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What makes a session with Barb extraordinary is her wit, honesty and compassion Barb Mather is a psychic & medium from Western Canada, who reads via phone, in person or skype video worldwide.
She's the illegitimate love-child of Reality and Straightforwardness who gets incredibly irritated by those who have a need to claim to be better than another.
She chose this career because it allowed her to provide for her family and still be able to mother her children while being flexible with working hours. She thinks differently than most people, She applies logic, reason and emotional aspects in equal proportion to the solution of problems.
She has an unusual amount of intuition when it comes to people, She is able to figure out motivations and intentions with a high rate of accuracy.
She explains that she doesn't fit stereotypes very well. "I am often the odd one out in a group. I surprise people often with my reactions and perspectives. I love being different, surprising and not fitting stereotypes. I'm rather pleased to be me. I have a great self esteem and good confidence which makes me willing to seek out and accept challenges which I may not appear to be able to deliver on initially.
I'm not afraid of failure. In fact I think it is an essential part of the experimental process that gets you to success."

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Specializing in locating the personal/spiritual 'life blocks' that keep us from reaching one's potential. Barb uses no tools in her sessions. She trusts that her & her client's spirit guides will take the lead. She is also a medium, connecting the living to the deceased. Barb goes directly into what she is hearing, seeing and feeling without you asking questions. She allows questions towards the end of the session. She is also wanting to keep her services available for everyone which is why she is one of the most affordable psychic mediums out there.rnrnCrime Cases (no cost)rnPet ReadingsrnPast Life ReadingsrnPsychic ReadingsrnMediumship (Spirit Communication)SERVICES: In person, Telephone, Half Hour, Full Hour, Mini 15 min, Email

Listed since: May 14, 2007


This is my second reading with Barb and once again, she was sensational. Even as she read me it was clear it made no sense to her, but it made perfect sense to me. She was reading my life loud and clear, she just did not realize it. She plowed through my reading head first and gave me some great insights. There was no earth shattering revelations but straight honest truths. Barb is very sincere, genuine, humble, and generous in her readings. Barb is simply amazing! Thank you very much *Hugs!*
I have had three readings with Barb Powell after finding her on this directory. Every reading I have had with Barb Is mind blowing. I was sold on her the first time I read with her and the first thing out of her mouth was my deceased husbands name! I trust her I love her, If i need the truth this is the woman that comes to mind first. She is accurate beyond most that I have read with and I have read with more than i care to admit. She also is very mindful of keeping her rates low very important!
I had a phone reading with Barb and was blown away by the things she knew. She tuned into the difficult situations in my life that were keeping me down, and gave me the advice I needed to clear my mind and plow ahead with my life. She has an amazing gift, is kind and personable, and I will be booking with her again in the near future. Thank you, Barb!
Barb is amazing, read me like a book, have gone thru much changes with her help, will be booking again shortly. She also read my son in a private session with him, has given him much clarity & is more focused now. Thank you Barb! Hoping next time my dad comes thru!
Thanks for the reading this morning Barb, the next time I will do the hour because my mom monopolized the half hour. But what you did get to tell me was right on the money!
My reading started out as a favor for my niece and Barb...they needed someone for Barb to read for a T.V. interview she was doing...I was a little skeptical but she soon had me believing ...thank you for opening my eyes to a belief I thought I had forgotten...and for once again bringing me closer to a loved one
Phenomenal!! Barb bonded with who I am immediately and read me as if I had handed her my diary. She allows you to interject if she does not make sense, but she makes perfect sense. Her readings are not generalized; it is quite specific. Barb shared her gift with me so genuinely, warmly, humorously, and honestly; I am humbled. Thank you for being so caring and making me feel so valued. I am grateful for your time.
I went into my session with Barb an open minded skeptic, with low expectations and high curiousity... what I ended up having was an experience I will never forget. Truly a gifted, and caring, woman...
Wow, wow, WOW! My experience with Barb was nothing less than amazing! I would have sworn she paid someone for information on me! How she uncovered the things she did clearly unveils her unbelievable gift! I felt like she truly connected with me and was seeing things through my eyes. I left with a feeling of very clear direction and excitement for the path I am embarking on. THANK YOU!!!
What I really liked about Barb is that she cares enough to really take the time to make sure she is giving you accurate information, if it doesn't make sense she will keep at it until she knows what it is. I took from this reading the new found desire to delve into myself ans connect with my inner self. To trust my instincts, which I have always doubted. I thank her for the warmhearted, most sincere and most accurate reading I have ever had. I know this will not be my last reading.
My reading with Barb was amazing! I am still in awe of the things I learned about my past, present, and future life. I look forward to another reading with Barb someday!
I had an hour phone reading with Barb early in May. She was not the first psychic I had talked to but she was by far the most caring and accurate. She delved right into my past and that was right on the mark. She predicted health issue outcomes and just found out she is right there as well. I know what I need to do to grow so I can get past what has been holding me back. Hope to talk to her again soon.
Wow Barb is amazing. First words out of her mouth were," Do you know anyone by the name of Dale.' Yeah thats my husband been dead almost nine years. My husbands brother had just been the victom of homicide three weeks before and she got everything right on. She even described the person who did it. Who has been caught. She is amazing i will be contacting her for another reading in the future. She is the real deal
Barb, you are phenomenal! Without telling you anything you gave me information about what I was wanting. The information that came through from my guides gave me clarification and will help me continue on my path. It helped me over a little bump and gave me much insight. Thanks for the work that you do - you are a blessing!
I have seen Barb three times since experiencing the tragic loss of someone in my life. With each session I felt strengthened, affirmed, positive and reassured. Barb will be the person I'll be seeing when I feel that need to "connect" with my lost loved one.
There is no doubt in my mind that Barb has a genuine gift. Barb’s face-to-face reading has allowed me to uncover the brilliance of life that surrounds me. I grateful to Barb for this new insight.
Barb is very awesome with her readings! I love her accurate readings! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK BARB!
I have spoken with Barb a few times now and the think is wonderful and right on everything we talk about . She is helping me threw a very terrible time in my life and making me a better person and i know i will be calling her again.
I have spoken with Barb twice now and both times she has been dead on about things. I recommend Barb she is kind and compassionate and does not judge.
Barb really changed my life for the better. I was thinking of all the wrong things, and she set me on the right path. She truly knew what was best for me and my future and made me focus on the important things. The great thing about her is she truly knows you so she'll know what's best for you. I've never met someone with such honesty before! It set me straight, going to be seeing her for another session in the next month!
Barb has read for me twice and was totally accurate!! She told me stuff NO ONE else knew and to this day i am still floating on the happiness from the first reading. She is truly genuine !Everything she predicted came true and when she said it would !
your futur and past were right on, thank you, I will be talking to you again
Barb changed my life in a way that I never thought could happen!! An hour reading went by so quickly - it felt like 15 minutes, but it was amazing how much we talked about. She just knew everything that needed to be said - she is a saint! I am forever grateful to her for changing my life in the right direction. I have NEVER been happier EVER - just as she predicted!!!!
I had a reading with Barb about two years ago and without her realizing it she was telling me what I needed to know. I fully intend to call again as she told me some things that would happen and we both agreed we couldn't see me doing it, well, I'm going to be doing it so spirit knows more than we think. We just need Barb to retrieve the message for us. Great reading.
I have had a email reading with Barb. She was right on with every thing she said. I will have another reading with her as soon as I can afford one Thank you Barb.
I am grateful for my reading with Barb. It was amazing! The accuracy of the reading and the insights into my life surprised me... and her compassion is memorable. Barb, you are a blessing, thank you!
I have had a couple readings from Barb and she is incredible. I will continue to see Barb anytime I feel that I need guidance. It is wonderful to go and listen to everything that she has to say and hear her as she is guided by our loved ones. I am so glad that I have found her. Thanks Barb you are amazing
I've had a few readings with Barb and every time she blows me away with the things she knows. Barb tells it like it is. She has inspired and encouraged me to follow my true life path.
I recently had a reading by Barb and was amazed how accurate she was,especially with my personality and work ethics! I highly recommend Barb as she has me furthering my knowledge on a hobby I love! Thanks Barb will be a returning client!!!


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