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Heather Scavetta
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I established School of Miracles in 2007 to assist those on their spiritual journey. In my studio in Caledon, Ontario, Canada, I offer many weekly development circles in Mediumship, Channeling, Reiki and Psychic Development. What makes me unique, is that I developed my abilities after the sudden death of my daughter. Both my husband and I started meditating and soon opened up our gifts of mediumship, healing and channeling.

We are proof that anyone can open up their gifts with a spiritual practice and dedication to the process. At School of Miracles we have helped many understand their gifts with our weekly development circles and workshops.

We also offer mediumship and channelled life readings to help those hear from their loved ones in spirit and to take that next step on their journey with the guidance from "The Council" group of Ascended Masters.

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Author of

THE POWER OF LOVE: A Mother's Miraculous Journey from Grief to Medium, Channel and Teacher

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Listed since: Feb 17, 2013


My reading with Heather, and through her my guides and angels, two years ago was very healing. I still think about it and connect to her wisdom during times of need. I think everyone should get a channeled reading with her at least once for she is a kind person and a true channel of the divine; I have no doubt. You will learn more about yourself and life, and receive comfort from a source of endless love. Thank you to Heather and Spirit for your help.
I became a student of Heather's at the start of 2015 after receiving a profoundly healing Channeled Life Reading from her. Through her classes she has provided me with the guidance, support and encouragement I have needed to explore my spirituality and the experience and structure to help me grow at the right pace for me. Her abilities as a teacher, gifted psychic medium and channel are exceptional and her personal and caring approach immediately put me at ease to learn with an open heart.
Words can't even begin to describe my session with Heather. She is one of the most compassionate and loving people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I am grateful that I got the opportunity to connect with her. I learned so much, and was truly inspired. I would recommend her to everyone I know. I am excited to continue my journey into self discovery.
I have had Mediumship and Channeled Life readings from The Council with Heather - always spot-on. As a student in Heather’s meditation/psychic development and mediumship, her ability to understand where and who I was on an emotion and spiritual level allowed her to guide me where I needed to go. She held my hand when I didn’t know how to step forward, and she pushed me when I needed to venture alone. This type of teaching and guidance allowed me to feel 'safe' and open myself to healing.
I have been a student of Heather's since 2011 and I can't tell you the miracles and opportunities that have come in my life since. She is an amazing teacher, guide and mentor. I am so grateful for her classes, the people I have met and experiences I have witnessed are far beyond what I could have ever imagined. I have also had readings done by Heather and The Council, unbelievably accurate advice and guidance. A truly magical experience all around.

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