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Why Choose Jenn?

Honest, quick connection. You don't have to spend money calling 3 other psychics to get the answer you need. Having done literally 10's of 1000's of readings over the years and listening to clients, you can count on the answer you get from Jenn.

Is he/she the one for you? You will always get the answer you need not the answer you want.

I will support you and comfort you while delivering the answers you are seeking. I a offer coaching in all my readings, so that you don't always have to rely on getting a reading in order to be moving forward in life.

Jenn Prothero is an internationally known intuitive healer and angel reader specializing in Reiki, Sound Vibration Healing, Angel Therapy, Meditation and Coaching. Jenn is well versed in the chakra system, assisting in clearing and harmonizing your energy centers. I offer special rates for those who book a 20 minute distance healing sessions.

I can connect you with messages from your angels and guides in order to assist you in moving forward in life. Assists you in finding your blocks to living your dreams.

Do you find yourself repeating self sabotaging pattern or actions? Do you find yourself continually ending up in a bad spot? Try a meditation journey that will take you back through your life to correct or heal past situation or traumas that are playing havoc in your life. Simple little things that we tell ourselves during traumatic times in our lives can cause chaos at a subconscious level.

Can't seem to manifest your desires. Experience a Self Love Session with Jenn, a 90 minute session via phone that will bring you face to face with your fears and blocks, assist you in healing and releasing these blocks and opening the doors of opportunities in front of you.

Enjoy and Angelic healing session from the comfort of your own home. A 30 minute Angel Therapy Session will help to release old thoughts and patterns, release block energy and leave you feeling loved, comforted, and relaxed.

Her healing center, located in Oshawa Ontario Canada has a unique setting in that it is part of a wellness center. Her passion is working with those who are feeling stuck or overwhelmed with where they are in life. She empowers them to reach inside to access their inner strength, to let go of what is blocking them, and to reach for their highest dreams. Jenn's healing sessions can be a benefit to you whether you see her in person or via phone/internet.

Jenn's dream is to continue to grow and learn so that she can continue to encourage and assist others to live their dreams.

How to best prepare for your reading

You can do yourself a huge favor and save money by being prepared for your reading. The more specific your questions the better answers you will receive.

Take a few moments before you call to quiet your mind, find the best specific question to ask, and write it down.

Try calling when you are relaxed and open minded to hearing what your angels have to say. You may not always get the answer you are looking for, but you will always get the answer you need to hear.

Don't try calling several different readers until you get the answer you are looking for. For the most part you are wasting your money, and you are adding chaos to confusion for yourself. We all love you, we all have a unique way of reading, but in the end the best answer for you is what is going to come through.

You might be better off to put together a package that works for you to build up your self esteem or face your fears so that you can go forward to live the life you dream.

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All sessions are completed in a professional and confidential manner.
Specializing in Angel Readings,
Energy Healing, clearing blocks
Energy Readings
Intuitive Coaching

If you continue to find yourself in the same spot, or feel stuck and overwhelmed with a situation, you may want to experience a Self Love Session or a Self Exploration Experience on my website. Often times the answers we seek are within us, but fear and doubt block us from seeing or hearing those answers.

If you feel it's time to take a step back in life and re-connect with yourself I offer both group and private retreats for men and women.

Watch for monthly specials on my personal website as well.

Listed since: Feb 26, 2014


Wow. Spot on about every issue. Will definitely call again and again. She was incredible, not only giving me the most honest answers, she also had solutions, energy clearing, etc. It was an excellent reading.

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