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Jodi Jones

Jodi Jones
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I Am a Spiritual Medium, Psychic,Registered Acupuncturist,Reconnective Healer® ,Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner and I Am Certified in Past Life regression Therapy.

I have been working in the field of Energy Medicine for over 10 years and have been using many modalities to help my clients find Healing on their journey through this lifetime. I have successfully learned how to interpret energy fields and have been using this information to help guide my clients.

My Mediumship skills allow me to communicate with Spirit using several forms of communication such as: clairvoyance (clear seeing),claircognizance (clear knowing), clairaudience (clear hearing), and clairsentience (clear sensation or feeling).

I am able to communicate with Spirit in a way that not only helps you to connect with your loved ones but also will help you to start the Healing journey that you may be seeking.

When I bring through Spirit I am also able to receive specific messages for you regarding any subject you may need direction and guidance with.

I also work with an Amazing Team of Spirit Guides and Angels and am able to work with them Psychically to get information about you in past, present and future projections.

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With Gratitude
Medium Jodi Jones R.Ac

Additional Information: 

Private Mediumship Readings
60 Minute Reading 1 person-$200.00 ($75.00 per additional person)

Appointments can be done in person at my office ,by phone or to anywhere in the world via Skype or Messenger.

A recording of the reading will be emailed to you.

Psychic Readings -Phone Appointments
15 Minute Psychic Readings(By phone)-$50.00

30 Minutes Psychic Readings(By phone)-$85.00

60 Minutes (In person,By Phone or Skype/Messenger)-$150.00

Group Readings
90 Minutes – $520.00

Group Readings are for a maximum of 8 people for 90 minutes. Readings can be done at my office (Being In Balance-155 Main Street West, Suite 102. Shelburne, Ontario) or at your local location. Non local locations can be accommodated with an added travel fee.

Full payment for all readings is payable at booking. Payments can be made by E Transfer to or by credit card.

For Fundraisers and Gift Certificates

Please note that not all participants in a group reading will receive a reading but Jodi will give as many readings as possible and Spirit has an amazing way of delivering messages to many at once!

Cancellation Policy
All rescheduling must happen within 72 hours prior to your reading.

What to expect at the reading;
When I am doing a reading I won’t be asking you to provide any details about your life or your loved ones in Spirit. And I ask that you don’t include any of this information with your request for a reading. It is a good idea however for you to know the information pertaining to Spirit so that you are able to validate the information that I am given.

I do ask that you come to the reading with an open mind and an open heart as the connection that takes place is between myself and spirit but starts with you.

I can’t guarantee who will come through for you but I do know that whoever is meant to come through will. Your reading will be recorded and sent to you via email.

To Request a reading date ;

Listed since: Apr 12, 2017

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