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Cheryl Andary

Cheryl Andary
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Instant Reading Fee: Click Instant Reading buttons above for rate per minute

Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$169 for a full hour. $129 for 45 minutes. $89 for 30 minutes. $49 for 15 minutes or email reading for $17 ...All on (see website link below)

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226-346-3460 or click website link below


*TESTED & CERTIFIED*- HONEST yet gentle on health, love, family, money, life purpose, career, emotional, spiritual issues, future & more.

Cheryl is a RELATIONSHIP EXPERT; having much experience & understanding in ALL relationships including LGBTQ. She is a Certified Reiki Master Healer, Certified ANGEL THERAPIST, & a Certified Life Coach.

Coming from a loving place of peace, caring & NON-JUDGMENT, she genuinely wants what is best for you and offers her full heart and mind to help you with any issues you’re facing or just for some insight as to what direction might be best for you at this time.

If you feel lost and don’t know what to do or how to improve your life, you can receive guidance and she can send you some help through distance reiki and angel healing, for both emotional and physical healing if you wish.

Many have commented that her voice is very pleasing to listen to. :)

The angels use her to provide you with helpful answers to life's challenges.

Cheryl is here to help you, don't delay, get your answers and improve your life right now. :)

Readings by phone, chat or email for your convenience.

Additional Information: 

Highly gifted and experienced in:
Angel Readings
Psychic Readings
Reiki Help Healing (in-person or distance healing)
Angel Help Healing (in-person or distance healing)
Tarot Readings
Life Coaching

Listed since: Nov 13, 2013


I met her with Wayne Dyer a few years back. I'm so excited that she's available online. Her reading was AMAZING and super helpful!!!!!!!!! She's better than good.
she is amazing and straight to the point
I was separated for 6 months and losing my mind with grief over the breakup. I called Cheryl and she gently pointed out to me what had destroyed the relationship and gave me solutions to fix it. In no time we were talking again and in 4 weeks we were back together. No words can describe how good Cheryl is or how grateful I am to her!!!!!
Very special expert reader. Accurate, genuine and warm.
She was able to describe the situation as clear as day and is helpful and reassuring and has a beautiful voice. thank you
I call Cheryl when I need accurate, clear details. She's the best by far and worth every penny and more. The information she has provided has been worth more than money could buy.
Cheryl understood my relationship issues and told me the right words to say to my ladyfriend that had left me. Those words worked like magic and she came back to me. Cheryl also knew what my ladyfriend needed from me and now I am keeping her content. I was so depressed and now I'm happier than ever. Cheryl is gifted and very helpful and saved our relationship.
She's the best reader.
She knew the problem I was facing before I had even figured out how to ask my question. Very quick to reply and does not mince words. Most helpful and kind. Thank-you very much :)
I’ve been getting a reading from cherly for a few months now. She really taps into your energy and those you are inquiring about. So far her predictions have been happening. She’s pleasant and great to speak with. I recommend Cheryl for sure!
She sent distance reiki and I noticed results the next day! After suffering for over a year, I now feel great! Cheryl has done several readings for me as well and is always accurate at hitting the answer right on the nose. She's also sweet and has a kindness about her that leaves me feeling warm and peaceful. I heard her speaking on stage with Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay a few years back and she delivered a great message there too.
Remarkable! Highly recommend.
This is the best reading I have ever experienced. Her wisdom is out of this world and she was so incredibly accurate that I was floored. I asked for advice on how to fix my relationship. What she offered seemed like nothing I would try normally but I did try. It worked! WOW! I've never been so happy with a reader. I called her twice more and she had solutions that fixed both of those issues too. She's also very kind and genuine so she's the only one I'll be calling from now on.
Cheryl Andary was fast and fantastic and answered every single question I tossed her direction!! She picked up on details of the person I asked about that no one else knew and gave me useful insight into fixing our relationship and that insight worked! Great reading!
This lady has such deep insight! I don't know how she covered so much in so little time but she saw the problems and gave me solutions very quickly. To top it off, she's the sweetest person ever. Very gentle and kind, yet real and to the point!
Wonderful truthful reading. Cheryl Andary hit it right on the nail. Of course she will do my next reading. I'm in love with her voice and her gentle kind wisdom too.
Extraordinary reader! Wow! She hit the nail right on the head!
I have had a couple readings with Cheryl and every time I have had a reading with her, I feel so much more at ease. I have had a few issues that I had questions on and needed some guidance on them and she was able to help me with that. Thank you Cheryl!
Cheryl Andary has this ability to make you feel at ease rather quickly. While being very direct during a reading, she's also very comforting and supportive. What I liked best is that I had a major problem for months, and she quickly and gently provided a suggestion to fix it. Within 10 days my problem was resolved by following her suggestion. That was worth a million times what I paid for the reading. She's definitely my new go-to reader.
Thank you Cheryl for a wonderful and insightful reading!! I will be calling you weekly. It is so calming to have someone like you to talk to :)
HOLY SMOKES! Very very good!
I saw Cheryl on stage years ago with Wayne Dyer. When I noticed she did readings on here I was excited. She did a spectacular reading for me and everything that Wayne had said about her turned out to be correct. She is kind, sincere, accurate and sees the problem. Best of all - she offered solutions that worked to solve the problem! I'll be calling her again now that I know how to find her! :)
The reading was clear and very accurate. Her voice is so nice to listen to and she has a very upbeat and kind personality.
Absolutely the BEST!
I told her I wanted to know about a friend. She sweetly chuckled and told me it felt like more than friendship. LOL...She was right! ;) Then she went on to tell me about how to deal with him. After following her suggestions we are now officially a couple. She's clearly a gifted psychic with real solutions not just visions!
Spectacular! I highly recommend Cheryl Andary
Holy smokes! I'm speechless. She saw the problem and gave me the solution. She was right and my problem is solved! I heard that she's good but I didn't realize she was THIS good!
Very good reader. Couldn't ask for better accuracy or kindness.


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