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Spirit Babies
As most mothers understand, it is possible to communicate with the unborn child. If the child is lost through miscarriage or other means, the child's spirit is alive and well and able to pass on messages to the mother. All children who have passed stay with their mother until they find a way to return or at least communicate their love and continued attachment to the mother they have chosen.

Communicating with the baby or babies who are waiting to come in can help apparently infertile couples achieve their goal. They are helped to connect with the spirit of the child who was lost in a previous pregnancy or not yet conceived. Many of my clients are couples who have lost one or more pregnancies, or who have had difficulty conceiving . Many of my readings are done by email. I am able to connect with the relevant energies using full names and birth dates of parents, detaisl about lost pregnancies, and family histories involving children who left this plane early. If the mother's mother has passed over, she will often stay with her own daughter, caring for the Spirit Baby until it is ready to be born.

The Spirit Babies I am working with need some extra encouragement to complete their journey towards birth. While giving the mother a Reiki treatment, or channeling at a distance, I am able to feel the presence of the Spirit Baby and it communicates telepathically, often in the voice of a young child, sometimes in the voice of an adult. It gives identifying information, its gender, and the reasons it had for not coming in to stay yet. It generally has wanted reassurance that the mother is ready to love it unconditionally.

In all cases I worked with, the same soul was returning to them in each pregnancy, but backed out for various reasons. In one case there had been two bodies with disabilities, and the soul had not built that into its life task, so was waiting for a healthy body.These Spirit Babies have important messages to give.

The Spirit Baby always had a particular reason to choose the parents.
The Spirit Baby usually gives identifying material to the prospective parents ( such as stating the name of the mother’s birth city, saying he wanted her to take him there). This let the parents know that their future child was communicating with them. Sometimes the Spirit Baby wants to be called in. The Spirit Baby wants the mother to say that she will love him unconditionally. Most prospective parents who have had a chance to communicate with their Spirit Baby embrace the future child with unconditional love.

All Spirit Babies who have crossed over tend to give affirming messages about love and forgiveness, and most importantly, life going on in another form, which are tremendously healing to those who have experienced a great loss. The message is always, life goes on, hope still remains, and there is a higher purpose even in the most difficult circumstances.

The Spirit Baby chooses the parent or parents and wants to know that it is a reciprocal relationship. I am grateful for the gift of being able to help parents connect with their Spirit Babies.

March 2015
A recently developed new phone service is described below.

If you have been trying to conceive without success the problem is either
or a combination.
If medical, any competent doctor would have found a solution by now(unfortunately some of my clients have not had competent doctors, so you may want to try several.)

Many women have emotional blocks to conception. These may be due to such programs in their head as "the women in my family have difficulty getting pregnant" or may be even be based on what your mother was feeling while she was pregnant. Every egg your body has was produced within your body while you were still in utero. The baby is fully privy to the mother's feelings. So if she was ambivalent, or had previously experienced a pregnancy loss, this is often something which affects her daughter later.

Or any negative experiences you may have had such as a termination, can affect current fertility due to guilt etc.

Stress, such as the stress of infertility, will often cause the hypothalamus to shut down ovulation or implantation.

These emotional/spiritual situations can be greatly helped by hypnosis for fertility, which can be done by phone, and can also include questions which the mother asks her spirit baby in trance.

Consider trying to look for signs that your baby is speaking to you already.
Many babies if not most do try to communicate with their mothers but of course their methods have to be
-within their own capacities
-within the awareness of the mother

So once you know what to look for, you may wish to try hypnosis for fertility (to heal your own issues in much the same way that your body will heal cuts bruises, colds and broken bones as long as correct nutrition , adequate medical care and rest etc. are provided). I can do this by phone. I can also ask your spirit baby any questions which you have you previously emailed me while you are in trance . You will remember almost all the answers (you will not be asleep) and i can also email you any answers you did not completely remember.

For details on ordering my book Spirit baby please check under additional information.

Client feedback on readings:
Client One
Christine, thank you very much...

It was a lot to take in and really moved some stuff around inside me. I have always been 'told' grieving for (her) was bad for her as it meant I was holding on to her - so it was a radical rewrite to hear that my grief for her enabled her healing. This was very healing to hear!
The spirit perspective is vast :-)
I also wanted to say - it was really wonderful to receive responses from you so quickly - it was very emotional requesting the information & I was very grateful I didn't have to wait very long.

Client Two
Hi Christine,
Wow, the reading was AMAZING.....
So much of it resonates with me, and I feel so much more at peace, and excited about all that came through! The wording of .....messages was like he was talking to me, in fact as I was reading I could just hear him actually saying it! It has blown me away with who .... was in the previous life she talked about. And, with the surrounding circumstances of her passing this time, it makes complete sense.
Once again thank you, and I'm so grateful that this world has people like you!
N. H.

Client Three
Thank you so much for your reading. It gave me so much peace of mind. I feel like I can venture into a new pregnancy without feeling so much fear and anxiety, now, and I am pleased that my future daughter is looking forward to being with us as much as we are looking forward to being with her. : )
Wow... Now, that's something to wrap my head around. : ) Very illuminating, Christine. Thanks, again, and I wish you all the best.

Client Four
May God keep blessing the work you do for many years more... As you can imagine, I'm floating with joy, happiness and my tears are filled with endless love and gratitude.
Once again, from the bottom of my heart NAMASTE!
Love & Light

Client Five
Just wanted to let you know I am 12 weeks pregnant! With twins!
Thanks for your help

Client Six

Hi Christine ,
Thank you so much for an amazing reading! We are so grateful and feel blessed to have contacted you and gives us enormous peace of mind!
All the pieces are coming together and l am feeling very excited and hopeful and can work on deepening the connection to help them both come thru!!!
You are very gifted and will pass on your details to my friends and family so you may get an influx of Aussies wanting help !
Words can't express how happy and relieved we feel and we can't thank you enough!!!!!!
Much love and light
Client Seven
Thank you very much Christine! I really do like the reading. A long time ago someone told me that I would have a girl and a boy but she wasn't sure who would come first :) I think they are still taking about that! hehehe I will look for the book ASAP Sonrisa Regards,

Client Eight
Hi Christine,
I just wanted to share the news with you!
I am 9 weeks pregnant with twins!!
Thank you for the session that we had back in March!!!
Best regards,
Client Nine

Dearest Christine, firstly thank you so very very much for sending me my reading so quickly. It has bought such peace to my heart and mind as well as an understanding as to why what has happened happened. However what you have said has given me the key to free my mind from that and see the situation with a new found clarity and purpose. If I hadn’t found you I really don’t know how I would have come to terms with things as well as find the courage and strength to go on. I am so grateful to you and your gift; beyond words I am so so thankful.

Christine, my gratitude is beyond words, for what you have given me; hope, faith, and the courage to trust my heart. The past I understand, I am at peace in the moment and the future is full of light and promise. I feel so so lucky that I found you. Thank you to you, for being here and sharing your gift, thank you. Love and blessings


Client Ten

THANK YOU! You helped me turn off the ego
in my mind- I can really rest now and resume my faith! :) C.

Client Eleven

Thank you thank you! This reading has warmed my heart and is helping me to continue this journey and not give up. I have always felt a connection to the spirit baby and I will try to spiritually connect to him. Everything you have said I have known. This infertility struggle has definitely changed who I am...and has had an effect on my inner self tremendously, but the fighter in me will heal. That I am sure of!

I am grateful for you and your gift.


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Christine Nightingale

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Connecting Directly with your Spirit Baby in Trance
If you are a woman who has contracted before this lifetime to have a child, you have a Spirit Baby. And if you have a Spirit Baby, you already have women’s intuition.
Being able to connect intuitively with your offspring is essential to the survival of babies…since 99.9% of young babies are cared for by women, and 100% of babies are birthed by women. Women’s intuition does not develop after giving birth, but rather before even conceiving. The spirit preexists the individual lifetime.
Yes, of course men can be intuitive. But since almost all spirit babies are in the mother’s aura (although the contract may include a particular father) women do have a distinct advantage in developing this intuition. Hence the term women’s intuition.
Intuition means a heightened awareness of the four clairs.
Clairaudience means hearing something which is out of place. Clairvoyance means seeing a message in something which is out of the ordinary in the environment.
A woman and her mother were sharing a hotel room. They were both psychically aware. Marjorie (a pseudonym) had been aware for years of fleeting glimpses of a little girl(not solid-looking), footsteps at night , doors opening and closing at night, a little girl’s voice saying “Mommy”. On this occasion Marjorie asked her presumed spirit baby to give her a clear message, right then, away from her home.
The bathroom light suddenly went on. When Marjorie and her mother went to investigate, the whole fixture had been pulled out of the wall by an unseen hand.
The messages (implied) ?” I am here, I am a light being, I am very powerful, I am actively communicating with you and trying to get your attention. “

Clairsentience means feeling something with the emotions . Claircognisance means “just knowing” without physical evidence that something is true. Which is it when a mother “just knows’ or “just feels” that she is going to have a boy or a girl? Probably both.
Anecdotally, this happens a lot more often than chance. Women who have already had one baby are likelier to be able to predict the gender of the one they are now carrying, saying that “the energy just feels different.”
Hypnosis for fertility aims to help a mother release emotional blockages, which may interfere with the capacity to conceive or even to carry a pregnancy. All of us have enormous capacities to heal ourselves of broken bones, illnesses , fatigue…why not infertility? After all, the emotional and spiritual causes of fertility issues can go at least as far back as the in-utero stage. 100% of all the eggs a woman will ever have are already in the womb, in embryonic form, by the time the fetus is six months old. Unborn babies are 100% aware of their mother’s emotions while carrying them…as can be shown when a client is regressed to in-utero.
I wondered , could a mother initiate communication with a spirit baby who was in her aura but not yet attached to a body? Worth a try…why not make it part of Hypnosis for Fertility, with a focused “meeting” with the future child …mother in trance , questions which were previously decided upon being asked by the therapist? In theory this could happen during pregnancy…but also even before the child was conceived. And yes, hypnosis can be done by phone quite effectively.
Situation One

The mother was not sure that she was with the right man.
"Do you have a message for mommy?"

In her trance state she experienced Clairvoyance.
A little boy came up to mommy and daddy with a big ribbon and tied them together!
"Do you have a message for daddy?'"

Now the little boy went up to daddy and kept poking him, saying, " I'm here daddy, I'm real!"
She thought that was pretty cool.

She said that her partner kept kidding her every time she wanted to talk about her pregnancy
saying "I'll believe it when I see it."
So obviously the baby had been tuning in!

You need to think about what you are actually trying to find out when you compose your questions.

Situation Two
“Do you have a message for mommy?”
(Mother feels warmth…clairsentience… indicates love and presence )
“How do you try to talk to me?”
(Mother sees a light...clairvoyance… message that spirit baby is still a light being)

Situation Three
Question: “What is the purpose to this fertility journey?
(Mother hears words…clair audience) “Love.”
Question: “Is there another spirit with you?”
“At times”
Question: if so, who?
Question: Is my life task to be a healer?
Question: What am I supposed to be learning?
“To love and be loved.”
Do you communicate with your big brother?

Situation Four
Question: How can I make it easier for you to come in?
(Mom gets a clairvoyant picture of a little girl skipping through a garden).
She takes this to mean, have fun in the process.
Question: What do we need to know about the birth?
Clairaudient reply:” It’s easy.”
Question: Will Mommy be able to have a natural birth?
Clair sentient /clair audient reply : “Undecided.”
Question: Will you come early, late or on time?
Mother hears giggling. Takes this to mean, timing will be fine.
Question: What will you need to feel at home when you arrive?
Clairvoyant and clairaudient answer: “safety” and a visual of a blanket which the mother had as a baby.
As a birth shaman, every mother brings the soul of another from the other side to this plane. This is at least as important as bringing the body over .Developing intuitive communication is within every mother’s capacities…and can be a wonderful affirmation of the sacredness of motherhood.
Trance connection ,plus questions to which the mom(and dad if interested) give their own answers, can be done by phone. The cost of this service, (which I developed and which is unique to my practice)is $250.USD
Christine Nightingale. B.A., R.M., C.H.

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My Book "Spirit Baby" is available for sale.

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Amazing! She was accommodating, polite, ACCURATE and just a blessing to work with. I would definitely recommend her. And I will go back to her with my spiritual needs. She saved my life. On more than one occasion. :-)
Christine, Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. It was nice to hear about my past life in the Old South with my boyfriend and my spirit baby. We have unfinished karma to deal with in this lifetime, and I can see why our spirit baby wants to come through to us as parents. The reading of my past life had so many parallels to my current lifetime. I hope we get the healing that we need. Christine was prompt with the reading and very responsive to e-mails, and follow-up questions!

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