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Vincent J Barra

Vincent J Barra
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VINCENT J. BARRA is an internationally celebrated Psychic Counselor, Writer, Lecturer, Educator, Numerologist and a Master Teacher of Reiki. Born a natural Psychic with more than 3 decades of experience. Vincent's private Psychic Consultations have been the road to self-discovery, not just for his clients, but for himself as well. Known as the "Psychic's Psychic" his clients have described a session with Vincent as one of the most dynamic and illuminating times you'll ever spend exploring yourself.

Additional Information: 

HIS READINGS ARE multi-leveled and multi-dimensional. You receive personalized attention second to none, heart-felt guidance and exploration into matters that are most important to you, and a new perspective that is uplifting and clarifying. Plus gain a sense of renewed faith and passion for life.

Vincent’s work with Police Agencies and Governmental Departments uncovering facts that aided in solving many difficult cases brought recognition to his name. He has worked with Doctors and other Medical Professionals accurately sensing tumors and hidden maladies with his psychic abilities that even our most modern technology was unable to detect.

WHAT A READING with Vincent will do for you...

You'll gain a sense of re-birth and self-renewal.

You'll hear honest answers to your questions.

You'll get a “birds eye view” of your entire life.

You'll discover your talents and abilities.

You'll receive guidance that can help you to prevent, change or avoid future problems.

You'll have insight into your health and state of mind.

You'll learn strategy for reaching your goals and desires.

You'll gain insight on spirituality, karma and possible psychic abilities.

VINCENT WILL SEE into the future for predictions on...

Your romance---meeting someone new, or how to make your current relationship work.

Your career-job changes, promotions, relations with co-workers.

Your finances and investments.

A GIFTED AND DYNAMIC SPEAKER, Vincent has conducted seminars, lecture and workshops across the country:

Numerology - the hows, whats and ways numbers affect our lives…

Dream Interpretation - What are your dreams telling you????

Psychic Development - Tune up and learn different psychic tools…

Aura Interpretation - Learn how colors increase energy and outcomes..

Reiki Essence Healing, a ancient Tibetan natural healing energy


Journey With Spirit. You WILL believe ----- it‘s possible to psychically see…talk to…even hug…a departed loved one.

Through the years, this powerful and emotional seminar using Vincent’s unique Imagery Technique, has helped hundreds to visit, touch and speak to departed loved ones. He also helps clients get pass the grieving process so they can heal and understand and accept the death of relatives and friends.

VINCENT'S ABILITY TO accurately channel personal messages from the beyond and his highly developed and unparalleled sense for Spiritual Visionary teachings has made him one of the most sought after psychics. Call Vincent for a reading today or visit his website above.

Listed since: Jul 30, 2009


Vincent is direct, prophetic, and clear. He has read for me twice via his show "Psychic Synapse", once in a private reading, and has appeared on my radio show "From a Medium's Perspective". Nothing but love for you Vincent!
I've had readings by other psychics, but, Vincent was truly way beyond. He is very compassionate, warm, sincere in his intention to help my life(and the world), and very accurately psychic. It is great that he also records the reading on mp3, because he gives very extensive and detailed reading. I truly thank Vincent for being who he is and doing what he's doing. He always reminds us to be loving and compassionate ultimately .
What an great and loving ready. It was much more than expected. Everything was right on point. Loved Vincent honesty and care more the reading. I will take this reading to improve my life . He will always will be part of him.
I have been reading with Psychics from a very early age and through the years you learn there are some who are the real deal and alot who aren't. My reading experience with Vincent was by far the best I have ever had. He is true to spirit and I am blessed to have met him. Thank you Vincent...
Vincent is amazing and I'm very grateful to have found him. I love his energy and that he is genuine. He will tell you like it is and you'll appreciate it. Vincent is a beautiful soul and you will not go wrong with a reading, I only wish I could have had more time because it went too fast :)
I just completed a reading with Vincent that was to say the least brilliant. I am so blessed to have been able to connect with him. His Spirit is loving and he was spot on with some of the things happening in my life. These things include names of places, descriptions...This was by far the best connection that I have EVER had. So grateful...
My reading with Vincent was over the phone but his warmth and sincerity came through the line. Not only did Vincent identify exactly who I have been up to this point in this life (and others), he stated specific things that have just transpired and layed out detailed information about what is coming for me in all areas of life. Vincent also provided astrological charts for me. I especially connected with his chart interpretation that included prayers/meditations. Thank you Vincent!
Vincent is a shiney brilliant star among us - loved, loved, loved the reading I had this week. He is so warm and incredibly genuine. He is generous with his gift and his time - everyone should take the "magical mystery tour" and have a reading with Vincent! A must do! I will definitely be a repeat customer...he ROCKS!
I am so grateful to Vincent for the reading he gave me. I appreciate his honesty, compassion and sense of fun! He illuminated the reason why I had been struggling with certain relationships and gave me invaluable tools I can use to find new strength and wisdom! He also confirmed my thoughts for which I did not previously have the words. I can move forwards from my cross road with faith and new confidence. Thank you!
Vincent is fantastic and I love the radio shows. Thanks for a very exciting and informative reading. I am very anxious to see how everything will start to unfold. Corss fingers and god bless.
I contacted Vincent because he gave my Mom the most incredible reading 30 years ago. I wanted the same experience, and he did the same for me. Vincent gave me insite into my life that was outstanding. He was fantastic, and knew more about me than a lot of my friends do. Exremely accurate! God bless him.
Vincent is very gifted and special psychic. He also has a very calming and tranquil way about him. He was so on the money with my reading. Everything that he told me was going to happen, happened. It blew me away. I thank him TRULY from the bottom of my heart. I love you Vincent. God Bless You.
I have had over a dozen readings with Vincent over the past 20 years and just had another yesterday. I am still amazed had how he reads you and your future like a book. So many of his predictions for my life have come to pass, some of which I would never have imagined. His guidance is solid and he sees the great potential in you and the self development steps needed to get there. He has a true gift and so many doubters I have sent to him for readings have come back with the same awe.
My reading with Vincent was like sitting with my brother and having a heart to heart, only he truly knew my heart and offered guidance where I needed it and pointed out, with some humor, my faults. He painted a picture for my life and soul, I can not thank him enough and now the journey begins. Thank you Vincent for being the light on my path.
I can't say enough about my experience with Psychic Vincent Barra, and "experience" is the word! Beyond what would turn out to be a completely accurate reading, there was this energy eminating from Vincent which was filled with his integrity and empathy! His incredible ability to intuit and interpret who and what is around, and what is on the journey ahead left me feeling both at peace and excited for what lay ahead!
I had a reading with Vincent J. Barra back in 2006 and I have to say he's the best psychic i have ever had a reading with. He may not always tell you what you want to hear, he tells you what you need to hear, and isn't that what we're really looking for. This man is truly gifted.
My first attempt to connect with Vincent was so positive. I was not prepared to get a reading this quick of depth and validation, it blew me away. He is a gifted and talented psychic, I smiled for days with such a healing reading.
I love Vincent! I had a reading with Vincent a year ago. He was very much on target with the things he told me. One very important thing he told me was to stop being a mouse and speak up in this lifetime. I now have a radio show. I did some recorded shows and then went live with Vincent as my first live guest! Thanks Vincent! :)
A reading with Vincent is like having coffee with an old friend. The friend you call when you have to hear the truth, even if it not necessarily what you want to hear. Vincent is the real deal! Some of his predictions that seemed unlikely have already come true.
Vincent is an authentic, kind and gentle spirit. He is a gifted medium and psychic that has provided me with valuable insights and guidance on many occasions. I would highly recommend him to everyone. Thanks Vincent, for sharing your light, love and truth with us :)
I had a reading with Vincent that reached my core issues. He is direct and quick to tune in. You feel like he finds the emotional, spiritual & soul "truth". He makes it quicker to work on yourself versus the therapists that take years of your time and $$. He has a sense of humor that is sharp and funny which makes one enjoy the process.
After my father passed I had to look at my life and its direction.In this journey, I got connected with Vincent and asked for his advice.Vincent is honest and to the point.He not only gave me great advice but also talked about my husband and his future. He was accurate concerning many of our attributes and skills.He also affirmed my own intuitions. If you are at a crossroad or need affirmation to move on,I highly recommend Vincent. Behind his direct and honest approach is a compassionate soul.
I first met Vincent at Circles in Andover, Ma he took an Aura picture of me and was right on when he read it. I later had a phone reading with him that was unbelievable. He is a very loving and warm person who really cares about you. He shows sincere concern, not a fake. I look forward to seeing him again at Circles.
Vincent J Barra is (my) psychic - when you need to hear something 'to the point' then Vincent is the man! Every psychic needs a good psychic! John Holland Psychic Medium & Author
Did a reading with Vincent in 2007 He told me about my finances at that time were okay which they were. also told me I would be leaving my job which I did. At that time I was trying to make a purchase he told me it was too soon to wait untill around the end of 2009 beginning of 2010. I am now doing the follow up. He is a trully gifted person.
My reading with Vincent was enlightening. Everything he said has come to pass with accuracy. He is exceptional, professional and compassionate. He is in depth and honest. And I keep his words of wisdom close at hand.
"Before we began Vincent asks you to focus on connecting with him with eyes closed. I live at a distance so you can imagine how surprised I was to see a bright light in front of me (Vincent) during this connecting time. This confirmed for me Vincent was extraordinary in his psychic ability also. Vincent was very astute and humorous in calling out some negative tendenies I have created. He encouraged me to take a class and put my mind at ease for the future.
Vincent J. Barra has been my personal psychic since 1989. His accuracy with predictions is astonishing. He predicted the house I was to buy in NY with incredible detail. As I walked in the yet unsold house, I was stunned to see every single description of his come true...down to the flooring and view. I knew this would eventually be my home...and I have been here ever since. I have always considered his psychic gift to be awesome and inspiring at the same time.
I had 2 readings with Vincent and I wouldn't hesitate going for a third. He is direct, honest and does his readings with integrity. He takes his readings very seriously but always finds ways to add humor when the time is right. I am also a regular listener of his radio show (Psychic Synapse). I now call him a modern day mountain sage because I absolutely love his words of wisdom which he integrates in his readings. Anyone interested in a psychic reading should seriously consider Vincent!
Vincent J. Barra is a great psychic. Vincent's direct approach is therapeutic and sincere. When he read me about my (future) husband, my teaching career two years ago, his predictions came true. Vincent can tell you exactly what he sees, without you ever saying as much as your name and those magical three numbers he asks for.


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