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Bunny Sutherland is a World-Renowned Gifted, Soul Healer, Spiritual Psychic Medium who has helped people from around the world. Bunny is known for her accuracy. Bunny provides Healing from Heaven; she helps her clients see what is hidden and reveal the deep messages within their soul. Bunny shares accurate spot-on predictions about relationships, jobs, health to help them create exactly what they want.
Here is a special message from Bunny: “I am here to help you. I understand what you are going through. I would be honoured to work with you. If you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, Heaven, Spirit and your own Soul has a lot of information to share. I will help you connect with your ancestors, spirit guides and teachers to mentor and communicate their wisdom as you transition through a crisis or life changing milestone.”

Born a psychic medium, Bunny has studied at the prestigious Arthur Findlay School in Stansted, England. She has attended seminars and classes all around the U.S.A. Bunny holds certifications from the World’s Best Mediums. She is an author and has appeared on multiple Podcasts.
Internationally, she provides accurate, heartfelt, and compassionate messages. You will come away with a sense of peace and understanding about yourself, your circumstance, and your ability to handle your problems. Bunny helps her clients understand what is blocking them and break through what is keeping them stuck. Bunny helps heal unknown Soul Patterns.

“My philosophy about readings is that you will leave Empowered, Educated and Enlightened by the reading and ready to face the challenges in their life, knowing your own Soul wisdom,” she says. “My compassion, genuine caring and being the Canadian Cowgirl Medium, my delivery sets me apart from other readers.”

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Reading Style:
Bunny is a no tools reader.
Each and every reading is unique, just like each one of you! She is fully directed by your Soul and Heavens Guides to share divine knowledge as she is a channel. During some readings, Ancestors who have passed may come forth to speak directly with You to help with your current situation. Or, it may be a group of your Guides that share, critical news intended just for You. Bunny works in Sacredness with the Spirit Realm, and as the vessel of communication, she is deeply humbled, and always in a state of gratitude, sharing the Love and Wisdom of all Souls.

International Bestselling Author:
Co-author in the bestselling book "The Last Breath: True Stories of Mediumship, the Afterlife & Messages from Heaven" * I'm in Chapter 5!
Listen to Bunny as a Podcast Guest on: Heal Your Life Talk Radio Show with Victoria Johnson and Spiritually Connected with Tanya Lee. Both available on Spotify

Listed since: Apr 12, 2021

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