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Brian Glutek
Brian Glutek


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Life should feel good! I offer spiritually oriented life coaching, custom tailored to suit your goals and desires on an as-needed or ongoing basis to people who are looking to develop, grow and be happy. Some of the issues I help with include: integrating spirituality into your 3D life, career and relationships; discovering your passion, unique gifts and abilities; career transitions and harnessing the Law of Attraction to accumulate abundance in health, wealth and relationships.

My background has always been spiritual, but was grounded in analytical sciences. With a degree in Engineering, I worked for many years in the corporate world for multinational, high-tech companies and even ran my own corporation.

By outward appearances, I seemed to have it all, yet I never felt “normal” or that I truly fit in. Then after experiencing several life altering events, I realized my true calling lay outside the business and scientific world I had been immersed in.

Now my greatest joy comes from helping others integrate this spiritual understanding into a life that feels great for them.

In addition to individual intuitive life coaching and mentoring, I also offer group workshops and lectures.

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While Brian’s soul-searching journey began only a few years ago, he has attended conferences and workshops with many of the leaders in this field including Abraham-Hicks, Gregg Braden, Neale Donald Walsh, Dr. Raymond Moody, Denise Linn, Sandra Anne Taylor, John Holland and Don Miguel Ruiz.

Brian has trained with Danielle MacKinnon, Dr. Brian Weiss and Colette Baron-Reid. He practices the Law of Attraction teachings of Abraham, Esther & Jerry Hicks. He meditates daily and has focused his life on spiritual integration. Through meditation, automatic writing and conversations, he is in touch with his guides for insight and direction.

As a father of 5, Brian is constantly trying to marry science and spirituality as he guides his children through their own growth and self-awareness.

Listed since: Dec 14, 2012


I have come to know Brian as a dear friend who has been instrumental in moving my business forward. His great gift is twofold: first an uncanny ability to listen to the needs of his client, so as to assist in clarifying their vision and second: a tremendous capacity to formulate the practical steps needed to anchor that vision in the here and now. Thank you so very much Brian for your professionalism and your unique talents, that have helped bring my life’s work to the attention of the public.

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