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John Shurvell
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John Shurvell Ph.D.
John is an internationally renowned Spiritual Medium. He has clients across the globe. John specializes in Evidential Mediumship, bringing your loved ones forward from the world of spirit to communicate with you. He crosses the bridge between the two worlds giving you evidence of their survival. John has Diplomas in grief and bereavement counselling and finds this most helpful with his Mediumship work.

Using his intuitive skill, experience and more than a little help from the spirit world he offers spiritual/psychic counselling, helping you with your life path. Spiritual Counselling is about empowering your life. Helping to make the way forward clearer and put your destiny firmly back in your hands.

His training included many courses at the famous Arthur Findlay College (UK). He has also been teaching metaphysical subjects in Europe and Canada for many years.
John’s wife Andrea is an accomplished Akashic Record reader, Psychic Counselor & Spiritual Regression Therapist. Please check our web site out for full details.

Spirit Releasement is the therapy that helps to dissolve a condition known as spirit or energy attachment. Spirit attachment happens when energy, not belonging to your soul, enters your physical body or human energy field (HEF). This causes disruption in the person with many symptoms of illness without a known cause. John can help people resolve these energy issues.

He can also help with house spirit/energy issues. (Haunted house syndrome)
Available by Phone or on Skype(I call you, so no extra call fees.) or in person locally in Nanaimo, BC. Fees in Canadian Dollars.

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Spiritual Minister, Ph.D. (Metaphysics), B.Sc. (Spiritual Counselling)
Dip. Att. S.W. (Spirit Attachment & Invasive Energy Release Work),
S.A.C. Dip. (Grief and Bereavement Counselling)
S.A.C. Dip. (Psychic Counsellor), S.A.C. Dip. (Vibrational Medicine)
E.F.T. Level 2 and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner (EFTMRA certified)
Reiki Master and Trance Healer
Arthur Findlay College trained Medium
Readings are by Phone or on Skype(I call you, so no extra call fees.) or in person locally in Nanaimo, BC..

Listed since: Jul 21, 2011


I have had 3 readings with John and each has been more insightful and more accurate than any other medium I have tried. What I found about John's reading was not that only did he accurately bring my loved ones through he also provided small and personal details that validated it was genuine. He is also a very uplifting and kind person to speak to when you are grieving. Thoroughly recommend.
BIG Thanks to John for his part in my healing after my husbands passing. I've had 3 readings in a 3yr period, each of them played an instrumental role in the process. I KNOW I wouldn't have the peace and serenity I have today without the contact, he facilitated, with my late husband. I strongly recommend a session with John to anyone who has suffered a loss! Marcy Hutton
Thank you so much for the amazing reading the other day. My whole reason behind the reading was to re-affirm my beliefs. When my younger brother passed I suddenly began questioning my beliefs . Beliefs I have had since I was a little girl. You were so specific to every question I had regarding my beautiful brother, things that you could have never known in a million years. I am so happy that I can feel comfortable in my beliefs again. You have such a wonderful gift. Blessings to you
I am so impressed with my reading with John & the results were unexpected.It gave me so much joy to be able to relay messages to my living family members afterwards that a deceased loved one is there,watching & helping us!It has helped my family.The details & accuracy of John's reading allowed me to know which family member stepped forward & I was blown away.I thank my stars to have found John & to have this experience & one that I will never forget.His true ability was a beautiful thing to see.
After having a mediumship reading with John I felt very comforted and loved by all of my family and friends that came through to wish me well. He was able to connect me with my Grandmother, and several friends that had passed away and wanted to connect and say a few words. I came away feeling very loved and assured that I was on the right life track which is exactly what I needed. John's manner is very relaxed and a very good conduit for spirits trying to reach their loved ones on the other side

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