Karleen Savariau

Karleen Savariau
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$120 hour


Drop all fear, negativity and resistance to live the life you deserve today! Part of being able to release is being able to know and trust that something better will replace the released emotions, beliefs and states. Know that there is purpose behind "all this"! Mediumship is a powerful tool to be able to help you do this, showing you a larger perspective and view on life, showing you that there is more going on than we see, and that you can trust the process. I bring evidential messages from Spirit that will give you the evidence you need to rest assured that you are in communication with your loved ones. My intent and goal is always to be of highest integrity, and provide you with compassionate messages that help you. Learn more about me at: http://karleen.love

I am also available for Skype Readings!

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Readings available in-person, or by phone/Skype/Google+. I am available for parties and group sessions, paranormal investigations and house clearings.

Listed since: Oct 17, 2012


Karleen is such a blessing.. my reading with her was very on point, she revealed things only myself & my loved ones who have passed knew. She went over & beyond to make sure i received every message that was intended for & i appreciate her & am so happy with my reading. She is truly an amazing medium who i will call on again. Blessings to you Karleen & thank you for everything.
I had a reading this past month with Karleen. Many loved ones came through. Two in particular that i expected to hear from. She told me things about my mothers health in detail that nobody would ever know. I was so comforted by our reading, it was such a wonderful experience.
This morning I received a reading from Karleen. She intuitively read my picture, sharing with me circumstances of my childhood and adulthood. All info she relayed to me was accurate. During the reading some of my loved ones that have passed stepped up. I was able to identify each person by Karleens descriptions. The reading left me with comfort as messages came thru and closure to certain issues was acheived. Karleen is amazing with her gifts and I am honored to recommend her for readings.
Karleen is amazing, had a awesome reading with her this evening. I was amazed of the details she gave me about my late husband.

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