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Sally won FABULOUS FEEDBACK AWARD in 2020! Sally has been tested and is a Certified Psychic Medium and published author. Born psychically gifted, Sally has been providing readings for over 30 years. As a remote viewer, Sally works with law enforcement internationally on missing persons cases, and unsolved crimes. Sally can give you immediate answers that are detailed and relevant, not vague or generalized.

Specialties Include: Medical Intuitive; Soul Mates; Career and Business; Remote Viewing for missing persons and animals; Past Lives; Astrological Birth Chart Analysis; Future Events

"If you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, I will channel your Spirit Team and give specific information regarding any situation you are facing. Together, we will connect with your ancestors who will communicate their wisdom to help you transition through any crisis or life changing milestone."

Reading Style:

Each and every reading is unique, just like each one of us! I incorporate tarot, gemstones and pendulums as modalities to communicate with Spirit Guides. Depending on what Spirit wants You to hear, I am fully directed by the guides to share according to divine guidance as I channel energies from across the veil.

During some readings, Ancestors who have passed will come forth to speak directly with You to help with your current situation. Or, it may be a group of Angel Guides that share, like a chorus, important information. On other occasions, I may channel a particular Spirit Guide who speaks through me, with critical news intended just for You.

Together, we will work with Divine Spirits only. As the vessel of communication, I am deeply humbled, and always in a state of gratitude for the wisdom and blessings that emerge during every session. We will connect to Your Spirit Guides, bringing information to help you achieve your greatest good while cradling you in the arms of Mother Father God, Spirit Love, The Ineffable Power that created all things.


“With no information other than my name, Sally was able to provide uncanny details and descriptions of events in my life that were spot on accurate. I have been to many psychics and worked with many psychics and it was obvious to me from the first day I met Sally that she was one of the few “true” psychics who was born with her gifts. Sally has been able to provide direction for me at different times in my life that helped me navigate my path while at the same time instilling a level of peace even during times of challenge. In addition to Sally’s accurate readings, she has true integrity. I highly recommend Sally’s psychic readings and guidance.”

Jill M. Jackson,
Certified, Award Winning Psychic Medium

“Sally is one of the most intuitive people I know. My husband was missing and my three children and I were horrified. Sally came over, calmed us first and then performed a sacred reading. She assured us that my husband was alive and gave us details of where he was. The girls and I went to bed that night knowing their Daddy was coming home, trusting in Sally’s word. Sure enough he was home when they woke up. Sally was 100% accurate in her reading. After my husband came home, he confirmed that he was exactly where Sally had predicted. Sally has a true gift!”

Alex Du Toit, M.A., R.Y.T.

“Sally was a psychic reader at Soul Centered where she consistently got positive feedback from all our clients. She is extremely intuitive with great powers of perception and healing energy. As a medical empath, Sally was able to see a severe heart problem with a customer who believed he was in great health. He took her advice and saw his doctor who rushed him into surgery the next day for a triple bypass heart operation.”

Diane Sylvester,
Owner of Soul Centered Metaphysical Store

“I have been getting monthly readings from Sally for over four years and she has helped me immensely on my life journey. I almost feel like I’m getting my degree in Spirituality as each session with her reveals so much information and direction towards a higher state of consciousness. She told me about my grandmother whom I had never met, nor seen a photo of, until recently. Her description matched my grandmother exactly. Even the clothes and hairstyle were accurate when I finally saw the photo. She has been accurate in all of her predictions. I am deeply grateful for our sessions together.”

Lisa R.
Engineer, Hermosa Beach, Ca.

Listed since: Jan 28, 2014


Sally Rice is a truly dedicated, authentic psychic medium. and over the years she has given psychic readings to me, my husband, and my two adult children. All of her readings have been amazing and inspirational. the first time I sat with Sally, she brought forth my deceased father. It was shocking because you could see her looking at something no one else could see. It was really a great experience she is a real professional and genuine psychic thank you sally for showing my father is closer
I recently had the benefit of Sally’s divine wisdom. It came at a time in my life when things seemed to be falling apart and fragmented. Sally told me I had nothing to fear and this was happening because of new beginnings. I felt a huge sense of comfort in her company. I felt the accuracy in what she said; at times, verbatim, was really incredible. I left the reading with a warm glow and a bit like a student of life, with all the wonderful resources she has bestowed upon me. Thank you Sally.
I scheduled a reading with Sally Rice because I needed confirmation and a “lift” - and I came away from the reading on such a high, because she gave me the exact confirmation I was looking for, that I was on the right path. She knew what was occurring in my life, and the reading was so fantastic that I arranged for 2 more readings, 2 days later. If you feel stuck or unsure or need guidance in any aspect of your life, I highly recommend Sally because she is the real deal – 100 percent authentic!
Sally is Incredible. She is absolutely devoid of Ego.She connects with One's Higher Self. Sally helps me to see myself. With the loss of my loving husband, Sally explained to me that the Spirit is always by my side. And I am forever grateful to Sally to recommend me Teachings of Eckhart Tolle.Listen to Sally, write what she says , - You will comprehend every little detail in a matter of time.My Son introduced me to Sally, and I am grateful that he got so much support from her. Sally is Light!!!
Sally is an incredible psychic, medium and person. She has helped my Mother and myself navigate some extremely challenging life events with the utmost empathy, honesty and accuracy. I was stressed about a job prospect for the better part of 9 months and didn’t think I would get it. I received an offer two days ago and will be re-locating soon just as she predicted many months ago. Her talents are (second to none) only outdone by her quality as a human being. Contact her ASAP.
I've had several readings with Sally and I'm always impressed by her warmth and preciseness. She talks about events that are about to happen and don't make sense when we speak togetherr. But every time I return back to the recordings few months later, I'm shocked by her punctuality. Everything Sally has ever told me went through and I can't be grateful enough that I found her. I will definitely come back again and I recommend her to everyone seeking for clarity.
Sally has been a true gift of healing to me and my family. My brother is missing and when everyone else we consulted with gave us misery, Sally gave us hope. Everytime I get a reading with Sally I get goosebumps and a feeling I cannot explain. When my family and I were at a dead end, Sally told us exactly where my brother is and if he was alive or not. Sally is considered family to us and we are beyond blessed that she was introduced to is in our time of need.
Sally continually amazes me. Her insight often blows me away. I have spoken to her for a few years now and I am amazed by her accuracy. Recently, she told me something about a situation I was in that made me roll my eyes - it seemed so far fetched- but in the end she was RIGHT!!! I know no one is perfect- but honestly- I have spoken to her several times and she has always been 100 percent correct, even when I did not want her to be! She is also kind & her guidance is 2nd to none!
Sally has been and continues to be a blessing in my life! I had the great fortune to have my first reading during a major life transition that was not only painful but traumatic. That first reading would be the beginning of my healing... I can go on and on. Sally's readings are accurate beyond words. Her beautiful heart and spirit will guide and inspire you. She has also connected to family members that have passed on and given me messages only my loved one would know.
Sally Rice is in a class all her own. She's absolutely 100% the real deal and I'm so grateful to have found her. Most of my readings were good and fairly accurate, but only a handful completely blew me away with laser accuracy. Not only did she tune in immediately, but her depth of insight, clarity, detail and compassion was as though she had walked in my shoes. She brings peace, love, understanding and most importantly: answers. My reading was nothing short of life changing.
YOU CAME TO ME AND HEALED ME. You and I met at the Soul Centered shop in Ojai. I am so grateful for the force that led me to you. You held my soul close to your heart and guided me through a life changing journey I will never forget. I felt immediately safe uncovering my darkest fears with you. Looking into those sure and bright eyes of yours I knew this was all a part of a beautiful plan. I am better beacuse of you. With immense gratitude I write this to you today. Thank you for your LIGHT
Sally is truly amazing! Her interpretation of my birth chart left me speechless (I kept thinking I wish I had done this a long time ago). She also did a tarot reading for me that was just unbelievable (her spiritual gift is so strong, you can feel it across the phone line). Sally is also genuinely a kind person (she went out of her way to help me setup my appointment). I wholeheartedly recommend her, without any hesitation whatsoever.
I've done quite a few phone readings over the years, and Sally was hands down amazing! She is such a gentle, loving, compassionate spirit; makes you feel so at ease and lifts you up. She connected with several of my departed loved ones, and gave some amazing down to earth advice which will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sally.
. In March of 2015, I had some things going on that really needed some objective insight, and I did not want to go back to traditional counseling. I had a reading with a psychic that was highly rated and well thought of, but was unable to connect with me. She recommended that I call Sally Rice. Wow!!! I hit the jackpot!!!! She picked up on every single thing going on in the relationship and predicted was to come & has been dead- on. Incredibly gifted, warm,non-judgemental. Do yourself a favor!!
I have come to Sally many times for readings. She is extremely in depth and has zeroed in on issues without me giving her input. Sally is also incredibly kind and gracious. She clearly cares for her clients. I highly recommend Sally for a reading. That's why I keep coming back!
Sally is amazing!!! She was definitely in tune to everything around me!! I highly recommend her. Simply amazing!!!!
My reading with Sally was truly amazing! She was extremely accurate in detailing what was happening in my life. She gave me much needed insight on my situation and how to better cope with it. Simply put, she lifted my depression and gave me renewed faith and hope! I would highly recommend her for a reading. I have had readings by other psychics, but none were as detailed, accurate and caring as Sally.
Sally is a wise spiritual woman. She was exactly who I was manifesting to speak into my life. She connected to my spirit and told me things about me that only those closest to me would know. She helped me to appreciate aspects of who I am as spiritual gifts. She knows what she is doing and gave me goosebumps with her accuracy. She is someone I'll be keeping close.
Our son was recently kidnapped and held for 4 weeks. I contacted Sally 4 days before he was released as we did not know if he was even still alive. The information she gave us using just a picture of him was invaluable. She confirmed he was alive and gave explicit details of his conditiion mentally and physically, and also clues as to the mindset of the kidnappers. All this was shared with the police in writing. They confirmed complete accuracy after debriefing him. Thank you Sally

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