability to communicate with the other side is amazing! Best in the business for sure!!!

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